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  1. Succes met je bedrijf en veilige kilometers toegewenst.
  2. @Slice'N'Dice no we don't have such system and it won't be added because all the reports are equally important. It's not really fair towards others if reports are waiting and other reports being pushed up the queue. It will be dealt with eventually. And that is the important thing.
  3. Dear @Tank_248 I'll advice you to watch a admin stream then you will see the difference. I'm not sure which game you are talking about but you can't compare 72000 players with 10000 players, I think also being a admin on your servers is different than being a admin on our server isn't? About having more admins yeah that is always a issue, we can't just point out random players to be a admin. It's a lot of responsibility and you must follow a strikt guideline. That being said you can only be a admin if you were a forum moderator and proving yourself (work hard and make the right decisions) if you succeed in your job on being forum moderator then you are being suggested to leader from the admin team that can make de decision if you are capable or not. Anyway as you see in recruitment thread there were some recruitments which players can only apply to it. When needed we will open the recruitment again. If anyone is being selected they will be notified, and more information will come in the news section. Also take into consideration if the recruitments are open a lot of people will apply, so when it's closed doesn't mean the leaders are doing nothing, they continue the list of applied people. Because it takes a lot of time to process it all. Eventually more moderaters or supporters will join the team. Hope that this is the answer you looking for. Regards
  4. I guess you never saw a admin stream before? How you say it it sound so easy, however it's far from easy I can tell you that. You can't compare your duties with ours that is totally different. It cost time because sometimes the webreport needs to be translated or we ask other administrators for help, also it is possible that we receive multiple reports for 1 perpetrator which all the evidence needs to be checked and manually being added to the ban reason.
  5. @TheCreepyTruckr if you feel that your report was not correctly done you can always send the URL of the report to the feedback mail, it will be reviewed. all feedback is highly appreciated. that way we can improve the way we work and learn how to make the right decisions. afterall we are all humans and we can make mistakes as we are not perfect. But that doesn't mean we are not eager to learn.we learn new things everyday
  6. @Ther BullDog dat is echt dikke onzin xd we worden door niemand overgenomen, trouwens scs heeft plannen voor hun eigen lokale multiplayer maar daar zullen nooit duizenden mensen op zijn.
    1. ArKoNNN


      Hi, Because of time zones - servers/site uses UTC (i think there's just under 1h left until it expires) Your ban will expire for 22 minutes !

      Not 22, 50 minutes sorry :P 

    2. Anriandor


      Hello dear Alli_ds,


      I would like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban or anything related to this topic. It will not help you but could make things even worse.


      Please use the ban appeal system in the first place and follow the appropriate ways rather than writing to an admin on the forum. Also, take into account that it can take quite some time until an admin reviewed your appeal and the circumstances of your ban.


      For further information, please refer to the following topics:


      Additionally, you can complain about your ban by contacting upper staff if you have the feeling that the admin did not issue it properly. In order to do so, use the feedback email system, which can be found here:



  7. Ha ha ha ha, fighters Hello!
    Have we met in Amsterdam?

    1. csjdv



      @[SK] - TeR*KuKing[Captain]

      请不要刷屏 你可以私聊 在Message


      You can use /pm


    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      @[SK] - TeR*KuKing[Captain] I think so if you referring to few days ago ;)

  8. hallo warrior 

    heb jij skype ??

    1. [SK] - TeR*KuKing[Captain]

      [SK] - TeR*KuKing[Captain]

      Ha ha ha ha, fighters Hello!
      Have we met in Amsterdam?

  9. Thx for "accepting" the video evidence for the report. 

  10. Welcome back and congrats on the promotion :)

  11. Welcome back bro :)


    Are you the new :


    ? xD

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      i'll will try xd

    2. chatyo
  12. Hey, welcome back my friend.

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      thank you 

  13. Congratulations :) a promotion as well as a return. gg