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  1. [S.PLH]Warrior

    [SCS Blog] Krone Trailer Pack

    ^should be solved now anyway looking forward too drive with the new trailers and having new accessoires
  2. what do you prefer on my stream,

    Occasionally i wanna stream something different :P


    1) Game moderator stream

    2) Race game

    3) shooter

    4) action/horror


    comment below :D

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    2. Night_King^


      1 - Game Mod stream <3 


      Best regards

       - Night_King^

    3. BL4CK$K1LL


      1) GM Stream

    4. [RG] v1nnic

      [RG] v1nnic

      1) Game Mod Stream :love:

  3. Game moderator stream 

    Welcome too join 



  4. [S.PLH]Warrior

    List of supported Mods / Mod files

    additionally there are beginner profiles with some extra money and XP @xKyranStormx not sure if it still works through
  5. [S.PLH]Warrior

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    i'm looking forward too Baltic DLC too be honest. more roads too drive and explore.
  6. [S.PLH]Warrior

    google chrome

    i'm still meh about it, not sure if i like the new tabs and layouts.
  7. [S.PLH]Warrior

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    ^those are still local mods so we still see the normal skoda car. so it hard for us to control it since we can't see it. Proper action will be taken if someone is using that. as it is still against rules.
  8. luckily dark mode extension from google exists much better for my eyes :mlg_doge:

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    2. [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      Omg.... ' cough ' Installing.... Looks Fab :)

    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      yeah much relaxed now, and you can even change the color hehe

    4. [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      Thanks for sharing :) Gonna be using it all the time now aha :)

  9. Game moderator stream 

    Welcome too join 



    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      maybe i'll stream at later time again :)

  10. [S.PLH]Warrior

    Why is ATSMP so quiet.

    Nice comment tho, that should not matter on which version they are playing, is there choice and if they wanna play on open beta that is fine. In begin of ATSMP it was crowded, because it was new, long straight roads, big trucks with large trailers squeezing through tight corners with oncoming traffic. It was fun but eventually they lost intrest because the lack of content and trucks, at least you can play ATS with mods and there are great mods out there for singleplayer. But hopefully someday the player base will be back if there will be more content and trucks will be added.
  11. [S.PLH]Warrior

    Verandering in het bansysteem

    @Holland Cargo/Harold het geld helaas voor iedereen en we kunnen dan geen uitzonderingen maken want dat zou niet eerlijk zijn tegenover anderen die wel een permanente ban hebben van een hack en deze niet word verwijderd. Het staat duidelijk in de regels lijkt me en ja als je iemand op je account laat ben je zelf wel verantwoordelijk voor. het is zeer spijtig maar meer kunnen we helaas niet voor je doen.
  12. New pc for my birthday :lol: ready for ultimate gaming expierence :P