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  1. TruckersMP kicks autokicks you at 600 ping. 600 ping is quite hard to achieve in my opinion, but you can try to connect to a closer server to the TruckersMP servers which to my knowledge, the European servers are in France. Hope this helped.
  2. You could try these 2 things and let me know how it goes: 1. Recalibrate it via the ETS2 settings 2. Center your wheel out, unplug it from your PC, center the ingame wheel, and then replug your wheel. I run a T300 so I unfortunately don't exactly know how to fix G29 issues, but I hope that helps.
  3. Seems like your game is missing some files or they are corrupted. Try verifying your game Euro Truck Simulator 2 game files to ensure that any files arent missing or corrupted.
  4. Well, you're mostly not doing anything wrong. Truckers can pass you safely without having to swerve. In my opinion, this is all good, but i'm sure if you don't have anything urgent you could find a better place.
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    kuuulge, me peame selle foorumi tagasi aktiivseks saama! kui teil on mõtteid, plz kirjutage reply. kthxbye (ma teen nii palju vigu kui saan) igastahes jah, heartige seda ja stuffi
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