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  8. This guide will help show you how to change the background of your license plate I first discovered this through learning how to get simple logos onto the plates, such as the Instagram and Facebook logo. After realising that all the code does is pull the image from the game files, I decided to dig into the files to try and find examples of textures that could be used as a plate background. I found a few examples that work really well when extended to the full plate length which is what I've been using since. I have provided a step-by-step guide which explains in detail what each line of the final code means and how it affects the plate, however, if you are after the final code and don't want to spend the time reading through the guide, then skip to STEP 9 and copy the final line of code there or choose any of the other options to quickly copy and use. However, if you are doing this, remember the positioning of the text depends on the number of characters used so I would still recommend reading the guide on how to change this. STEP 1: First of all, you need to choose the truck/car you want to change the plate of. Once you have the truck/car you want to use, save the game. STEP 2: Access the new game save through the game.sii in Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/ProfileNumber/SaveNumber/game.sii (ProfileNumber and SaveNumber will be different depending on how many game saves you have and the name of your profile. STEP 3: Then open the game.sii in Notepad or Notepad++ and use CTRL + F to search for the license plate of the truck/car you have chosen. STEP 4: From here, you can use this following image path to put the black license plate image onto the plate. /material/ui/lp/turkey/duty_rear.mat As it acts like any regular image on a license plate, it needs to include the <img src= at the beginning of it and have > at the end of the code. STEP 5: Then the outline/tint colour has to be given which is usually White, so the following needs to be placed after the previous code but before the > at the end: color=FFFFFFFF This can be changed to any hex code to change the tint of the image STEP 6: The image now needs parameters in the form of width and height. The specific one I used for this plate is: width=155 height=40 As this finishes the code needed for the image, it finishes with a > after the height value STEP 7: Then we move onto the positioning of the text on the plate. This may vary depending on which country plate you use, number of characters and the type of characters. The values I am using for the guide example are for the UK style text with eight characters (which is the regular length of plates such as GN17 NBM). The positioning of the text is decided using offset values through horizontal shift (hshift) and vertical shift (vshift). These vary depending on how many characters you have on your plate so sometimes you have to play around with the values if you want the text to be in the centre of the plate by changing the numbers. For this guide, there is no need to change the vshift value as -10 is the correct height. As for the hshift value, the lower the value, the more LEFT it is and the higher the value, the more RIGHT it is (remembering that they are minus values, so -1 is higher than -100). Here are some examples for the hshift values for different characters The values I will use for this example will be: <offset hshift=-138 vshift=10> STEP 8: To finish, we then set the colour of the text (which is optional but it is recommended to be able to actually see the plate as the default is FF000000 which is Black). This is set by using this: <color value=FF999999> STEP 9: Now the code part of it is complete, you must then write the text of your license plate which in this case was GN17 NBM and then finish up with the |country code to complete. The final line for this example is: license_plate: "<img src=/material/ui/lp/turkey/duty_rear.mat color=FFFFFFFF width=155 height=40><offset hshift=-140 vshift=10><color value=FF999999>GN17 NBM|uk" Which looks like this in-game: Additional Options: Blue Background: The blue Turkish plate background uses this code: /material/ui/lp/turkey/police_rear.mat and looks like this: The entire line of code for this is: license_plate: "<img src=/material/ui/lp/turkey/police_rear.mat color=FFFFFFFF width=155 height=40><offset hshift=-138 vshift=10><color value=FFFFFFFF>GN17 NBM|uk" Different Countries: An example of using a different country is this example of Luxembourg: |luxembourg and looks like this: The entire line of code for this is: license_plate: "<img src=/material/ui/lp/turkey/duty_rear.mat color=FFFFFFFF width=155 height=40><offset hshift=-125 vshift=10><color value=FF999999>OLIOAK|luxembourg" IMPORTANT: As you can see when comparing the 6 characters the Luxembourg registration has (OLIOAK) to the 8 characters the UK registration has (GN17 NBM), it means the hshift has slightly changed but the vshift has stayed the same. It is important to do this if you want to keep your text centre no matter how many characters it has. This is explained in detail in STEP 7 and you can use the provided rough estimates as a guide to try and keep it centred. Other Backgrounds: This guide is aimed at using the two coloured Turkish plates that are already in the game files, however, it is possible to use any .mat image found in the game files as long as you use the correct file path after '<img src=' Some textures won't work due to their size and may need to be stretched, but it is possible to dig into the game files and find textures that allow for even more different colours. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and feel free to share any comments you have about this guide or any additional textures you've found that work well and I would LOVE to see screenshots of your creations you've made with the help of this guide! I do hope this guide helped and provided a better understanding of how the license plates work in-game and the ability to customise them further. I understand that this guide could've been simpler by providing the final code for those who are not bothered and just want the final result, however, I wanted to provide a step by step instruction to actually help readers have a better understanding of how it exactly works line by line.
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