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  1. I have read it did you too ? 80 % of the players do what they like, have no knowledge of road rules and ended up banned, so who fault is that ? moderator or player hmmmmm
  2. ^then what about those players who drive without driving licenses and have no clue on the rules ?
  3. So these fake moderators will report though in-game system and these will prioritized ? so for example 5 fake moderators driving c-d and these 5 will report anything it will add up quickly imo, but what about other reports that are pending from other players ? i don't think this fair treatment and it will only favorite those who drive on C-D.
  4. And what will these fake moderators actually do ? just driving on C-D back and forth ? This is more suitable for a special event then rather on actual public server imo. Also this would make the work of the game moderator actually more difficult then that it helps, first to find out if they are actually staff or not, secondly if they have done something bannable while they are impersonating staff.
  5. This article will help you on how to install promods for TrucklersMP https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614
  6. We can always compare the video with the game logs so we know that the perpetrator has played on that day of the recording. So we know already is like the matrix
  7. It does sound interesting but how does the moderator communicate in-game if he/she does not speak English ? maturity of the players speaks fluent English or at least basic.
  8. The siren is already pretty loud, and due to 1 tone it gets pretty annoying too after a while
  9. ^ i don't have all the answers to that, just share my opinion based on my experience, but i do see what you mean that it might look strange.
  10. ^ it is not the same as web reports, cuz with web reports we directly see player history while in-game we don't see that. the punishment is confirm intern rules, if indeed multiple offenses there should be heavier punishment based on that. The replay does indeed show it all so we act on that, but that is different if we use free cam and look at the situation different because first minutes we missed.
  11. ^ indeed a kick or ban depending on the situation - kick - small ban - large ban , and yes we check confirm intern rules. kicking lots of players sound like there was a mess involving multiple players in a spot, by kicking it will impacts the flow so that other players can continue quick and safely. if banning them obviously they did something against the rules which was not kickable, so it could not be same situation
  12. ^ rarely checking in-game, but checking after game session on their history, and if its bannable or kickable it all depends on the situation, yes it might be same offense but still the situation is different based on that is a kickable or bannable offense.
  13. The team have still report moderators who don't have in-game permissions so how they gonna do web reports if we close down report system on the website ?
  14. Sorry it does not make sense to put a American layout on a European road, it does not need to be so complicated. It should be easy to understand how to go from A to B without minimum problems to get there.
  15. It would be interesting yes, but also difficult to maintain as SCS update their game often which breaks the mods until the owner of the mod support the latest version of the game, after that the team must support the mods for their version of the game. Plus the team must add non collision zones to every companies and service stations, so there is a lot of work needed to be done behind the scene.
  16. Chat logs you cannot use as evidence to report someone as chatlogs can easily be edited in a notepad. therefore it must be a picture.
  17. Thank you all for your birthday wishes, i do appreciate it. 

    1. L-DR@GO


      Your welcome 🙏

  18. Yes they can help, but the main focus is to be in-game
  19. 1. technically yes, but in reality is different, the income is just to big compared to what is done even is some do more then required, i know it might not make sense. 2. the exact amount we cannot share, but management did it so that a weekly is still doable for reaching the quota. 3. if you look at the staff page you see the amount game vs report moderator we currently have, this could also tell why the status for reports is high.
  20. The management decide the minimum requirement based on the level of the web reports, obviously when the level become higher we also have to do more report as for minimum requirement. so if we atleast reach the minimum we are good. And that counts also for in-game reports that we have to do minimum. you can compare the web reports with in-game on how fast they come in and how fast we process them is a similar speed so you get the idea a little bit.
  21. As for player perspective this is not fair to increase only for C-D, the players are there for a reason so is their own risk of being banned if they don't follow the rules. But if increased again should not only be that road but for the whole server imo.
  22. Sorry to say but this sound really complicated, and also hard to code in such system
  23. Thank you all for your kind words and also for 300 followers.


    Also soon 6k post 😆

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  24. You cannot simply play for own judge here by doing take action, so if you decide to report him there is highly chance that you will be banned too.
  25. Sorry to say but you cannot have 0 report anymore the minimum is 1 unless the managers will remove your report rights. so they still can place 1 report
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