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  1. Dumbledore001YT

    Favourite Christmas songs to listen to while trucking?

    I like all the christmas songs. In my family we are Always singing "Lasst uns froh und munter sein". This is the song I am playing on Discord
  2. Dumbledore001YT

    Italy DLC

    I saw the DLC in some Videos. It looks very interesting and beautiful! I'll buy this DLC in some days/weeks :() LG Sebastian
  3. Dumbledore001YT

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    I've got the DLC. I didn't buy it. I got it from the SCS Software team before it was buyable in steam. #Edit: On their Website of course :=)
  4. Dumbledore001YT

    What version was nice in your opinion?

    I like the Version 1.32 and the 1.33(I know this is in the future), there hopefully come the brand new trucks!
  5. Dumbledore001YT

    In-game report or website-report?

    I also do only report on the Website. There you know the Admins will see the report.
  6. Dumbledore001YT

    What is your favourites Trucks

    At the Moment mine is the MAN TGX. But if the new MAN Comes, this'll be my favourite truck
  7. Dumbledore001YT

    St. Petersburg - Beyond the Baltic Sea ETS2 DLC

    This looks really great! I'll buy this DLC!
  8. Dumbledore001YT

    DLC KRONE not working for me

    Hey, could you send us a crash report of your game please? Could you also tell us, when the game crashes? If you need help doing this visit this Website. LG Sebastian
  9. Dumbledore001YT

    Interchange turn

    I would do It also like @Soul Knight.
  10. Dumbledore001YT

    New achievements steam

    Maybe also a new achivement called "Driving 10.000 Kilometers with one trailer" How do you find this?
  11. Dumbledore001YT

    How did you get here?

    I got here from Google. I searched for: "ETS2 Mods" and then there was a Website, which we all know as TruckersMP
  12. Dumbledore001YT

    Warum kann ich nicht Polizei Auto fahren?

    Hi @[GER] Zemtron, die Polizei Autos sind nur für die Moderatoren von TMP vorgesehen. Ich hoffe, ich konnte dir helfen! LG Sebastian. PS: Es gibt auch ein Deutsches Forum. Das kannst du hier finden.
  13. Dumbledore001YT

    Best DLC in ETS2

    My favorite DLC ist the Scandinavia DLC. I also like the Italia and Michelin DLC very much.
  14. Dumbledore001YT

    Realistic accident

    Hey [BG]*BURAK*[GNC] Of course it would be more realistic. But I think this is very hard to implement. The glass is not breaking directly in the middle at every accident. Maybe sometimes if the accident was "soft" there'll not be a broken windshield. They have to look how the accident "hapened". This is nearly not possible. If you want to make a suggestion for something like this(If you mean only MP) you can click on this link. If you mean also in SP I don't know what you can do. Maybe anyone here can help you then Sry I hope I helped you! LG Sebastian
  15. Dumbledore001YT

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I don't use the game mirrors. If I want to overtake I use GPS and the LKW-Mirrors. If I am not able to see them I use my mouse to turn around.