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  1. TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish subforum

    @Smoky_TMP gepromoveerd naar game manager. @Coppekss heeft team verlaten. WiciuNL gekickt van het team. Etoath_YT heeft team verlaten met persoonlijke redenen. @Master's Student aangenomen als translator.
  2. has it stopped yet?

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior
    2. Kravatie


      check discord yet

  3. Trucking United assets afdeling

    oww nee dat niet, was gewoon ff nieuwsgierig, veel succes dan maar met het bedrijf
  4. Trucking United assets afdeling

    @DDP3005 welkom op het forum, even voor de duidelijkheid is dit een VTC ? gezien de informatie zoek je iemand voor de assets ?
  5. Kan geen opdrachten doen

    mooi dat het opgelost is topic verplaatst naar archief.
  6. TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish subforum

    @verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) is weer terug als game moderator
  7. Website v2.4 release

    @ALLIANCE - Jean M. 04 this is why
  8. foto media

    Graag gedaan, en we kijken er naar uit dit topic zal ik verplaatsen naar archief.
  9. I'm watching you, bro

  10. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    ^you can search for names to on the website to. I can tell you that every evidence is value and appreciated. also if you look at your video you hover over the name the truckersmp ID is showen there also. you don't need steam ID's just truckersmp ID's.
  11. Only let admins that speak a language do reports that are in that language

    Usually the team claims the report in their language or their known language already. Anyway since we have translation team now we can basically translate ''almost every language'' not all but a lot. Translation team are huge help in reports and in appeals which we cannot understand what they are saying if its not our language or know language. They translate it to English for us. and if needed we give them tekst back in order to be translated in their language. So basically we do it already
  12. When fire leaves :troll:



    nahh i will miss you tho :unsure: take care man and enjoy the freedom :)

    1. FirestarteR93


      ohhh trust me, I enjoy it & ty :P

  13. Only let admins that speak a language do reports that are in that language

    This was indeed a mistake cause 90% of the time i'm dealing with reports that are in English, Sometimes i do some Dutch reports too. I thought somehow i was dealing with a Dutch report Also i said: this is not a ban or kick worthy, this player wasn't blocking it was the other player.
  14. Viva Trucking Nederland Personeel

    ^hmm ja inderdaad alleen jammer dat de tekst copy paste is xd, anyway vele veilige kilometers toegewenst