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  1. LuizM


    Today's morning, I tried Beans and another that I don't remember, but it still 600 euros. Negative. My problem isn't solved yet.
  2. It have been solved today's morning, thank you all.
  3. I'm trying to connect to Simulation 1, but I stay on the queue for about 3 minutes and then it shows me an error message saying: "Connection refused, session is invalid." I've already tried to reboot my router, but it doesn't worked for me. Does anybody can help me?
  4. LuizM


    Thank you. I've did it and helped me a lot. However, the price of the transport is 600 euros instead of about 6.000, 7.000 euros. Is there any way to solve this little problem? I've wanted to play on my account that I am playing until the beginning.
  5. LuizM


    I've tried the Freight Market too, it said that the cargo has been created, but when I load the save and search for, I can't find it.
  6. How do people get cargos from Calais to Duisburg? I've used a save game with 100%, but I still can't finding any cargos on that road. I've tried to use Virtual Speditor too, but it always showed me an error saying that I was not with a trailer attached, but I was (I was saving the game with the trailer attached) Can somebody help?
  7. LuizM

    Fatal Error

    Thank you. It has solved the problem.
  8. LuizM

    Fatal Error

    Euro Truck 2 has updated today and I can't connect to the game. When I enter, it sends me a message saying that the game crashed and asking if I want to send the crash log to developers. I've already tried to put beta 1.36.x for incompatibility mods, I've already launched the game on Steam with OpenGL, saved the game and quit, I've already deleted things on regedit. I don't know what to do anymore. Can somebody help?
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