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  1. Multiplayer Launcher

    I'm glad you like it, man. I think you're a little excited
  2. new route

    I think the road between Frankfurt and Praha should be a popular road because the road is not very smooth and wide
  3. How long do you drive?

    I drove a truck from aberdeen to Milano, taking the load of WOT. It was so hard for me
  4. Hey! Dude.

    Tell us 3 "fun facts" about yourself. :) 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. heyhococo


      Hang on that’s the question under admin recruitment :wacko:

    3. [AyYildiz]Suleyman{24}


      Yeah. we had a funny thing about it. :)

    4. RequieB
  5. Colour On User Link

    Yeah, that's a really cool idea. I really like that. I hope it makes such a difference
  6. Forum cezaları

    @scarface5453 bildiğim kadarıyla 1 tane sözlü uyarı 0 puan sonrasında 1 puandan toplamda 3 puanlık ceza yiyorsun sonrasında ban yiyorsun diye biliyorum
  7. Flashes and signals: The language of the road

    it's useful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, I hope everyone fits.
  8. thank you

    my friends and I are very happy to be here, so we can spend some time together.
  9. the new Scania is a really nice truck and will be even more beautiful with the upcoming DLC. But I'm waiting for the new trucks.
  10. Multiple Reports

    a good idea allows managers to be more careful and look at the details. I like that.
  11. Friends

    doing this would bring a total mess. There are already possibilities in the game for this. Something like this is causing accidents or other problems.
  12. Add FAQ button to the help section

    +1 the members who need help should always be able to get answers faster.