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  1. Baratako

    No plug-in response

    Greetings. Are you talking about startup prompt that Steam displays when you launch a third-party application, something among the lines of "Launch application with these parameters?" If so, cancel it, and make sure Steam is open BEFORE you launch TruckersMP. If this is the case, I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  2. Ayy, I've passed the exam and I'm now a fully qualified driver. The driving licence should arrive 2 to 3 weeks from now, as they say, so they gave me a temporary driving title confirming I've passed.

    1. Odion


      Congrats :3

    2. IpilkAlaus


      Congrats. That waiting time though....

  3. Baratako

    Reassigning the radio button in the game

    Greetings. At the moment, it is not possible to reassign the PTT key which is constantly at X, although I believe you can use a macro of some kind to simulate an X press, it should work as long as the software in question can recognize your gamepad. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  4. Baratako

    "Lost connection to the game, reconnecting"

    Greetings. When you're connected to the server and as you're kicked, what is the error message that is displayed? Does it happen all the time in a specific timing when you join, or does it happen randomly at times?
  5. Tomorrow I have my driving exam practice and day 14 is my actual driving exam. This week, I might not be very active, if at all, in the forums. But my driving in friday and in the weekend shouldn't be affected. Wish me luck! :D 

    1. BlackSkill


      Good luck mate ^_^ 

    2. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      good luck mate and take care ^_^

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  6. Baratako

    ETS2MP- Fatal Error

    Greetings. Have you installed the 1.34 upgrade for ETS2 via Steam yet? If not, it's vital you do so, also opt out of all available Betas if you're in any. If you do have 1.34 and "NONE" selected as Beta, then try to reinstall TMP and see if that solves it. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  7. Baratako

    Help with Profile/No jobs available

    When playing TruckersMP, it's recommended that you play with an acount that already owns at least one truck, as this makes it easier to fix the economy issue, a faster and easier connection to the server (as it takes less time), among others. Using your own truck, you can simply teleport to services as I said above, but if you don't own one, I believe your option is to input the command "uset g_force_economy_reset "1"". I recommend you see this tutorial thread here:
  8. Baratako

    Help with Profile/No jobs available

    Greetings. Your Euro Truck Simulator 2 profile folder in your documents is empty most likely due to having Steam Cloud enabled on your account. I recommend disabling it, as this makes it easier to perform any save edits or otherwise modify one of your files. To disable it, launch either ETS2 or TMP normally and go to the menu that lets you choose which profile to play as. Click the profile in question once, and there should be a button somewhere that says something in the lines of "Options" relating to your profile; click it. From there, uncheck the box that says "Steam Cloud" and save your settings. Your Steam cloud should be disabled and your profile should appear in your documents normally. The easiest way to reset your economy is by going in-game, then pressing F7-Enter and allow yourself to be transported to services. This teleportation lets you reset your economy and you should be able to pick jobs right after doing so. I hope this helps you! Kind regards.
  9. Baratako

    Unsupported game version detected!

    Greetings. Euro Truck Simulator 2 recently launched an update and this meant that anyone who install it would not be able to play TruckersMP. Currently, there is no way of playing ETS2 after installing the update and you need to wait until TMP is updated accordingly. Meanwhile, ATS is currently unaffected. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kind regards.
  10. Baratako

    Singleplayer to Multiplayer

    Greetings. All the skills and money that you earn in both singleplayer and multiplayer should still be there when you switch, as long as you use the same profile for both. The downside of this, is if you switch from MP to SP, there's a chance that your truck is teleported to your main garage due to unsynchronized modifications made to your saves, but that is not a huge problem. I hope this helps! Kind regards.
  11. Baratako

    How to add your favourite songs on ats

    Greetings. Head on over to your documents and find "American Truck Simulator " and open it. From there, there's a file named "music", inside it, by default, is empty. You can place your music inside there and it should register in game. Any audio media format should do, like .mp3, .wav, .ogg, or any other format that can be open using Windows Media Player. If I remember correctly, you can merely just put shortcuts that will lead to your music anywhere in your disc and it still should play. Once done, head over to the game and open the "Radio Player" and all your music should appear there. I hope this helps! Kind regards.