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  1. Hello this is my introduction, I'm Alex aka Warrior, back in the days also called The flyingdutchman. I joined the multiplayer eventure back in 2014 when it was called ets2mp, then project manager was Rootkiller, you probably also know Vodka, i was invited back then into the team by mwl4 and rootkiller, cuz i was actively on forum contribute to help others. Then i earn the rank community manager, i have had different ranks in the team, such as supporter, media team, forum moderator, game moderator i have been the longest rank i had from 2014 until now, i had also few months of team leaders but stept down due lack of time. I seen multiplayer changed over the years, from different leaders and different managers to what is today. I'm happy with recently changes for simulation, as this was our roots our vision, but it simply slipt away from our fingers, now it has returned hopefully it stays like this. Now about me, Im alex from the Netherlands 37 years old and love gaming. My job is salesmanager at big retailer full-time 35 hours contract. Free time I hangout with my friends, also vacation is soon here again. Im enjoy my life. Thanks for reading. Warrior
  2. Happy late birthday fellow “awesome people born on the 23rd of August”! :) 

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      thank you, 23 of august is a good year 😘

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  4. Happy birthday and best wishes for today 🎉🎉

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  7. Happy Birthday my friend ❤️ 

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      yeah enjoy your day friend ❤️ 

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  9. Happy Birthday buddy! 🎉🎊

  10. hello @b4l4cps there is 2 possibilities to see the truckersp id. First option is through tab when you normally report a player in-game as you hover over the name with the mouse you see truckersmp id. Second option is through chat if you write as example /pinfo 2514, then it shows truckersmp id in the chat. hopes that this helps for you Regards Warrior
  11. @Ladlethina if you have evidence of your claim then proceed to the website and report these players who are harassing you in a very bad way, because we don't accept such behavior on our servers, And for the mods you can send them through the feedback system, then higher staff can look into it. sorry if i say this when you write here on the forums nothing will be done and nothing will be dealt with, it must be reported though official places.
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