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  1. Baratako

    Game crashes after loading a save/finishing a job

    Greetings. It's recommended not to start playing multiplayer immediately after creating a new profile. The first mission should be completed in singleplayer only to avoid issues like these. Launch singleplayer and complete the mission like so and after it's finished, you should be good to go. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  2. Baratako

    Downloading the latest version of TruckersMP

    Greetings. Try to relaunch TMP using administrator rights (launch as admin) and see if that works. If it doesn't: Have you tried to reinstall the launcher and see if that would work? If not, I recommend doing it. If you already reinstalled it, try to verify ETS2's cache, by going to your Library, selecting Euro Truck Simulator 2, right-click on it, then Properties, then Local Files and finally Verify Integrity of Files. If after doing that you still encounter problems, uninstall ETS2 and TMP completely, then reinstall both of them. I hope this helps you! Kind regards.
  3. Baratako

    Cant sleep and no jobs

    Greetings. If you only play Multiplayer, chances are you will very rarely be able to sleep, because you are almost never tired enough to sleep. I don't know exactly why is this, but it has something to do with how the servers process the fatigue system. This issue is similiar to how when you load your profile and it starts to rain, the rain will just continue on forever unless you force end it using a console command or reload your save. Same vice-versa, if you load your game and it isn't raining, it will never rain during your playthrough. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  4. Baratako


    Greetings. As of now, there is currently no way to apply if you have been banned for the last 12 months, and you'll have to wait out until the 12-month period has ended. During that time, I recommend you to develop your profile more, such as an avatar, a banner, more post count; basically, being active and helpful, which should increase the chances in you being accepted. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  5. Baratako

    OBS Black screen

    Greetings. if you only have a black screen, it may be because OBS doesn't detect your game, if it is set to automatic detection. I did had this problem, but it would normally return to normal about a minute later. How long have you waited out? Try this: Go to OBS and select your prefered Scene, then at the right, right click "Game Capture" and then "Properties". On Mode, select ETS2's executable (also, make sure you do so while ETS2 is running). If everything goes right, it should start capturing directly from your game almost immediately, if not, wait about a minute or so. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  6. Baratako

    Empty "Owned Trailer" when carrying cargo

    Greetings. It's possible that the way TruckersMP handles owned trailer loads is not completely supported and causes this issue. I believe that SCS made it so that when you select a job with your own trailer, instead of loading one trailer with the cargo all in one model (like freight market), it only loads the cargo and then attaches to your trailer. This way, your trailer has the same exact modifications, including save-edits as you left it prior picking your cargo. Bottom line, I believe it's TruckersMP fault that this is happening, but I may be wrong about it. Warn me if you see someone with a flat bed and with a cargo on it. Also, if your friend does the exact same thing as you do, would you see an empty flat bed as well? I hope this helps you! Kind regards.
  7. Baratako

    Problem with the game

    Greetings. I'm afraid your description of the problem was too vague for a reliable answer. Could you be more specific about the problem you are currently facing? It would be easier for all of us if you could provide video footage of the problem in action, if it is possible on your side. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.
  8. Baratako

    I cant fast travel in my differents garage ...

    Try to download the starter save file, but keep your original save. Place the starter folder within your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles but keep your original save. Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 (SP) normally and login using the save file. Try to fast travel from that save and see if it persists. -If the problem is still there, try to reinstall Euro Truck Simulator 2 and TruckersMP. -If the problem is gone, my guess would be all of the drivers you own. Back to your original profile, try disbanding a whole bunch of drivers until about 5 garages are full (that would be 25 drivers, I think), then close the game, re-open ETS2 (SP), login with your original save and try to fast travel. I hope this helps!
  9. Baratako

    I cant fast travel in my differents garage ...

    Greetings. I'm afraid that the description of your problem is a bit vague. Right now, the only thing we can do is ask you to validate your cache, via Steam. Go to your Steam library, right click "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and select "Properties", then "Local Files" and then click on "Verify File Integrity". If the problem persists after it is done, please answer the following: -Does this problem also happen in singleplayer? -What type of truck do you have currently active? -Does the problem persist with all the trucks you own? -Does said truck have a owned trailer attached? If yes, does said trailer have any save edit mods? -Does the crash persist if trying to fast travel to a different city and/or zone? -Do you have any sort of modifications to the game? -Is it possible to provide video footage of the problem? Thank you and I hope this helps you. Kind regards.
  10. Baratako

    launcher issue

    Greetings. Try to launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam. Steam should automatically start to download the update that you need to play TMP. Once it's done, try to launch TMP and then get back to us. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  11. Baratako

    Blank License Plates?

    Greetings. Please keep in mind that you cannot have a completely blank without it being the default grey and white (I think) glitched licence plate. Currently, the closest one is Switcherland's; where the plate is blank in the front, but has the Switcherland's shield in the back. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  12. Greetings. I'm afraid that the description to said problem was a little vague. Would it be possible to provide video footage of the problem? Is the problem permanent, as in, does the problem persist after restarting the game and selecting a different job? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.
  13. Baratako

    Im having problem with downgrade

    Greetings. Kind regards.
  14. Baratako

    Unsupported game version detected! Help

    Greetings. I believe you forgot to change your save files. Kind regards.
  15. Baratako

    yardım et

    Greetings. Along with the above answers, I believe it is worth mentioning that if you are trying to take a job from WOT, keep in mind that you cannot, as WOT only works with the latest version. I hope this helps! Kind regards.