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  1. Dumbledore001YT

    Realistic accident

    Hey [BG]*BURAK*[GNC] Of course it would be more realistic. But I think this is very hard to implement. The glass is not breaking directly in the middle at every accident. Maybe sometimes if the accident was "soft" there'll not be a broken windshield. They have to look how the accident "hapened". This is nearly not possible. If you want to make a suggestion for something like this(If you mean only MP) you can click on this link. If you mean also in SP I don't know what you can do. Maybe anyone here can help you then Sry I hope I helped you! LG Sebastian
  2. Dumbledore001YT

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I don't use the game mirrors. If I want to overtake I use GPS and the LKW-Mirrors. If I am not able to see them I use my mouse to turn around.
  3. Dumbledore001YT

    [SCS Blog] Big Monday Coming

    I don't think, that Krone will be added in the new Update. Maybe before or after. Why do I think so? We'll have a "new" Germany which cost really much time! Maybe they add the new MAN and the Renault. We can buy our own trailer. Normal and Double and much more! Cause of point 3. we also need a new main menu which is implemented in the new update! LG Sebastian
  4. Dumbledore001YT

    Truck or car?

    I like the car and the truck! If I don't want to use the Truck I'll drive a car with caravan. You can see it also at my Kilometers: Car: ~200;Truck: ~3500. LG Sebastian
  5. Dumbledore001YT

    Which server do you prefer? and why?

    I like the EU2 Server, because there are more players. Also the CD road is very crowded. In EU1 there are not so much thinks that can happen to you LG Sebastian
  6. Dumbledore001YT


    Also ich habe auch das Problem. Wir haben eine Website für ETS2, auf der sich ein Verkehrs-Melder also, wo sich der Spieler grad befindet. Das geht auch nur auf EU2. Das ist schon komisch
  7. Dumbledore001YT


    That's right! Look at the number of players who are online at the moment: 6646(!) That's very much! TMP is a very good thing for ETS. In my opinion ETS2 wouldn't be so popular without TMP.
  8. I like to play on TruckersMP because I've found some very friendly people. All my friends from ETS2 come from TMP. You can also see some people you met a few days ago. Now I've got 9 friends cause of TMP LG Sebastian
  9. Dumbledore001YT

    New Truck coming to ETS 2

    Do you think the new Truck gets the 8x4 chassis? I like the Truck!
  10. Dumbledore001YT


    My favourite trailer is also oversized Cause the "normal" trailers are easier to drive and I like challenges
  11. Dumbledore001YT

    What do you do if you encounter a deliberate act?

    When I drive Calais-Duisburg and a person ramms me with high-speed I report them. I'm recording everything on EU2. For example: Player A=Me; Player B= Any Person. If Player B is behind me and I am able to drive forward and the player couldn't brake and ramms me with 5-10 KM/H I do nothing. This can happen to everyone. LG Sebastian
  12. Dumbledore001YT

    On Which road do you drive often?

    My favorite route is from London to Nürnberg. In England there are not many players and it is beautiful to drive. But soon I'll buy the Scandinavia DLC and then I'll drive there.
  13. Dumbledore001YT

    I don't know if Admins need to close C-D Road.

    Hey! I also think closing Calais-Duisburg is only a temporary way to fix the Problem, because then the Player will drive on another road. For example: Some months ago there was much traffic at Europoort. Now there is nearly Nothing at this place. The player would use an alternative route and then we have the same problem.
  14. Dumbledore001YT


    Genau das habe ich gemeint! Danke für die Antwort. PS: Ich habe sowiso nur 2 Fahrer
  15. Dumbledore001YT


    Hallo an alle! Also da das Schlafen ja im MP nicht geht, wollte ich hier fragen, ob es irgendeine andere Möglichkeit gibt, an seine verdientes Geld zu kommen.(Das von den Fahrern). Habe es bereits durch Abschleppen und durch andere Jobs probierrt. NIe habe ich das Geld zubeschrieben bekomme. Gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit an das Geld zu kommen? Vielen Dank! LG Sebastian