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  2. I currently own all map DLCs, all trailer DLC, Heavy Cargo Pack, High Power Cargo Pack, Cabin Accessories, Windows Flags and some paint jobs DLCs.
  3. New Scania is better. The interior and exterior design is beautiful and the engine sound is great
  4. Road to the Black sea with beautiful roads
  5. Vanilla game: Oslo - Munchen. ProMods: Bolungarvik - Aqaba
  6. Mine would have to be the B&Č Transport VTC colours, i think they are beautiful!
  7. I drive this route. My suggestion is this: Route: Oslo-Munchen Navigation mode "best", distance: 1 565 km Extended version: 1 956 km Speed: about 150 km/h Time: 42 minutes Navigation mode "small roads", distance: 2 802 km Extended version: 3 503 km Speed: about 150 km/h Time: 76 minutes I know the game is not "Need for Speed" but i love driving over 150 km/h. Good luck and drive carefully!
  8. Iveco,Renault or Mercedes. Both have outdated and uncomfortable models when driving them.
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