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  1. Good morning, I'm playing ETS on the Logitech G29 and I'm also using the shifter. I am very satisfied with this and would buy it again at any time. Have a nice day. Yours, Dumbledore001YT
  2. hello I want to know if for the realization of a convoy you can ask the support of an administrator to support the convoy

  3. Hey, At first I was a little skeptical about the update. A lot of players complained that it's not so good anymore. But in my opinion it has become a very good update. I've gotten used to driving only 110Km/h now. If I want to drive a bit faster, there are still the arcade servers on which there is no limit. So altogether I find this is a quite successful update. Have a nice day. Yours, Dumbledore001YT
  4. Thanks to everyone who wrote Happy Birthday to me :D 


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  8. Happy Birthday! Genieße deinen Tag! :thisisfine::wub: 

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