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  5. Trip to Italy with new MAN trucks. ^_^ w/ @AmiriM#4530 @Can_T.



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  6. A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.



  7. Snap Dragon Released

    Thanks mwl4. Every day you are really striving for this mod and community, day and night, this is really a situation to be appreciated, and this is a really tiring and difficult task. Thanks to the developers now new updates are being rapidly ported to TruckersMP.
  8. Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.. Good Afternoon.



  9. The speed limit was not used on servers in the past, and therefore caused a lot of traffic accidents from excessive speed. And that's not the whole problem. Extreme speed makes the control of the truck difficult to control after a little distraction may cause the truck to overturn. Also this is not an NFS game, this is a truck simulation. Setting the speed limit of 150 km/h caused some troll drivers to be reduced. But, of course, those who want to disturb people still do what they know and continues to be punished. Lastly, I don't think the speed limits on the servers will be removed, for a safer ride.
  10. Snap Dragon

    Ets 2 MP DLC Help

    When you buy a paint package and use it on your truck, only those who have that paint package can see the paint of your truck at TruckersMP. Otherwise your truck's default paint will appear to all players. (That means players who don't have the paint package will see the default color.)
  11. In the game, the most lucrative load type of short and medium distance work is ADR class flammable, explosive loads. You can also earn much more than emergency deliveries and fragile goods. In addition, if you have a Special Cargo DLC in single-player mode, you can also gain good profit by moving these loads.
  12. Oregon is Great DLC overall. I can think of three minor negatives. First, I found an area where two segments of the ground didn't meet, so you could see through it. This was clearly visible and right beside the road, too. This is an unusual mistake for SCS. The level of polish is what distinguishes paid DLC from mods, so they should really get it right. Second, Oregon has a wide variety of terrains, and I really don't think that they're all captured. In particular, it would have been awesome to see more hills and mountains. The state feels more flat than it is in real life. ATS could really stand to gain from having more diverse and difficult roads to navigate. Third, Salem really should be more detailed. It's the capitol of the State, and has a number of distinctive features. Nothing interesting about Salem in real life is found in the DLC. They included only the least interesting part of the city, scaled down to a point where you could be forgiven for thinking it's an insignificant town. I would have liked to see the capitol building, central and west Salem, and highway 99 west to the coast. Overall, this is a pretty good DLC. I recommend the Oregon DLC more than the New Mexico DLC.
  13. Snap Dragon

    Reporting timer when reporting a player

    Yes, you are actually right, but if there were no timers in the reports, it would have caused many systemic problems. TMP is a platform that works with real-time gaming and server infrastructure, so don't just think about what you do in the game and on the servers, thousands of people like you are trying to connect to and play servers and games at the same time. For this reason, sent reports and punishments may be delayed, or sometimes due to the intensity of the system may not be deleted from the Staff's and can not be seen. If you want to accurately report a player, you can use https://truckersmp.com/reports
  14. Snap Dragon

    Game can't read my radio

    https://radiotrucker.com/ Sorry. You can create and download your own radio list from this site.
  15. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.



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