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  1. Yes i'm fully aware on how that might sound, to be honest after i read your post i got bad taste afterwards which resulted in that reaction, because i know how hard the developers are working on this project. So that comment ''wasted time'' was not really appreciated imo. Yes i know we are still waiting but that is not only you, myself wait also for this patiently. And that there is no progress in your eyes doesn't mean that the developers doing nothing.
  2. You do understand that we have Addon-team that making changes around Duisburg and Calais that has nothing to do with the developers they have their own work of course. So nothing is being waste here, just that they need more time to make it working, Rome was also not build in 1 day.
  3. Not everyone has a DLC from a country so it would be unfair to those who cannot participate the event.
  4. This would be handy to have in order to see the local time from the reporter.
  5. Although this is funny suggestion, it would be better to add this as cargo instead
  6. Restrict from busy areas and let spawn AI in quiet places and generate low traffic depending on the area. So the busy areas will not have additional traffic, i would support this thought.
  7. To be honest that high beam looks really powerful xd
  8. To be honest if such changes were done it would be SCS since they do the base game.
  9. Thanks @Foobrother for the explanation i see now what you mean and i believe that is indeed a good question. myself had not experience such thing yet hence why i did not think about that scenario.
  10. @Foobrother you missed the point here. Player create report on 10th he provide evidence of the incident that took place 5 days ago that is valid evidence still. However if player report on the 10th giving evidence that is happen 10 days ago that is not allowed anymore so it will declined. is all about the creation date of the report count 7 days all within that we still process. and that we now processing reports over much longer time doesn't impact the process at all, reports will be looked at and dealt with properly.
  11. This suggestion is not about bans but a restriction for players to get the scout car when they join TMP before cars and busses was added there was only trucks back in the days, and believe me they did same with trucks as they do with cars now. i'm sure there still videos of the good old days in Europoort when the mod was just open to public to see the chaos with trucks. the main issue is that players see this game as racing game and only have experience with racing cuz on the race track in many racing games there are no signs and traffic lights and less rules compare to ours.
  12. I see what you mean i and do understand point however players just want to play on busiest server and of course that is sim 1, but if sim 2 become popular more and more players will be moving from sim 1 to 2 because then sim 2 have most players that is what i mean
  13. The problem is not the cars is the drivers, they will do the same if they drive a truck. so this registration will be pointless imo
  14. It will not work cuz you will shift the players from sim 1 to sim 2 and just continue there.
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