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      Thanks for my 1st follow !!! 

  3. It will be very tiring for them to watch the in-game recordings and record them one by one. That's why the WEB report system has a great meaning both in ensuring the in-game order and in helping the authorities. Although the in-game report is effective from time to time, I think that using the Web report system leads to a more effective, appropriate and clear result.
  4. Since toxic and troll players can never be prevented, anyone who is cold from the mp system transitions to the SCS part. For this reason, there is a very serious decrease in the number of players. In the past, there were 4k+ 4k players on EU 1 and 2 servers, 1k+ people would wait in line on each server. Now even a single server no longer reaches 4k. I guess we'll just remember the old days now. I hope we get our other server soon.
  5. I will prefer the traditional mirrors that have been with us until now. However, it will be a pleasure to explore and experience the mirror types that come with innovations.
  6. Hello; Thanks for bringing up a sweet topic. I will create a few articles on this subject and comment on your subject. I will create a few articles on this subject and comment on your subject. In this case, it is a factor in the selection, as the flow of the crowd, rather than blocking the road, affects the game pleasure in a fluent or semi-fluent way. Sometimes there are annoying trolls, but they can be in funny situations. There are many people who want to see such events. It is only available to players who enter the game to report people and have settled this way. It's a waste for them to even enter this game. Since everywhere is empty, people who want to carry loads come to this road to see a real truck driver. Some are even able to block the road at a slow speed with very heavy tonnages. And one of the most important factors is the environment of friends. Since most of our friends are on this road, it is pleasant to meet and greet. For this reason, we can prefer to be there where the collective area is almost. These come to mind for now. I hope it helps. I wish you pleasant days. Kind Regards Black Alcoa TruckersMP Veteran Driver II
  7. Once you have a quality circle of friends in this game, you can be sure that the game will sound more attractive. Welcome aboard, man.
  8. The truck is not new, it just looks like its interior and exterior accessories have been refurbished. However, new models of all licensed trucks must come into play as soon as possible and a general modification package must be sent to all licensed trucks. It's not like the Range T package, it's like the Direct Renault package. Daf's new serial vehicle looks disgraceful because it has not been added.
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