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  1. Once again, a big thank you to the development team!
  2. Hello @killa17456, First of all, I would like to remind you that the official multiplayer mode created by SCS Software is no longer just an announcement. It has already been released for more than a week. Moreover, we don't have enough hindsight to say anything about it yet. It's far too early to say whether or not it will have an impact in the long run. Of course, many people are curious to try out this new multiplayer mode at the moment. But I personally think that all the players who have created a TruckersMP account in order to play with real players, to meet people, to be part of a VTC, etc. will surely not experience the same pleasure. By the way, regarding VTCs, which is a concept that was largely created thanks to the TruckersMP community, it will be impossible for them to make the transition to the SCS mutliplayer (unless they are only 8 or 12 within their VTC). So to conclude I would say that for the time being we should wait. Maybe this new mode is just a hype that will fade over time. Kind regards, XioPlay
  3. Hey,


    c'est un peu tardif mais je voulais tout de même te souhaiter le meilleur pour la suite ! 


    À bientôt Hérisson !



    1. HérissonMan


      Salut collègue,


      Merci beaucoup à toi, ça fait plaisir ! J'ai quitté temporairement car je n'avais plus trop envie d'ETS2 en ce moment et je manquais de temps, mais j'essaierai de revenir mi-juillet 🙂


      A bientôt !

  4. Nice Stream on Twitch!
    Interesting to see Staff Members just driving, without much work for an moment!
    Hope you had a good Weekend already 😜

  5. I hope it's not too late. I wish you a happy birthday and good health

  6. Happy Birthday! ❤️ 🎂

  7. @XioPlay I wish you all the best for your birthday 😊🥳🥳🥳


    Have a nice day🤗

  8. [EN] Hi everyone!  👋

    A short message to announce the resumption of streams on Twitch! 
    Let's go! -->


    [FR] Salut à tous ! 👋

    Petit message pour vous annoncer la reprise des streams sur Twitch!

    C'est parti ! -> https://www.twitch.tv/xioplay


    Xio ❤️


  9. Welcome back mate 👏

    1. XioPlay


      Thank you AzBrazilSP! 😜

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