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  1. Thank you very much for your follow! :)

  2. Hey, nice background picture :P


  3. i love them all, but the Iveco! i know it's decent (other than its traction) but we just don't relate.
  4. i love the Baltics, the view there is mesmerizing! A lot of my solo trips are actually to the Baltics through Poland.
  5. hi, all! the MAN and Iveco truck brands i find wack. ngl, i sometimes find them neat when it is being driven by another person. but from my POV, they just look drab in design. although, i do like their engine sounds, not too loud. thank you.
  6. hi, all! my least used assets are the add-on lamps. i just don't see their need as my high-beams which i also seldom use work just fine for me. thank you.
  7. the older generations of the SCANIA lack proper traction. they tend to slide everywhere especially when braking as compared to the new generation.
  8. hello, TMP! i do think that there should be traffic lights placed at the entrance and/or exit of the service centre in Duisburg to bring in some orderliness since all it has been so far is chaos. i think if the add-on team is able to put together something, it can go a long way in bringing some law and order. This will also make it easy to spot the perpetrators. Now, more emphasis put on those on the main road will be very good as there is almost always vehicular traffic on there as compared to that of those in the centre. Therefore longer go-time (green lights) for those the
  9. тєє.

    Overtake C-D

    hello! i do love to adjust speeds to whoever is driving in front of me, but times when they are moving at a snail pace, i overtake them when it's safe and after, re-adjust my speed to a safe one.
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