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  1. I’m surprised, I figured it was going to be a few more weeks before it was coming out. I’ll definitely pick this up on the release.
  2. Chev

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  3. Chev


    I never record my gameplay. If something happens and I must report someone, I keep my instant replay always on. My instant replay is usually set for 30 seconds and I’m using NVIDIA Shadowplay for that feature.
  4. Chev

    Possibility that Washington DLC could release as soon as 1.35

    My assumption is being 1.35 coming first and then Washington coming soon after. I doubt they’re release the same day, but it would be sweet nonetheless. I’m pushing for Washington to come within the next 2-3 weeks and 1.35 to come within the next week or 2.
  5. Chev

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  6. Chev

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    It really depends on the route location for me. Usually I rarely ever get hit by anyone, unless I’m in a heavily populated area. In which, I always try to avoid those areas as much as possible to avoid such things from happening to me.
  7. It’s a pretty nice event. I have been enjoying the past few days on it, while meeting a bunch of people. It really seems like almost everyone loves jumping the bridge outside of Calais. Also, I love that we don’t have to plan a certain time to be able to enjoy this event. Pretty much anyone can enjoy it at anytime and that’s really nice. I hope we can get some more events like this in the future.
  8. Chev

    ATS 1.35 Experimental/Open Beta

    I’m loving the new features and the little hints of Utah and Washington in the map. I think the main feature I’m looking forward to, is the support of DirectX11. It is definitely going to be a huge improvement for newer GPUs. Also, that voice navigation is going to neat and useful once it’s implemented. Overall, the update is amazing and I’m very excited to see what else is coming.
  9. Chev

    Renault Trucks Factory

    I never knew about the factory or even that trailer paint even existing. I would definitely love to see this factory implemented, as well as the others, in-game at some point in the future. I really do love the look of that Renault trailer though.
  10. Chev

    All the new content coming to ATS

    Yes! We now have confirmation on the Kenworth factory in Renton being implemented. I’m so hyped for Washington and the other DLCs. Here’s the blog post if you’ve missed it. https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/04/washington-kenworth-factory.html
  11. Chev

    TruckersMP merchandise

    Very nice, I’ll be looking forward to buying some merchandise to show my support.
  12. Chev

    How did you come up with your username?

    I originally went by ‘Chevy’ quite a few years ago and then a bunch of my friends started shortening it to ‘Chev.’ After that, I decided to stick with that and it has been my username since then.
  13. Chev

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)