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  1. Hello, thank you for mentioning this interesting and need-to-solve issue. I think the situation should be related to TruckersMP server optimization rather than system features, which we can see on every server. I am also facing this issue on Red Dead Online servers. How is this resolved? Hmm... I think in the most probable way we know. By acting in realistic attitude. The distance between each vehicle should be at least 50 meters, according to the distance unit we see in the tab menu, so that we can maintain a safe following distance and prevent accidents. This can be very annoying, because we have to tire the gas-brake combination all the time because of someone who is constantly freezing in front of us, but I can't think of any other precautionary measures. Also, I am a person who thinks that the speed limit should be limited as 92, naturally I think that if we drive on the road at maximum speeds like 92, the brake-gas range for such accidents will decrease even more. Kind regards, Maelstrøm
  2. After 9 hours of driving, it's time for a break in the Alps.



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    2. Tσmmy


      From Istanbul to Lyon

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      9 hours woah thats alot of driving 896749734734204938.webp?size=96&quality=lossless Great Photo 🥰❤️ :HaulieLove:

    4. pofii


      Great truck :HaulieLove:

  3. Hello. First of all, thank you for creating this discussion. I have been thinking about this topic for a long time and now I came across your topic while thinking about it again. If it were up to me it would be awesome. We upgrade our tools day by day, and in a way, it can be seen from the tools who is the most hardworking and who is the laziest. I don't think even 1% of troll drivers can easily turn a corner with a loaded vehicle. It can also completely increase the effectiveness of "kolega( it's a Balkan nick among especially the truckers)" on the roads. BUT! Thanks to these non-editable profiles, the "save-edit truck" thing will be completely over. Including me, we continue to play this game thanks to the "save-edit feature". Because it is really close to impossible to bring realistic styles to life with the opportunities that the game gives us. That's why we can make our vehicles more beautiful and attractive with the save-edit method. In addition, troll drivers can chase us by leaving their trailers if they want to continue their troll behavior. Once a person has a feeling of aggression, it is very difficult to prevent it. For this, I think the following way can be used: "Realistic Simulation" server can be opened. When logging into this server, we can log in again with the login method and start with our own user accounts. Friends who will play in this server can improve themselves. On this server, the speed can be fixed at 90 or 93, as with World of Trucks loads. Traffic fines and driver fatigue can be added. Drivers can develop their private accounts for this server as they wish. If an opportunity is created in this way, the driver can both use the vehicle he wants on the simulation 1 server, and then come to this server and continue his realistic development and overcome the feeling of boredom that may occur after a while. Kind regards, Tommy
  4. ets2_20221001_235725_00.png

    1. pofii


      Truck is looks very good 🙂

    2. [BG] ZENUHOV
  5. Good night truckers. Greetings from Lille. 👋  See ya in Seville! 



  6. Thanks for following, mate. Also, I got your greetings. I wish you good driving and good forums. o7

    1. Black Alcoa

      Black Alcoa

      Thanks for following back, mate. Have a good ride. Take care. 😇

  7. Thanks for the follow ?

  8. thanks for the follow 

    1. Tσmmy


      Your welcome!

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