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  1. Ka_Tray

    Pilot Car

    Very well explained! Thanks!
  2. Hello. It is began that I just asked my friend to play ets2 with me, however he said it's impossible for it because he is on older version, I told him it's possible to change it through the steam, but he said he will lose the profile if he change the version because he has promods... Is it true that you will lose your promods profile if you changed the version of ets2 through steam setting?
  3. Hello, thanks for your response! Thank you for letting me know that it is a punishable offense to block the road to let the convoy trucks pass, I completely agree with you. I must let my friend know this, and next time I will keep this in mind and I won't block the road anymore. But what about the other question you didn't answer: Is it ok to be a pilot car without having CB or TeamSpeak on? The reason why I don't want to use CB or TeamSpeak is because I am deaf and mute in real life, which is difficult for me. I hope that's ok because I want to enjoy the game without having to hear or speak anything...
  4. Ka_Tray

    Pilot Car

    Thanks! Here's my two questions: 1. Is it ok to be pilot car without having CB or TeamSpeak active on? The reason of this is because I am deaf and mute in real life. 2. Is it ok to block the road like merging road, traffic light road etc, to let the convoy pass?
  5. Very well explained!! Here's my two questions. (One of them is not mentioned from your essay.) 1. Is it ok to be pilot car without having CB or TeamSpeak active? The reason of this is because I am deaf and mute in real life. 2. Is it ok to block the road like block the merging road and traffic light to let the convoy truck pass?
  6. Ka_Tray

    Pilot Car

    Yes, they are very well explained and detailed answer which I was looking for! I just have no idea how to quick reply thanking them haha. Here's your feedback, also thanks!
  7. Ka_Tray

    Pilot Car

    Hello, I have decided to become and drive a pilot car just to enjoy escorting the convoy with my friends... But I am scared to become one of them because I don't wanna get banned for making any mistake as a pilot car. So, I came here to ask how should I avoid any mistakes or rules that I have to follow as a pilot car?
  8. Ka_Tray


    Yeah, when we started playing each other, we started to laugh each other which he almost crashed into me, I did in the return for funny, and then we took the serious accidents in funny way. I'm pretty sure this happens when we were alone. Plus it's free to use the command /fix, you know.
  9. Ka_Tray


    @LIGHTOFGOD @TACCOO Thank you! I'll make sure to follow all rules. I'm not trolling everyone, I am just SOMETIME trolling my close friends, when it comes to funny and laughing situation.
  10. Ka_Tray


    Thank you everyone! I will make sure to not troll my friends. What if we are trolling on the alone trip, like only me and my friends?
  11. Ka_Tray


    Hello, I've been wondering this for a long time. Is it ok to troll your friends while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on alone trip, like brake check, crash into them etc? Is it bannable even if it's friends?
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