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  1. DEAR General18 This is my Computer Configuration Device name SD-20200905DFKO CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4400 @ 3.30GHz With RAM 4.00 GB Device ID 7 c89bb4c - ea7 C002-4 - B45D - F75D949FFB91 Product ID 00331-10000-00001 - AA841 System Type A 64-bit operating system based on x64 processors Pen and Touch There are no pen or touch inputs available for this display The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 2GB thanks Feng su yu
  2. MY COMPUTER WAS OFTEN LAG WHEN I WAS configuration PLAY ETS2 BECAUSE MY COMPUTER configuration can only play low1080P of the Lowest picture quality. Even though I adjusted the resolution to 1280*720, there was still the occasional lag The result is very not easy to enter the online result because the game is stuck by the reason of network unavailable kicked out of the server However, reconnecting requires reopening the game, which is not very friendly for low profile players Can you improve it, thank you! Feng su yu
  3. 大家好,我是丰台四中,我现在有一些建议需要你的帮助。如下所示 1. 优化物理引擎 2 成为管理员的已完成要求 3. 在中国设置服务器,使中国人能够在新服务器中愉快地生活和工作 这些都是我的建议,我希望你能接受别忘了调查
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