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  1. Streaming my work in-game 




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  3. Streaming my work in-game 




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  5. Streaming my work in-game 




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  6. Streaming my work in-game 



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  7. the legend as last i say virtual lock insert
  8. The whole concept of that compilation videos is to get likes and many views, viewers get indeed the wrong impression by seeing it and they think it's playing without rules. i seen some while its funny to watch but mostly get reported in-game or on the website for doing so, so eventually they get caught doing so. As for playing safely on our server it is possible if you avoid these crowded places but then you will rarely see any player sadly.
  9. unless Duisburg secretly disappear suddenly i don't see anytime soon, Perhaps Calais become second, or else the old Europort old memories.
  10. ^ few months, few years we still need to see actually gameplay from them, Of course many will play there also who are permanently banned from our servers. some will go and some will stay, in the end its for the community their decision on which multiplayer they gonna play.
  11. What i mean was that you can drive on arcade server without speed limit on the entire map that is also including DLC areas and C-D, As for simulation servers it won't happen that we add different speed limit for different countries.
  12. i didn't tell you anything i just give my opinion and experience for that matter, sure people wanna go as fast they want but with 150 you will flip less then if you drive 190 or 200 km, what is the fun about that ? be happy that we give such server and that we let you allow to play with the police car.
  13. ^ Last but not least like so many players have argued before me, accidents are what make the game a bit more fun. It's the unpredictability that makes multiplayer better than the singleplayer. If you don't like accidents, then you shouldn't play on multiplayer anyway because humans make mistakes and crashing is within multiplayer. Yeah seeing your profile you indeed had fun before, but nonetheless that video doesn't show anything, yeah straight roads its really impressive, now do a C-D drive with that speed, and you will find out cuz most do drive there actually.
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