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  1. HypeGR

    problem with MP chat

    Do you press F1 after doing that? If so, click that e-mail icon at the bottom corner, then you will be redirected to the email section, you close it and you're back in game. If the problem persists, reinstall TruckersMP. Kind regards,
  2. Γεια σου. Τι κάνεις ?;)

    1. HypeGR


      Καλησπέρα. Καλά, εσύ;

  3. Grats!

    1. Raeker


      Thanks a lot dude, good luck with your own app again :lol:

    2. HypeGR


      Thank you too ;)

  4. Looks like it lol If you don't believe me, try doing that yourself, it's at sound\truck\renault.
  5. Hello everyone, while I was making a horn mod, I extracted base.scs and found these two: So... Renault T coming soon?!
  6. HypeGR

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Scania P & G Series by Wolfi & Nazgûl updated by Sogard3
  7. Looks like it's so close to being done, just some interior stuff and converting.
  8. No problem, but as ETS2 Discussion is not that popular, I'd prefer you to move it back.
  9. So there's a new free to download Ford F-Max project (still in WIP) which I think it's close to being released to the public, probably the most realistic looking F-Max we'll see in this game so far. You can visit this page for more information. Also, let me know whether you like this truck or want to see this in a future update
  10. 1. Do you like the new server system applied by TruckersMP? As a reckless driving prevention change, I do, but still, it's not close enough. From my perspective, I think the truck should have a speed limit of less than 90-100km/h due to heavily speeding trucks. The car is a car, so it should go faster than the truck. 2. In the simulation mode, do you agree to reduce the speed 110km/h ? Like I said above, I think the truck should have a limit of 90km/h. The cars can have the speed limit they desire and should have. 3. Should Scout cars be out of the multiplayer (only simulation mode)? I would say yes, but only on Calais-Duisburg, as the majority of the players using Scout cars are reckless drivers and basically ruin the whole image.
  11. HypeGR

    What you think about Skoda?

    The Skoda is just not made for the game. It is a "Truck Simulator" so it makes sense.
  12. A Game Moderator is needed ASAP, as somebody is playing loud music for over 20 mins now. Duis, Sim1

  13. HypeGR

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  14. Thanks for the follow :)