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  1. Dumbledore001YT

    BETREFF Unzuverlässige Verbindung

    Hey, könntest du uns bitte deine Internet Leitung nennen, also ob du eine 16K oder 100K Leitung hast? Benutzt du WLAN oder LAN? Ein Speedtest wäre auch nicht schlecht Probiere auch mal den Launcher als Admin zu starten LG Sebastian
  2. Dumbledore001YT


    Hey @Insensible1337, is the car slow or fast? If you are at a crossing, you have to press the brake if you drive Automatic. If it is slow this is the solution. If it is fast try to change this setting. I hope, I helped you. Please write back if you need more help! LG Sebastian
  3. Dumbledore001YT

    Which DLC I should buy?

    If I were you, I would buy the Scandinavia DLC and save the rest money for Baltic DLC LG Sebastian
  4. In Multiplayer I only use the Winter Mod But in Singleplayer I am using many mods such as new trucks and the ProMods LG Sebastian
  5. Dumbledore001YT


    Hey!, this message isn't important for me, because I am someone who turns the light on before I start the engine But I've got a friend with a low-end PC and he says:" If I enable the light my FPS go down." That's not goot But I cannot realize why people turn off their lights. In real life I am always driving with lights but other people don't?! Okay this sounds a bit crazy but this is my opinion So have a good drive all the time LG Sebastian
  6. The MAN TGX Euro 6 is the best truck Ok, I do not want to exaggerate, but the truck is really cool: D Although I'm a MAN fan but also no MAN fans like this truck. In my opinion the Truck will be like the New Scania(I mean the parts to upgrade, etc. ) LG Sebastian
  7. Dumbledore001YT

    Ford F-Max

    I would drive the truck if it comes to ETS2 It looks like a Scania and a little bit like a Daf LG Sebastian
  8. This is a very helpful map! Thanks for this good work LG Sebastian
  9. Dumbledore001YT

    Who would you like to meet IRL ?

    I would like to meet @-VOYVODA-, @NeonLeon and @LSPD Gamer These people are always friendly, and they are actually the only ones I write with: =) LG Sebastian
  10. Dumbledore001YT

    Synch helper

    ETS Sync helper? Okay I used google and now I know what it is This would be a very good thing for ETS2 But the newest version isn't supported (Please say, if I am wrong ) LG Sebastian
  11. Dumbledore001YT

    What is the best truck brand?

    In my opinion, MAN is the best company but it can be because I have MAN as an employer
  12. Dumbledore001YT

    Winter Mod ist jetzt verfügbar!

    Habe jetzt die Physik mal wieder raus gemacht, da mir die ehrlich gesagt zu glatt ist^^ Aber der Mod schaut echt schön aus! LG Sebastian
  13. Hey, If you want to drive on a Simulation Server, you can go on EU1 . But You won't see as much player as in EU2 . 50% of the people who are driving on EU2 are able to drive a truck/car without problems Hopefully I was able to help you LG Sebastian
  14. Dumbledore001YT

    Don't go onto C-D Road with Winter Mod

    Oh, that's a good news ;D Some days ago I drived this road but nobody had a winter mod enabled LG Sebastian