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  1. Thank you for the follow!

    1. olioak


      No problem ;)

  2. Scania S or Scania R?

    In my opinion, I don't ever see much difference between the two but I do equally enjoy driving them both but for some reason, I like to drive the Scania S more simply because of the letter
  3. Next Busiest Road?

    At peak times I do see some traffic when travelling from Calais to Lille (especially at the C-D road turn off ) and also some from Brussels to Rotterdam but I have to agree with above that I don't think there will be another road that beats it. If there will ever be another busy road it will probably be near to C-D road anyway
  4. How to apply for job on EURO TRUCK MP(Game Mod)

    See https://truckersmp.com/recruitment
  5. Help !

    The only way you will be able to deal with the trolls is by reporting them or my advice would be to try and avoid highly populated roads/places like Duisburg, Calais etc. However, it won't mean you will never see a troll again because sadly they can be anywhere.

    Thanks to everyone who attended the TruckyApp Event yesterday! Here is a picture of the family I took after the event :P



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    2. olioak


      It was our first ever event so I'm certain there will be some more in the future which you can join in with! :)

    3. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      Photo looks Great! wish i knew about it. i would've joined for sure.

    4. TumbEd


      This my picture from the truckfest at the star! Thank you guys for this amazing event! :lol:


  7. Thank you for the follow :D

  8. I did hope that there would be more improvement done on C-D road but I guess not all of it is in the same country but I've always imagined the C-D road being upgraded to 2 lanes and although it is possible SCS may rework that road one day, I can still see it causing problems
  9. Ah well, it's nice they are at least updating it though.
  10. Ooh I'm intrigued about the changes made at that C-D Junction, I hope they have improved it some way
  11. How to get Started in Multiplayer with Mods & Tips!!

    ^ Your account should automatically be connected to multiplayer as TruckersMP uses the base game and saves made by ETS2/ATS. If it for some reason is not, what do you see instead when launched the TMP Application?
  12. how can I report user on discord ?

    You can report the user to discord but if the player is in a server which isn't linked with TruckersMP then I don't think you are able to report the user through TruckersMP.
  13. New Police design (Europe)

    Seems like a nice idea to have a variation of skins for Police. However, I would agree that it would be better to have multiple skins for different countries if it was ever to be put in game. It would still be nice to see in-game though
  14. Trailer UK Plate not working

    Thank you, I didn't realise you could use save editing!