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  1. it seems only that the truck is available for quick jobs only and not for sale in the dealer that is a bit sad to be honest
  2. banned @BloatedHook302 for opening part 2 so late
  3. it works also with the dispatcher from hauli harbor to any city, you can also select the special TMP 10 cargo
  4. i prefer summer so i wait couple of months haha
  5. I'm curious to see whether we keep the TMP Duisburg or the rebuild Duisburg by SCS
  6. Thank you for the follow

    1. [ S.PLH ] Warrior

      [ S.PLH ] Warrior

      you are welcome 

  7. i would be interested on how it works actually, and who would decide on who will pay the other player for his/her damage based on which one was fault? will the player himself calculate the damage vs % ? so for example does damage of 50% trailer damage, then he will calculate 50% x amount money (what is the amount) = the requested amount fair ? and who can check it ?
  8. I do believe that these random events are not yet fully synchronized with the players, so there was a not seeable hitbox suddenly on the road where players crash on too so that does makes sense to disable that. but again the other features should be optional so players can choose if they want these settings on or off.
  9. the collision and non collision did TMP made from scratch, so of course we can control that, but for other settings mentioned by OP you can already disable/enable in the main menu. Again this is just weird of you disable fatigue, then drive on SIM2 your driver still get tired, that makes no sense whatsoever. Yes of course i would love to have many features as possible, but you cannot simply block those from the base game ? also wondering how that will work if we block some basic game features, but still allowing them to be activated on our server how will the game track it ?
  10. The collisions i agree but the other settings should be optional imo, because you can already disable/enable in base game, and if you disabled it all why should it be forced by TMP anyway.
  11. i don't think it will be completely removed perhaps some intersections will be modified instead making it more smoothly. but i don't mind to go back to Rotterdam/Europort seeing the popular road in our history of TMP
  12. Yes i understand, however as i point out this would be only ''temporary'' nobody said should remove permanently, also i like to point out that is unfair for those players who actually drive normal but ended up in different situations caused by a scout car that driving in the middle of the lane. and yes probably they go in the truck but to be honest that are less problems with it, and if there is no scout car on the server ''temporary'' then we see a swift of players i'm just curious on to see the outcome nothing less or more.
  13. Suggestion Name: Temporary disable the scout car for players Suggestion Description: Disable for 2 to 3 weeks and see how it goes Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: We all know the current situation and we know is not the car but the driver, now let say we temporary disable the scout car on simulation server (SIM1&SIM2) We test it out for 2 to 3 weeks and see what happen if there is no scout car on these servers, only the exception on Patron members in their vehicles. Now i know you will say they will continue in their truck yes probably but at least they not try to squeeze through the middle of the lane on C-D road like what the cars do. This should be worth testing and i would love to see the results. What are your thoughts on this ? share it down below.
  14. Explore the possibilities on arcade server only you cannot hit each other but you can drive fast as you want still crash into objects, or If want to have such fun with friends wait until there is special event with a race track.
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