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  1. Music. Yes or No?

    I always listen radio if I don't want to sleep in front of my screen lol
  2. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    I use the MICHELIN wheels because it's a french brand!!
  3. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    I prefer EU#2 because there are a lot of players so it's more fun. The major problem is of course the trollers but if you don't go on the CD, you can drive quietly... According to me, it's not fun to drive alone during a lot of kilometers...
  4. thank you

    We could say 2 000 000 times THANKS!!!

    J'ai trouvé l'intrus ! Il y a un Scania qui s'est incrusté !
  6. What is your favorite paint on truck?

    I love metallic paints. It's really beautiful. My DAF is painted in metallic gold. I love it!
  7. Why skoda

    That's true @[LKW Tr.] bobi124. But I think that cars need an improvement of the brakes because the braking distance is very very long and it's not really realistic. But of course, it's possible to play seriously with the cars. So it's sure that bad players with cars cause accidents because they want to cause an accident. It's a problem a mentality and maturity...They don't understand the principle of a simulation game...
  8. What to do in case of an accident?

    If all the players could respect these rules ... It would be great lol!!
  9. Why skoda

    The Skoda are at the bases intended to be used as a pilot car during convoys. But now, idiots use these vehicules to cause accidents, troll and to drive very fastly...That's bad...
  10. Yes, I think they will add a new chassis for the New Scania. It's the most logical. Or it's maybe the adding of Tandem Trucks but it would be surprising...
  11. What is your favourite game?

    Now it's clear. ETS 2 is definitely the favorite game for the community lol
  12. TMP Game Quality

    Mi too...
  13. Recrutement

    Je vous souhaite de bons recrutements !
  14. Yees!! We will finally be able to customize our new Scania!
  15. Chat for each language

    That's a good idea! It would be really nice.