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  1. From Jassy (Iași, my hometown) to Constanța, because I know this road very well in real life, and Milano - Berlin for the serpentines
  2. Definitely driving in a VTC. Playing alone is fun too, but is sad. In my case, I feel better when I drive and laugh with random players, that later become your friends, than just listening to music and drive alone, thinking about the things that I hate in my life.
  3. Still working on 1.37. I was hoping to find out about this sooner
  4. It took me 2 years to figure out how to activate "camera 0". Glad I did a few months ago
  5. Or you can go on any ETS2 mods website and search for radio, since replacing the live_stream.sii is legal and NOT bannable on TMP.
  6. I had no idea that there are a couple of commands that work on MP. Thank you!
  7. You should update the link, because it's not working anymore. Try to replace the links from the starting topic with the ones that @[ATL]Andrey rus found.
  8. Thumbs up for this full beginner guide! It is pretty good for the players that are just starting to play this game.
  9. In Romania we do the same thing :)) Usually they say "Hi" with this gesture
  10. I only have the Scout Extra and a nice Scania S 730HP, 4x2. Don't need more
  11. If the speed limit was unnecessary, there would've been a lot of reports for ramming or trolling, and the GM's would've had a lot of work to do. It is as necessary at it gets, preventing stuff like that from happening and raising the realism level. This is why the speed limit is used in SIMULATION servers. In ARCADE you can play however you want, but in the SIMULATION servers it is more than necessary. It is vital.
  12. Well, there are only a few players on TMP that are playing this game like "it is meant to be played". And by that I mean respecting the speed limits from the road signs, or the road signs themselves. I appreciate that you like playing like that, as "realistic" as possible, but unfortunately not everyone is like you. Which is sad... The best that the TMP developers could've done is to add the speed limits. The only way to stop the draggers.
  13. What I do is that I start a recording every time I enter the Simulation Servers. I suggest for you to do the same thing, and if another player hits you, report him and use the footage as evidence (after you upload it on YouTube, ofc). The ban system works just fine in TMP.
  14. Because it is a relaxing game and it makes me forget my daily duties. Also, because it is a lot of fun playing this game with your friends.
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