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  1. Hello, You can find it here. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/850-new-suggestions/
  2. This is not about who sides to pick, is all about common sense, if you have driving license I'm sure you won't drive in real life like this hopefully. The player was leaving the fuel station, therefore he was already entered the main road, so as common sense i think 90% of the players will brake sooner and let him first.
  3. In my eyes the players love the traffic and the interaction with each other, why driving on a empty road while all players are on 1 road. Yes some also only there to troll others and miss behave. but shutting down a road cuz of only that won't be considered.
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      You are welcome and thank you also 😆

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  7. The only way now is reporting them on the website then the report itself won't be expire. eventually the report will dealt with.
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  9. Well said there, like Eryk i'm also from the start of Truckersmp i seen so much chances over the year, some bad but in overal good decisions, also we do support more mods then before, our latest is dbus. We have it up and running before SCS do and that is something can we can be proud on.
  10. While we all love AI traffic i don't think it would be anytime soon, SCS still releases updates to the game and then it would break it again, hence why it take extra time for the developers to support it again. Also i would be curious about on allowing AI on certain areas, while it sound interesting i don't think we have the right tools for that.
  11. Perhaps add a roundabout and make indeed a separated road towards the fuel station, so the traffic will flow on the main road and slow down before the roundabout. that way is safer to enter the roundabout instead of a intersection where you can drive full speed on which is far more dangerous. But yeah in overal something needs to be changed in order to stop players from stopping on the road. also some enter the wrong way so it's a double win if have separate road.
  12. ^ While that make sense it did increase the web reports even more to double the size then, comparing with now with speed limit enabled. If the players feel they can drive faster they taking more risk, hence why then more and more players got banned. And of course is up to driver if he makes the correct decision based on the situation.
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