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  1. Player numbers fluctuate on a daily basis, some days have more, some days have less. Weekends tend to be busier whereas weekdays tend to be quieter. Summer is to the most point over now, people are back to school, college, some are working more hours, etc etc. Every day is different, depending on the time of day, day of week and season of year. Numbers are still high, severs still get full every so often at peak times, I don't see any issues
  2. 🚚 Nice peaceful drive on ProMods this morning 🚚
    Been a while since I last took time away to enjoy the scenery that ProMods has to offer


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    2. nιgнтмαяe
    3. Callum.


      @Fezz98, I'll definitely DM you next time! 😛

      @Pixel. Shush, light theme for the win 😉

    4. Pixel.


      Pffff. Most people use dark theme. Smh

  3. 🎉 Harmony Convoys - The Jinxed Anniversary Convoy 🎉

    Happy 1 year anniversary to Harmony Convoys, how time flies! 
    I've had an amazing time attending and helping almost every convoy you have hosted over the last 12 months and thoroughly enjoyed each an every one of them!
    ❤️ Onward and upwards from here guys, looking forward to another awesome year of the event! ❤️
    @sanamaria @Pixel. @davidd. @Savage.


    1. nιgнтмαяe
    2. [Demir] 'Denizlili.
    3. davidd.


      Thank you for your kind words, Callum. It's a pleasure having you on our team!

  4. Hello there, As @Coolio85 has mentioned, the role Report Moderator already exists. There is three stages to the Game Moderation Team, the first stage is Trainee where the member of staff will go through deep training into both in-game aspects of the role and website aspects such as website reports and appeals. The second stage is Report Moderator which is where the staff member has no in-game permissions or duties at all, they are simply focused on dealing with website reports, after a certain period of time, Report Moderator's may get the option to advance to the role of Game Moderator, where they will still deal with website reports but also moderate in-game as well dealing with in-game reports and general moderation around the servers. So to answer your suggestion, this role already exists as part of the Game Moderation rank within the team. This varies from time to time, depending on the amount of reports waiting to be dealt with, sometimes a report can be dealt with in a matter of hours, sometimes it can take up to a week. It really does vary from time to time. I hope this has helped. Kind Regards, Callum, TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  5. Gutted to see you leave mate, but completely understand considering your IRL commitments with your employment. 

    Hope to see you back in the team soon, but always keep IRL as first priority ❤️ 

    Keep in touch mate 😛

  6. Midsummer Madness 2020

    Thank you for an amazing event once again this year!
    Sorry I couldn't last until the end, looking forwards to next year though!
    ❤️ @Savage. @davidd. @sanamaria ❤️


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    2. FURKΛN
    3. nιgнтмαяe


      Great photo 😍

    4. davidd.


      Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming!

  7. Harmony Convoys

    Thank you once again for an amazing convoy this evening! 
    I look forward to the special 1 year anniversary next month!
    @sanamaria @Pixel. @davidd. @Savage.


  8. o/ You changed your nickname short! :P

    1. Callum.


      I did indeed! 😛

  9. I smell some cheating going on here
  10. 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9... Ah.. I can't play, damn, that's a shame
  11. What lovely weather we are having
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