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  1.  Terejõudu, oleks huvitatud VTC'st.

    1. soulhax



      Mis VTC-st käib jutt? Ma ei mängi enam nii palju.

      Kui tahad ikkagi liituda siis https://trucksbook.eu/company/24943

    2. N1zzerable


      Arusaadav, no vaatab siis. Ma just otsin aktiivset kohta, kus sõita koos normaalsete tegelastega.


  2. Simulation they say... But I'm the only one who actually tries to simulate :D



    1. Ryotaink


      Well, if there isn't anyone around you are allowed to run red lights. So their choices :)

    2. soulhax


      Eeh still I'm talking about the simulation. Those lights are there for a reason ;)

    3. Courtz49


      if theres no on coming traffic people are allowed to go through the lights. some just enjoy playing the game :) 

  3. Finally a good update. Good job TruckersMP!

  4. No wonder people are crying that admins do nothing if 8-9 of them are just sitting in Squirrel's stream. Jeez. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. stilldre1976


      people don't need to cry thought if they record and report etc

    3. soulhax


      Well they are going to cry if there's guy blocking 20 minutes live on scene and 0 admins respond. Just saw something like that on Facebook's group.

    4. stilldre1976


      then they need to logout off mp fire up sp move down the road and relog back to the server works for more no need to feed the trolls they will get bored or banned in the end anyway :)

  5. Is there any Tony 747 friends who can tell him that he should add a name for this song remix: https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/568678.html

  6. Veider aga kõik postitused on kadunud siit alafoorumist. Vahet pole teeme uue. Kes pelab ATS v ETS võivad endast siin teada anda.
  7. Small timelapse ^_^



  8. ATS Right now. Admins?


    1. Anriandor




      The administrators of this project are the developers and they are likely not spending their time moderating the game when they want to develop new amazing features to add valuable content to the multiplayer ;)


      In that sense, please file a website report using a video of at least 30 seconds as evidence, thanks. http://truckersmp.com/reports/create



  9. Haha TMP anthem:


  10. I agree with disabling those mods because it was Win-Win situation anyways. Now at least you're not the only one who is getting damage cause of troll.
  11. Happy new year everybody!

    1. Dominik [SK]

      Dominik [SK]

      Thank you and you too !

  12. Thank you and good luck to everybody!
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