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  1. Hello, there are times when I drive and maneuver very aggressively, so I can't trust the steering wheel. I still use my mouse as a steering wheel.
  2. Hello, I had played with a "non-steam" copy from 2012 to 2020, and I have been playing for TruckersMP since 2020. Soon I will have about 4400 hours of experience.
  3. Hello, I hope it's a nice game engine update, assuming multiplayer modes. I think it's a serious burden to load, assuming each player has their own modifications. Taking this into account, maybe they can manage to reduce that load a bit. It is our greatest hope that there will be pleasant updates in the map graphics with the game engine change.
  4. Hi, Assuming that hundreds of in-game reports are submitted to game moderators every day, it would be wrong to expect too much from in-game reporting. (at least unless dozens of people reported a driver) But if you have a proof video, it is possible to get a more efficient result by uploading it to the system. Since graphic card softwares now offer recording opportunities other than third-party applications, you can do this easily with one click.
  5. Hello, Since the truck is almost no different from a passenger car in unloaded conditions, the top engine option and the least level gears can be preferred. For example, the Volvo FH16 750 engine and the Allison 6-speed gearbox model. It gives a very good performance between 0-110.
  6. Hello, I can also expect it as a big event for the TruckersMP anniversary. I hope we can enjoy all players together.
  7. I am looking forward to my planned rides using this map.
  8. Hello, It might be 50 percent. Assuming that most of the children who are not successful in action games play simulation games or effected by various truck shows, 50 percent really can be.
  9. Sometimes I like to calmly watch the traffic instead of driving.  📸  #tommyontheroad



  10. Hello, I am using intel right now. (Intel core i5 11400h) I've not used AMD yet, but I would choose Intel, I think. I am one of those people who follow the path he knows.
  11. Hello, I mostly spend my free time by swimming, hanging out with friends and my gf, improving my general culture and playing video games.
  12. Hello, I prefer semi-trailers with refrigerating units. Because I think it completes the aggressive look of the vehicles. It also helps me embrace the game as it connects to my real-life work.
  13. Hello, The human mind is a very strange concept. I think it is easier to take an action by thinking of months than to think of years. As a result, people easily accept that a time spanning months will pass. But when the situation covers the year, things change. I think the existence of the "1 year" limit instead of the "6 months" limit puts more psychological pressure on the drivers and people especially feel more responsible for it.
  14. Hello, thank you for creating a good topic. I usually prefer applications that provide job tracking, such as TrucksBook, when I think about carrying cargo. With this application, when I successfully complete my job by driving, it provides notification to my server and encourages my teammates to simulate. In addition, I prefer World of Trucks loads because it registers in an indelible inventory where I carry that load. My route preference is usually long journeys from Andalusia to the northern cities of Russia or Finland. The distance of the load may be more than 4500 km and I drive at 90 km/h always. It takes an average of 7 hours with real life time. I advise you. Can you describe your favourite? Best, Tommy
  15. Hello, I also have a similar problem. Just before the update everything was fine. But after the update everything went bad. When playing 120fps it dropped to 50. I changed from dx11 to GL and tried again and it got much worse. I don't know what to do and I can't play for 2 days. I have no idea what the GUI factor is but I hope this ridiculous situation gets fixed soon. My GPU : RTX 3050 Ti Best Regards, Tommy
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