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  1. Help Game Eror

    Greetings. This error normally shows up when the launcher is unable to launch either ETS2 or ATS. If the problem persists, try to verify ETS2's cache, by right-clicking the game via Steam Library, selecting "Properties", then "Local Files" and then "Verify File Integrity". If the problem persists, reinstall TMP and then get back to us to see if it has worked out. Furthermore, is your issue already fixed? You're currently online in EU2 ETS2, as seen here: Kind regards.
  2. Problems with "Viva Le France" DLC

    Greetings. When first time launching new content, it's best in doing it in singleplayer first and when you work it out, use it in MP. With that said, are you certain that you installed the new content? Go to your Steam Library and find "Euro Truck Simulator 2", right click it, select "Properties" and check the "DLC" tab and make sure the proper (or all) DLC's are selected. If not, select them and close the window, it should download the content you need. If the DLC is checked, go to ETS2's directory (\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2) and see if the following .scs is there: dlc_fr.scs if so, then you should be good to go. If not, check the game's cache via Steam, back in the "Properties" menu, then selecting the "Local File" tab and then "Verify File Intregrity". I hope that helps! Kind regards.
  3. how much do we like the rules

    Considering this is a SIMULATOR type game, the rules in effect make sense. We need rules in order to get the maximum experience from this game. Not only do we have ingame rules, we also need to respect IRL european traffic rules, in order to avoid conflicting opinions (ex.: "I go first!" "NO! *I* go first!!"). Heh, imagine C-D without any of these rules.
  4. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I wonder if they'll be an option to drive WOT contracts with your own trailer. That would be neat! I always enjoyed WOT contracts more than regular ones, mostly because of the lesser time constraint, but also because of my WOT log as well as not needing to sync the game in TMP.
  5. ETS2 Latest Update 1.32.OPEN BETA REFUSE TO UPDATE

    Greetings. Are you talking about updating your game to 1.32? Keep in mind, as of now, the 1.32 is not yet an update, but Open Beta, which basically means that, right now, the 1.32 build is currently in a "debug" state. Keep in mind that TMP does not support Open Beta versions. If you would like to participate in the Open Beta 1.32 version, you can by going to your Steam library, there finding "Euro Truck Simulator 2", right-clicking on it and selecting "Properties". There, go to "Betas" and press the drop-down menu and select "public_beta - 1.32 public beta", then click "Close and ETS2 should update you to 1.32 Open Beta. Do this at your own risk, of course. Kind regards.
  6. cant register tmp with my steam account

    Greetings. You may need to set all of your settings on your Steam account to public. Check this guide and let us know if it has helped you: After following said instructions, try and see if it now works. If not, wait about an hour or so for it to fully update and try it by then. Hope that helps! Kind regards.
  7. Question on being banned...

    Greetings. In normal circumstances, you are only permitted one Steam account per TMP account. If you were to delete your TMP account and create a new one and link the same Steam account, your ban history will still be listed, as the bans carry out according to your Steam account. Please notice that you using another Steam account to play TMP due to ban history is considered ban evading and indeed is against the rules (Steam's rules also prohibit this, IIRC). To avoid another ban, re-read the rules once more, from top to bottom, and follow them by word. If you believe you've found some sort of loophole in the rules, use caution and avoid it, read it once more just in case. If you are experiencing difficulty in understanding a listed rule, don't be afraid to ask us!
  8. After changing BETA for MP, SP not working anymore

    Please remember that TruckersMP doesn't support anything related to the Open Beta version of the game and only relies on official releases. As long as you use different "profiles" for each version, you may continue to use the Open Beta for SP and the "None" version for MP, as long as you switch and use the save files accordingly. Also, note that the Open Beta is technically not an update and it's still being optimized to be used as an official release. When the update is officially released and the game is automatically updated to 1.32, it's an update I can also see that your problem is now fixed considering that you are able to play both TMP and ETS2! Hopefully, there are no more issues on your side. Kind regards.
  9. Static in speakers & headphones

    Greetings. To enlighten the problem for us, I hope you wouldn't mind answering a few questions on the matter: -Does the static happen during certain times in the game, seemingly randomly or is it constant? -Does the static replace every other sound that is played? -Do you think that the static is replacing a certain sound within the game? -Did it recently started to happen when you installed the Open Beta version or has it happened in the past? -Have you verified the game's cache via Steam? -If you were to back down from Open Beta (back to 1.31), does it persist? -Have you considered the static being hardware failure? -Would it be possible to provide a video of the problem in question? I apologise if that is too many questions for you to answer, but it might help us determine where the static might be coming from and for a possible solution on the matter. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  10. After changing BETA for MP, SP not working anymore

    Greetings. This has happened to me once. This is caused by your current save files being transfered to 1.32 Beta and trying to return them back to 1.31. The way ETS2 handles save files being transfered to beta then back to the original version sometimes glitches out and the only way I see to fix the problem is to first back up your save files before switching to Beta, otherwise, you might encounter this problem. I'm uncertain if there is a solution for this, but try this: Go to your Documents and find and access "Euro Truck Simulator 2" folder. There, find the "profiles" folder and rename it to something like "profiles(1.32pb).bak", and then, find the folder called "profiles(" and rename it to "profiles". Try to launch ETS2 in singleplayer and see if it works; if so, then you should be ready. I hope this helps.
  11. Answer the question above you

    My guess? €130'000. Question: When was the last time you've cleaned your computer of dust from the inside?
  12. downloadable content not working

    Greetings. Try to go to singleplayer and attempt to use those DLC's. If you still encounter the same issue, that might be an ETS2's issue and not TMP, however we are more than happy to still help out. Does your game simply perceive that you don't own the DLC's? If so, go to ETS2's file location (\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2) and try to find the following files: dlc_daf_tuning_pack.scs dlc_mighty_griffin.scs dlc_trailers.scs dlc_oversize.scs dlc_heavy_cargo.scs dlc_fr.scs dlc_it.scs dlc_north.scs dlc_east.scs If your file directory is missing some (or all) .scs files, it's because it wasn't correctly installed. However, if they are, try to login to your WOT account (if you have one) at least once, then back to the game. Follow all the solutions we have posted so far and let us know if they work
  13. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    That is right. In that case it is my fault because I didn't let you pass; however, in that example, me being banned was not because of the event, but was because I didn't give way. This was actually what I was talking about earlier. If you follow proper protocol in switching lanes, I don't think there's a way to get banned because of events. The only possible collision I can think of is being hit from behind after you stopped in the road, but even then, it shouldn't be your fault because you were the one that got hit.
  14. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    Yes, that's true; random events are clientside, but could you clarify on what point you could get banned for it? For example, in a highway and a random event pops up in a way that I need to switch lanes. If the lane I need to switch to is occupied and the player isn't giving way, slow down and wait until he passes. If you get hit from behind, it's not exactly your fault, considering the player behind you did not had sufficient space to stop.
  15. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    Aah, that's the beauty of them Personally, I have them on in the default setting (low chance), mostly because most roads I go to are not populated enough, so to keep my interest high, I have them on. I normally can see an event at an optimal distance to safely change lanes (unless the area is high populated) so it's not a problem for me to have them on.