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  1. Baratako

    Problem buying colors

    Greetings. Your current in-game balance is in the negative, notice the hyphen before the Euro sign. This means you're in debt and currently cannot pay for anything, except forced payment, such as traffic offenses. Any money that you receive prior to getting a negative balance will be used to pay off your debt, each payment at a time. During this time, I suggest trying some jobs with company's tractor to get back on your feet. I hope this helps. Kind regards.
  2. Baratako

    Christmas Convoy 2018

    Nice! I'll definitely try to join as early as 9. No guarantees, though!
  3. Baratako

    How to assign a trailers to my drivers?

    Greetings. Along with the other answers here, I also believe that the trailer needs to be set in a specific garage where your drivers are located, otherwise, they will not be used. Kind regards.
  4. I'd prefer if SCS would create an Iberia DLC consisting of Spain and Portugal (and maybe Andorra) first rather than anything else. It'd be more organized of them to start at a point and end the other, rather than the method their going with.
  5. Baratako

    What's your dream car?

    I would have to choose a Saab 9-3. Why, you may ask? Because it has the same griffin symbol as Scania's
  6. Baratako

    Sudden gains in speed (up to 180km/h)

    Greetings. I understand that the Scout cars are somewhat unstable at the moment, but I've never seen anything like this happening before. Does it go to 170km/h instantly, or do you feel like you're getting "pushed" to that speed? I understand that the implemented limit is 150km/h, but if you are indeed getting "pushed" then it is highly possible to go faster. I recommend, if you are able, to record a session of this happening using some sort of recording software. If possible, do it on the Freeroam server to avoid any needless complications regarding it. Kind regards.
  7. Baratako

    Wrong delivery and hours spent time in game

    Greetings. The problem is the in-game's economy not syncing correctly due to the time in MP always passing by. It's recommended that, in the case you are starting a new campaign, to continue to play SP until you can buy your own truck; this avoids a lot of complications. If you choose to go for a "multiplayer only" campaign, keep in mind that the late delivery is something that happens on the first delivery you make and it's normal. Also, you will have to sync the economy with MP everytime you log into it, you can do this by sleeping, teleporting to services, fast-travel to garages, or anything else that lets the game fast forward. You can force a economy reset by typing into the console: uset g_force_economy_reset 1 Then save the game, reset the game, then load your saved game and then type into the console: uset g_force_economy_reset 0 And this should reset it and you should be able to see jobs again. Word of advice: don't select any jobs with Caravans on them, unless you are driving a car. I hope this helps you. Kind regards.
  8. Baratako

    TruckersMP satisfaction survey - Quarter 4 2018

    It's cool seeing Staff wanting our opinions from time to time. Out of all the communities that I was apart of (and still am, to some extent), this is the only one that does it. Keep it up, guys! Just finished mine, now. it was honest, pls no bash me :3
  9. Baratako

    Speed limiter

    Greetings. The speed limiter depends on several factors: Server with automatic 90 km/h speed limiter. External/WOT contracts (90 km/h). Limiter enabled within TMP options (90 km/h). Global speed limiter is 150 km/h and this cannot be changed. Please check these factors and see if it fits what you're experiencing. Check the server you're on, TMP's options in the Settings menu, check if you are not carrying a WOT generated trailer and note that you cannot go faster than 150 km/h. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  10. Baratako

    Game tabs out!

    Greetings. Could you play SP for a bit to figure out if that also happens in the game itself, or if that happens only in TMP. I also recommend launching TMP normally and using a screen recorder of some sort to record your screen while you do so, so when the error comes up, we'll know what were dealing with. Kind regards.
  11. Baratako

    Help - Atualização - ETS2 MP

    Olá! Vá à sua biblioteca Steam e encontre Euro Truck Simulator 2. Daí, faça right-click no jogo e selecione "Propriedades", e depois à secção de "BETAS". Depois em baixo, verifique se tem algum beta ativo. Se sim, mude para "NENHUM". No entanto, se já está em modo "NENHUM", tente desinstala TruckersMP, depois verifique se o seu jogo está bem atualizado, depois reinstala a aplicação de novo. Se o problema persistir, infelizmente não saberei como ajudá-lo a partir daí. Boa sorte! Obrigado e tenha um bom dia.
  12. Baratako

    kicado do serv

    Olá! Como o usuário FernandoCR [ESP] disse, poderá estar a confundir os dois DLC's ditos em cima. Simplesmente não selecione atrelados que têm a risca vermelha e branca ao lado da seleção. Mas poderá não ser esse o seu problema. Quando você é kickado do jogo, qual é a mensagem em vermelho que aparece no chat? Eu recomendo que adicione um screencap dessa mesma mensagem ou que passe a ditar a frase. Há casos onde certos DLC's de outros usuários não foram detetados e/ou ativados e que resulte num kick do servidor. Obrigado e tenha um bom dia.
  13. Baratako

    can not turn MP on

    Greetings. Is it possible to provide video footage of the problem? A screencap could suffice, too. Try to launch TMP using administrator rights. If that doesn't work, quit Steam and relaunch Steam has admin. From there, relaunch TMP as admin as well and let us know if it persists. Also, does launching Euro Truck Simulator 2 generate this problem as well? Thank you. Kind regards.
  14. Baratako

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    IIRC, I have ran out of fuel a total of three times. The first I forget , the second was during a community event on ETS2. I remember being really freaked out when the convoy started and I forgot to refuel my truck to full . The third one was a really stupid one on my part: I was driving normally and noticed that my fuel only had 3 lines left as I pass a gas station. "It'll make it" I thought to myself. Passing another gas station and the fuel gauge is at 2, "it'll make it" I said again. Around yet another gas station, and the fuel was at about 1.5 lines before empty, "it'll make it to the next gas station", I said....... it didn't...
  15. Baratako

    time remaining 0 by starting a mission

    Greetings, and welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I'm sorry to hear that you are currently having problems. If you are starting a new carreer, it is best to start in singleplayer, as there are problems with starting in multiplayer. I recommend continuing to play singleplayer until you are able to buy your own truck, or alternatively, use a beginner save file, like what user mexiumut linked above. Thank you and we are sorry for any further inconveniences you may come across while using TruckersMP. Kind regards.