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  1. Yes, I was banned only once 3 years ago for reckless driving. Since those 3 years I have never been banned again and will stay that way as I am a very careful driver.
  2. Yes, I find this route very demanding and challenging in some situations, so I always ride with a smaller trailer, so I can get through everywhere without any problems.
  3. I always drive on the back roads when I can, driving only on the highway I find a bit boring and sometimes has nothing to offer.
  4. Yes, when it came on the market, I drove it a lot. I just love to pick up passengers and go somewhere else, and I really like the model. The only thing I find stupid is that sometimes it doesn't really turn in, but that could be me ...
  5. When I drive the Skoda, it's actually without a trailer.
  6. I always have a safe distance between me and the car in front. You never know if he does not make a full braking from now on, so always keep your distance! If I overtake, then only if I am quite sure that the air in the oncoming traffic is pure.
  7. Congrats! 🤍🎉

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Thank you :HaulieLove:

  8. I never take more than 5 tons of cargo on this route before other players behind you have a crisis about why you are so slow. I hate that.
  9. I use my mouse for steering because I find it much more relaxing to drive with.
  10. Simulation 1 because of the many people and when it is always a bit quieter, then on ProMods
  11. 2014 My brother showed me Steam, since then I love Steam
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