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  1. Chev

    Using a wheel (G920)

    I use the G920 myself. It was a major upgrade for me as well. I went from using a controller to looking into a steering wheel. I have been using the wheel for nearly 3 years and I love it. My only real complaint was with the rubber piece inside the spring in the brake. My only tip would be, if you haven’t, remove the rubber piece in the brake. It definitely feels better and helps with braking. There’s a decent amount of tutorials on how to remove it.
  2. Chev

    Favorite DLCS

    I love the Scandinavia DLC, it’s definitely one of my favorites. I really like the roads and the overall scenery of it.
  3. Chev

    New truck is coming to ATS

    I love the Lonestar irl, it's one of my favorite trucks. I'm really looking forward to this truck coming to the game. The overall style of the Lonestar is very nice and I hope the sounds are not as bad as the Volvo.. if, by chance they are, I will swap them with the 389 sounds.
  4. Chev

    Do you play CSGO?

    I played it for about 3 hours and never went back. This was about 4 years ago. I can’t even remember what my rank was.
  5. @Big Shawn I heard that too, hopefully it’s something besides dry vans and refer trailers. I’m really wanting some ownable tankers or maybe even a cattle trailer. Either way, it’s going to be pretty exciting to hear what trailer company it is. It might even open the possibilities of some other interested trailer companies.
  6. I’m really looking forward to this new upcoming DLC. It’s really nice to actually see some more green mountain states. We will be getting more logging sites and a new port to deliver and pickup from.. which is very nice. I do believe we will get a new container trailer too. I’m really hoping they will add the Kenworth factory in the DLC. As they did with Scania on ETS2. But, we will see.
  7. Awesome event, I’ll definitely fill out the submission form and hopefully see about attending it. Good luck to those attending!
  8. Chev

    PINFO command

    Great and useful suggestion. I usually go by my instant reply time for the reports. +1
  9. I highly doubt we will ever see the Argosy in-game. That assumption is mostly due to it being an export only truck made in the US. What that means, they are no longer officially sold by Freightliner for the US market anymore.. sadly. Personally, I do love them and it would be cool but we won’t get them unless SCS can obtain the license from Freightliner for a truck that is no longer sold in the US.
  10. Chev

    The Last Post Wins!

    That proof is no longer valid. Therefore, I win.
  11. Sweden or France, I love both of them.