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  1. Everybody has three chars ; the one is come out ,the one is owned ,the one is thought to have.


  2. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik


    Hello There... You can only see yourself in this event as in every event. So You Can Only View Your Fragment By Yourself. Yours truly
  3. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    New Campaign causing Trolls on Server 1

    Those who attack uncontrollably while doing activity I think 1 week should be removed.
  4. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    SCS one Truck family

    I usually play on the Eu4 server and I am very happy not to be overcrowded.
  5. v6WJq4.jpg   

    1. Asya Logistics  Berk 21

      Asya Logistics Berk 21

      nice nice nice nice photo photo photo photo 

    2. Ultimate


      Very nice thanks king ❤️

  6. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    Small roads?

    It's definitely the Milano Mountains. Extreme Tasteful Ways
  7.  AnIamayanIar için diIimi, vefasızIar için yüreğimi yordum! zjkGO4.jpg 

  8. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    Why do we drive too fast?

    In my opinion, the speed of 150 km is too much, but I can sleep at a speed of 90 km and sometimes 150 km I go.
  9. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    Hello.... A New Map and truck seems to be coming very soon. Yours Truly. Ali Çelik
  10. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    Which country you like to drive ? (DLC or not)

    Hello... I usually like to stroll around Scandinavia. Sometimes I Love Traveling In Italy Yours Truly.
  11. Doç.Dr. Ali Çelik

    Using a wheel (G920)

    Hello... I use G29 and I can adjust the hardness and softness. I think I might be a problem from G920. Yours truly. Ali Çelik