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  1. Ryotaink

    I AM IRONMAN Fotoğrafları

    Tır güzel ama benim ilgimi beyaz ve siyahın uyumu çekiyor. Başarılı olmuş:)
  2. Ryotaink

    Volvo Truck Acil Frenleme Özelliği

    Eğer kaliteli bir araba almak istiyorsanız volvo alın, eğer hem kaliteli hem güvenli bir araba almak istiyorsanız volvo tır alın
  3. Well i didn't mean that, everyone can make mistakes the important thing is what did you learn from them in my opinion, i respect yours too.
  4. Ryotaink

    European Radios Pack

    Thanks for sharing with us, i am bored with my playlist, i will try it:)
  5. So what, it would be more realistic most of the people likes the chaos of the game thats why they are driving between C-D
  6. C-d road is very busy because all the People likes the chaos of the game including me
  7. Congratz on your new role :)

    1. Baratako


      Thank you!

  8. Ryotaink

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    I don't slow down or speed up, i just keep my velocity because other guy has to take the control and we dont wanna see something unexpectedly. So i just let him pass when i am on the same speed.
  9. I think if i would be a Manager, i would try to change Ban System because it's very tiring job for our game Moderators. I mean when they ban someone they have to add some proof, if the player appeals they have to take care of it... It would be my first step but i should think what would i do on the second
  10. Norway and Sweden are quiet good to drive with winter mod while drinking tea
  11. Yolun açık olsun i wish you gl in your life :)

  12. Congratz brother:)

    1. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      thank you :) 

  13. Of course if there are some people it may cause problems even if you are not mistaken either. So if there are nobody around it would be 0-1 times.
  14. its very good for energetic people in the game they are having fun i think. I mean you can do mostly things that you cant do normal server of course it is good