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  1. Post the title or post the title with the trailer for it. I’ll start, I recently watched ‘The Jungle Book’.
  2. Chev

    What NFL team do you support?

    Greenbay Packers, I’ve been a fan of there’s since the early 2000s.
  3. Chev

    The Last Post Wins!

    I know I am.
  4. I support this suggestion. Having a forum dedicated to real life trucking would be so awesome and beneficial. I know the discord has a text channel for it, so why can’t us forum users have a forum? Some of us forum users don’t use the discord anyways. There’s many users that could learn and share their experiences. Also, I think the off topic area is more suited for this forum idea. Very nice idea though. +1
  5. Chev

    Let's Look Back

    My best memories are with the people that I’ve met over the years of playing. Some were pretty interesting chatting with, to say the least. It's very interesting hearing stories from others and being able to share life experiences and opinions. Plus, talking and driving on TMP is very relaxing for me.
  6. Chev

    Favourite Genre of Music

    I don’t have one favorite music genre. I can listen to about anything. I like Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Country, etc.. I don’t do techno or screamo.