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  1. Happy new year. 🎉

  2. some people like snow mode some don't like this very good download job with link is everyone's own choice so in short Kind Regards, Suskun
  3. I believe you will resolve the error as soon as possible
  4. It's funny to see this, I see it a lot in the game, and there's a lot going on in me, by the way, you look good
  5. winter physics made us bad when we hit a place, we disappeared, so we flew to the other side
  6. Truckersmp will be better in 2021 I'm sure have a good Christmas Kind Regards, Suskun
  7. I wonder if the SCS is just going to open a new multiplayer, and I wonder what it's going to be like.
  8. Hello @EXPECTANCY I expect this picture goes well in snow mode Kind Regards, Suskun
  9. I understand it's nestable, so ghost mode is very good if it's true I didn't misunderstood, but for Calais Duisburg, people are relieved by the troll. Kind Regards, Suskun
  10. Sυѕkun

    Hated Trucks

    It's sad to hear, it's all beautiful from one another, and I'm telling you as Kind Regards, Suskun
  11. I'll wait to hear from you here for your advice. Kind Regards, Suskun
  12. Konuyu Bilgilendirdiğin İçin Teşekkürler ve Ayrıyeten Çeviri İçin Teşekkürler Saygılarımla, Suskun
  13. I agree with what they say, they prefer accidents and accidents that want more speed Kind Regards, Suskun
  14. Hello @_Doge this picture goes better with snow mode we expect in such an official snow mode
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