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  1. The game is establish . Step-by-step set up the setUp correctly. (
  2. What server do you prefer?

    I prefer the eu1 Server
  3. Happy birthday. Good you were born. Many happy returns of the day. :tmp:

  4. How to get the same cargo

    First of all you need to have or not have the same dlc, so if one of you puts the save file in your scandinavian dlcsi, it will not work. After that one of you choose a load and park in a suitable area, then exit the throne. Then upload the save file named "53656D696863616E" in the My Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Profiles file in .rar format and then give it to your friend. The person who receives the Save file will still import the file named "53656D696863616E" into the My Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Profiles file, in the .rar file it received. Note: If you have saved the person settings etc. If you do not want to do it again, you should copy the "controls.sii" and "config.cfg" files in your save file and put them into the save file you got.
  5. Death of CINTHIA R.I.P

    I wish you a good convoy
  6. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    I love the speed and I prefer to play in vacant places
  7. Which gearbox you prefer ?

    I use 6 gears with G29, 12 gears are really hard
  8. Neden İstanbul Şair Anlatmış İstanbul'u  @ DesertEagle26 


    1. BigLarge


      Adam Haklı Beyler..

  9. Hak edilmiş başarılar için söylenecek tek söz vardır. Tebrik ederim ve bir temenni başarılarının devamını dilerim. @LadyAndromeda

  10. I wish you success in your life 

  11. steering wheel help

    Dear @TreesAreLife Are you satisfied with the answers you have been given?
  12. Nevşehir'li misin yoksa İstanbul'lu mu? :P

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    2. Istanbullue


      Ya bırak Trabzonlu gibi bize her yer Trabzon  and Ankaralılar gibi bize heryer Angara deme xd:troll:

    3. DesertEagle26


      Niye küfür ediyorsun ki? Senlen anlaşamayacağız biz :troll:

    4. Istanbullue


      Ne küfürü yaa   aaaa ayıp ettinB)

  13. very low fps

    Is your display card up to date? When was the last time it was updated?