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  1. Hayırlı Olsun Oğuzcum sonuna kadar hakettin. :wub: :mlg_doge:

    1. CrackPrewier


      Teşekkür ederim :)

  2. Snap Dragon

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I've been playing as a singleplayer with mods for 5 years, about 3 years as a multiplayer. I love simulation games for about 8 years in total.
  3. Snap Dragon

    Which DLC I should buy?

    According to me in Map DLC's Baltic Sea because the graphics and the mood of the environment is very nice, in Tuning DLC's Mighty Grifin, Daf Tuning Pack and Raven Truck Design pack. Sincerely.
  4. Snap Dragon

    Best scania trucks>

    I like "G" series because more comfortable than "R" and "S" series In the real life, but I love "S" series in the game
  5. Thank you for the follow!

  6. 17. Happy birthday m8. :mlg_doge: :check:

    1. TimeTimes


      Horay \o/. Thank you :D 

  7. Congrats m8, You deserved it. :wub:

  8. Thank you for the follow!

  9. Heeey matee, I'm so glad you're back. :wub: :thisisfine: :love:

    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Thank you!! :) 

  10. Snap Dragon

    Largest Glass in Ets2 ?

    Thank you for all the answers.
  11. Happy Birthday mate :thisisfine: :mlg_doge:

  12. Snap Dragon

    Largest Glass in Ets2 ?

    Which truck has the biggest glass in the Ets2 ? So which truck is the widest field of view ?
  13. Snap Dragon

    What truck should i buy on 10 lvl

    I was the first truck scania. I would recommend it a cheap and enjoyable trip.
  14. Snap Dragon

    Inappropriate Overtake

    I think the reason for inappropriate overtaking should add to the website reporting system. REASON: Because it is necessary.
  15. Snap Dragon

    Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 29 Kasım'da Yayınlanıyor!

    Çıktığı anda alacağım kısmetse DLC'yi süper gözüküyor SCS'nin yine başarılı çalışmalarından birisi.