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  1. Any sort of music that won't get me copyright striked The best ones just so happen to be OST from games. I have 68 different games' OST, with a total amount of 357 sound files on disk. Nice
  2. New year, new avatar!

    A bit late, but I still think I needed to change it to something more awesome :D

  3. We'll be playing a bit of ETS2 in a few minutes after we're done with this game. Stay tuned! 


  4. Greetings. When your profile that you created plays Multiplayer for the first time, it will display this error once, but should eventually go away with enough deliveries. This is due to the way TruckersMP handles time; When you first launch the game, TruckersMP needs to synchronise your time with the mod's, so in the middle of your delivery, the game would fast-forward time by a huge amount. You should note that it's not entirely recommended to play TruckersMP right away when starting a new profile; You should wait until you can drive an owned truck of your own. I hope this helps! Kind regards, Baratako
  5. Hi! It's been a long time since I've streamed for you guys. So, how about right now? A Christmas themed stream! Head on over! https://www.twitch.tv/baratako


  6. Baratako


    Greetings. Placing an image on a licence plate is possible, so as long as said image is available as a .mat file within the ETS2 inner .scs files. it is not entirely easy and is often only used by people with advanced knowledge in save-editing licence plates. In general, each image you may look at can be very hard to find as, depending on the type of image you are trying to find, may be well deep within a .scs file, and not all of them have a .mat counterpart. For a beginners guide in save-editing, the guide you were linked to by next7 is a good start. However, adding images will be much harder and is not recommended for beginners. An example of an image being within a licence plate is this code: <offset hshift=0 vshift=-5><img src=/material/ui/brand_logo/scania.mat color=FFB40404><offset hshift=0 vshift=0><offset hshift=0 vshift=1>|sweden This code will add the SCANIA logo to a licence plate with the Swedish format. As seen here: I know this isn't much information on how to do it yourself, but it's mostly due to it's complicated nature and the fact that you need an external program to open .SCS files with, along with many other steps. Sorry that I can't entirely provide you with a definite answer, but I think it's a good start. I wish you good luck with your search! Kind regards, Baratako
  7. Olá! Cada arquivo que faças download aos Promods, se optares pelo download pago, terás de pagar novamente para obter a nova versão. Alternativamente, se não queiras pagar mais, tens a oportunidade de usar o download mais lento. Espero que isto o ajude! Tenha um bom dia, Baratako
  8. Greetings. On top of the Oculus/Vive option, there is an option to opt out on all Betas. Considering the recent update TruckersMP has received, you no longer need to opt on a specified beta to play TruckersMP. You'll need to opt out on all betas and then launch TruckersMP as you normally would. I hope this helps! Kind regards, Baratako
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