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  1. Запрет Апелляции-Andrew555 посмотрите обращение

  2. Hello @Mirtex, Thank you for your time to create a topic in the Help section. The reason why you have the speed limit with a trailer is that you are probably taking a job from External Contracts, which in other words, are World of Truck deliveries and they are limited to 90km/h speed. If you want to deliver cargoes a bit faster, then you can take a job from the Freight Market, which won't give you any limits. Also, WoTr jobs won't let you to use saves or service via F7 button, so that means that if you flip, you lose your cargo. Hope this helps you Sincerely, BL4CK$K1LL
  3. 4 days left before the end of a big giveaway!


    If anyone is interested, that's what we are giving away:

    16x ETS2/ATS DLC of your choice

    3x Scandinavian DLC

    2x Italia DLC

    2x Going East DLC

    2x Vive la France DLC

    3x Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC

    2x Road to the Black Sea DLC


    If you want to try your luck feel free to join the giveaway



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      Good luck to everyone.

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      thanks but got them all injoy 


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