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  1. They are very good trucks, first for their power and second for their size, but I prefer the Cascadia freightliner.
  2. This type of cargo despite being nice would not be very recommendable for simulation servers, even being arcade, first that the cargo does not pass anywhere, the theme of the game extends a route to it, so much so that there are vehicles stopped by vehicles in the game where the cargo passes and that would be a general mess, even in scs convoy you can not get this type of cargo, because the game does not allow and you end up staying off to start the route.
  3. Obrigado por me esguir😃

  4. Thx for the follow! 😁

  5. In the Euro truck, the best part is going through the mountains near Frankfurt and in the American truck, it's that mobile bridge that everyone stops for the boat to pass. These are two very cool areas.
  6. Actually the cloud allows your game to use the storage to save your profile or save and vice versa, when we create the new profile we have the option to enable the cloud or not, I myself do not enable it and have my profile and save all regardless of whether I uninstall the game or not, try doing that too and see if it works for you, have a nice day.
  7. very cool the event, just waiting for the day to arrive to participate
  8. Yes, with wires they are better, my phone already comes with a microphone, it is not one of the best but you can enjoy it
  9. very good idea, it will help a lot
  10. The Job Dispatcher Tool can be used only for online trucksmp loads, and in Single-Player only the virtual Speditor or load generator.
  11. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/703755023594815528/1089891295436230676/ets2_20230204_204803_00.png, Always acting and giving assistance, guaranteeing that everything happens safely, our group is always at the disposal of the players.

  12. When visiting Austria the nice thing about it is its beautiful landscapes and challenging mountain ranges, besides the stone houses which are also very nice.
  13. Bom dia á todos, e que tenham um bom começo de semana

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