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  1. Really enjoying this years Wintermod lol. Finnaly its working properly again and not just causing you to leave Milky Way

  2. I've been in love with Norway pretty much forever. However Austria really amazed me after the rework. Can't wait until SCS Software is finnaly bringing out the Switzerland rework. The pictures so far are looking really good!
  3. The map contains so many nice places. Even tho I have discovered/been pretty much everywhere before some points still amaze me over and over again lol. Most likely the norwegian roads.
  4. I think its most likely because ATS sadly has less tuning options than ETS2, but also because most of the people are probably rather interested in european trucks. Again some people probably prefer to play ETS2 beacause there is more going on on those Servers. I personally play ATS most likely only when there is an event going on. But when I play it im really enjoying the game!
  5. Out of the new generation trucks the MAN is the best looking in my opinion. The Volvo and Mercedes probably won't be that much efford for SCS Software to make though since they are sort of just a big facelift. However I would like to see all of them ingame in the future!
  6. I prefer dry weather. No matter if its cloudy or sunny though. And I prefer daytime for sure.
  7. Back in 2016 I came across ETS2 Let's plays on Youtube and tought that this game looks quite interesting. However I knew my PC wasn't able to run that game anyway, since it was struggling with way older games already, so I forgot about the game. About half a year later when I had a new and proper PC already, I came across the Let's plays I have seen previously. This time however I bought game myself. When watching more ETS2 gameplay on YouTube I found out about TruckersMP. So my friend and me both created an account and we have been playing ever since.
  8. Im my opinion adding those buses was a good idea. I prefer driving trucks though and that why I probably won't drive them. Besides of that I think that coach buses might be fitting more into this game.
  9. My first truck was the Volvo FH3 (The older generation Volvo). Simply because its got the most power out of all the trucks and is relatively cheap. Could recommend it to everyone who is starting to play ETS2 and I've done so before.
  10. Well if im driving somewhere in nowhere and there is nobody arround me I may not use them everytime. But if there is people around im using them for sure. It can help in the traffic flow so you see where other people are turning and it can obviously avoid accidents.
  11. Jan_

    About new route

    I really enjoy driving there. First of all the design of the map is aswesome. SCS has done an awesome job there. Now playing this in TMP aswell with a lot of traffic (like we had for the past few weeks) its awesome. I could drive this all day long.
  12. Well you are taking names and don't even know what they do. OHA Edition/OHA Mafia is about reallife trucks. Especially Holland/Denmark Style. We use saveedit to make our trucks more realistic as you can do in the base game. For example our members even say they don't duplicate that much to not cause any lags. Also the fact we would overtake like in Need For Speed is completly trash. We do have our own system to kick out member that can't follow the TruckersMP rules. Here are some pictures of ur members, what kind of trucks we drive:
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