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  1. Yes I follow the rules of traffic, the speed is that I only respect sometimes, but I do not walk at very high speeds!
  2. Good question! I play ETS2 / ATS because I like simulation games, where at TruckeresMP we can play with our friends whether they are virtual or not, make some trips accompanied or alone to relax and have fun. Multiplayer game for about 1 year, but I've been playing offline for some good years.
  3. Thank you for the follow!

  4. Thank you for the Follow! :D 

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      You're Welcome! :) 

  5. Outside the game I watch some lives of games on Twitch, listen to music and surf the internet a little.
  6. I have around 15 garages on both maps, I always buy when I need to travel somewhere far away from the place where I find myself.
  7. I don't have a favorite city, but my favorite DLC is DLC - France and DLC - Road to the Black Sea, which has fantastic roads and very beautiful landscapes.
  8. A lot of the players that pass by like to get into trouble and traffic jams on the road. All the people concentrate on that road all day long and the other roads are practically empty and only one player passes there in 10 minutes or even more.
  9. This combination gets ugly, because it takes the joke out of the game, the game is Simulation and in this photo I don't see any simulation of the game!
  10. ZiNEXx

    DAF XF 105

    The sound is good, what spoils is the bug the game currently has regarding the sounds of truck engines!
  11. ZiNEXx

    my truck

    For me a beautiful truck is one that doesn't have many accessories!
  12. Idaho is a beautiful DLC. But I also like Washington
  13. Do not notice how many players are currently playing both games, play the game you feel most comfortable.
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