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  1. Doxxyz

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    for the vtc idea , ok is fine to be in one but depends the people you get to met in it , i really want to think that vtc's need to be joined with friends or to be created by you and with your friends thats driving along the years you play the game together , the point i want to focus is that better talk with your friends and join or create a vtc to be as strongers you can to truck
  2. Thanks for following ^_^

    1. Doxxyz


      your welcome - parakalw

  3. Doxxyz

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

    messed up
  4. Doxxyz

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    i am not in a VTC but i drive around with friends as a convoy and i can say with friends is fun to be around , i would like to be in a VTC with them but we are not sure yet . I like VTC's convoys i usually i join convoys and i see some great drivers but i hate the trollers in the road
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  6. Hey,

    You were one of the very last people in the Driving For Hope Event right?
    If so, thank you again for supporting the event, I hope you enjoyed it. :)

    1. Doxxyz


      yea i was there from the beggining till the end and a bit more :D  it was amazing  hope to be in other events to  :)