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  1. Dumbledore001YT

    Neues Radio im ETS2

    Hey, OMG, das Radio ist echt echt geil Werde absofort Hitradio Ö3 ausschalten Habt alle noch nen schönen Abend Liebe Grüße Sebastian
  2. Hey, this would be a very very bad thing The people are banned for a reason. If you'd unban all of them, this would be very much chaos and trolling LG Sebastian
  3. Dumbledore001YT

    >>> Wie gefällt euch mein LKW? <<<

    Hey, ich geb dir auch die Note 2, weil: Ich find's echt passend, dass dein Anhänger die gleiche Farbe hat wie der LKW. Die Farbe schaut echt gut aus! Der LKW ist echt schön gestaltet. Z. b. Die ganzen Lichter vorne oder der Innenraum Also mir gefällt der LKW Ich wünsch euch noch einen schönen Samstag LG Sebastian
  4. Dumbledore001YT

    Favorite truck brand poll

    Hey, I voted for MAN. I like the MAN Trucks very much. They have much power and they don't look so bad like the Renault But there are also the New Scania and the Volvo FH, which are very nice to have LG Sebastian
  5. Dumbledore001YT

    How much kilometers driven you have ?

    Hey, some days ago I started a new profile. At the Moment I am driving a Renault Truck with 440PS. My Kilometers on the Renault are: 1459 and on the complete savegame: 3584km This isn't much, I know, but I started it yesterday LG Sebastian
  6. Dumbledore001YT

    Do you slow down, when you are overtaken?

    Hey, i am normally driving 90 KM/H. If I am getting overtaken, I drive a little bit to the right side and slow down to 85 KM/H. This makes it easy to overtake correctly in my mind You also don't want that the person you are overtaking speeds up LG Sebastian
  7. Dumbledore001YT

    Which Truck Should Come In Your Opinion Of Tuning Package ?

    Hey, in my opinion a MAN Tuning Pack would be cool Cause of the TGX Euro 6 many players are driving this truck in MP. I think that they'll release a tuning pack for this truck brand. LG Sebastian
  8. Dumbledore001YT

    Which radio station you listen while driving?

    Hey, i am listening to "Hitradio Ö3". I am not from Austria, but the Music they play on this station is good(In my opinion ). But I am also listening to my Youtube Playlist if I don't like the music on the station LG Sebastian
  9. Dumbledore001YT

    G29 Force Feedback Settings

    Hey, i am using the force feedback with 25-30% of the complete bar. (The settings bar ) But I don't know, if this is a damage of my wheel, but if I would set it a little bit higher my racing wheel is vibrating nearly only in the 0° position Maybe anyone has the same problem? LG Sebastian
  10. Dumbledore001YT

    Do you like singleplayer or multiplayer more and why?

    Hey, in my opinion the singleplayer is bored I am always driving on the Multiplayer, because there are more people. There is one thing, why I would drive in SP: Promods This is a very realistic and cool map LG Sebastian
  11. Dumbledore001YT

    Hot topic #13: ETS and ATS 1.34

    Hey, in my opinion the update is good, because now we have the new MAN. BUT: This truck isn't realistic. This means that it looks different in real life. The Sound is also not like the one in RL So maybe you might think: Why does he know this? I already drove the truck in RL Maybe they'll release a tuning pack for MAN. This would also fix all the slots we can't change anything LG Sebastian
  12. Dumbledore001YT

    Wie findet ihr den MP?

    Hey, also ich finde den MP eigentlich ganz gut. Es gibt viele Leute mit denen man fahren kann. Ich habe durch TruckersMP auch einige Freunde kennengelernt. Mit einem bin ich jetzt schon 1,5 Jahre befreundet Sowas habe ich in keinem anderen Spiel erlebt Das Team ist auch sehr nett und hilft gerne bei Problemen. LG Sebastian
  13. Dumbledore001YT

    Meinungen zum MAN TGX Euro6?

    Hey, ich finde den MAN eigentlich ganz gut. Aber ich bin dem im echten Leben schon mal gefahren und er hat da irgendwie anders ausgeschaut. Okay das war im MAN Werk und da könnten die ein par Sachen geändert haben. Der Innenraum z. B. hat da ganz anders ausgeschaut. Nicht so alles grau und so Sachen Ich bin aber auf jeden Fall gespannt. Vielleicht kommt ja ein MAN Tuning Pack. Das wäre richtig cool LG Sebastian
  14. Dumbledore001YT

    3D Printed Switch Panel

    Holy This looks really cool! Good work @flashsolutions
  15. Dumbledore001YT

    Bights/High Beams

    Oh yeah, they are very anoying My best friend XDmaster5000 also uses all of his lights all the time... I also said it to him but he does it again