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  1. Been awhile since i was in ATSMP 😄



  2. What about the same intersection as C-D road ? they could probably copy paste and save some work. But yes in general that intersection at Calais needs to be changed.
  3. What are your plans for the weekend ?

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    2. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      My plan is to stay with the girls at home because during the week I can't really spend time with them because of work.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      noting interesting planned just a normal weekend 😛

    4. [MPI] Muhammad Nizar F

      [MPI] Muhammad Nizar F

      There are no plans for this week😥, because next Monday and Tuesday there are still exams from school 🙃

  4. They are still on the C-D road if you watch the map then filter EU2. But yes for me i'll explore Iberia area.
  5. They are on EU2 now since EU1 had some problems with the server. also you can watch the TruckersMP map https://map.truckersmp.com/
  6. Denk dat het van world of trucks is dat is aparte server en niet van ons. Je kan dan alleen geen world of trucks jobs pakken. Je kan verder gaan in offline modes, dat is niet van onze servers. Hopelijk is het duidelijk zo haha.
  7. @Spellbinder heb je van notepad geprobeerd ? misschien zit een typfoutje in.
  8. Ben je wel inlogt op de juiste steam profiel ? @Spellbinder wat je ook kan doen is open notepad, type je email en je wachtwoord in start de game and kopieer het vanaf je notepad in de game.
  9. Not really difficult anymore since we have addon team, they have done much editing about the base map if you have notice certain areas of the map has been changed. It all depends on how much time it will be spend on such project and if it worth to do so. Seeing that SCS release updates which then the roadwork need update too. But nothing is impossible. perhaps add guardrails and in middle those things where you cannot overtake like in duisburg i forget how it calls XD There is enough things to make it better.
  10. I'm not really hyped for it, it won't be so big as TruckersMP, but more only playing with your friends.
  11. IMO a bridge or a tunnel would solve that quickly, but yes in general is a mess there always as people tend to be impatience and starting to overtake before the railroad.
  12. It is way too harsh to ban players for the 1st offense for a month and then permanently. But yes for intentionally we already ban longer then the standard duration.
  13. in short server 1 had some connection problems, server 2 has more stable connection so is understanding that they play on server 2.
  14. now we still need some passengers for the bus
  15. Doing reports in-game come and have a chat.



  16. With my american muscle car 🥰





    1. [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      Wow, thats nice Warrior 🐺

    2. Janisane


      nice pic and car

  17. Hello, Some exciting news today to announce specially created patron van just for us to use in-game. Did you try out the new vehicle ? what is your opinion and perhaps little feedback for us. I did drive it and i must say is very nice to drive something different in-game, a very special vehicle. I'm excited for more in the future.
  18. The signs does makes sense actually cuz you are leaving the main road. Yes the red truck must give way to the traffic that comes from opposite direction. So when you approach the intersection to go right you can make that turn without giving way to the red truck, while he is waiting there. unless the red truck is already moving to left onto the C-D road and you approach to go right at the intersection you must then give way to the red truck. That is how it works. 1) Truck at intersection waiting you can go to right first. 2) truck driving ont
  19. good one, but we can also ban everyone so no one can post after me
  20. I love winter it makes so beautiful.



    1. Thorns Way

      Thorns Way

      I like it ,too.🥰

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I love it too ^_^😍 Beautiful photo 🥰:wub:

  21. I saw this and had to make a clip so beautiful 😍😍



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Really beautiful photo 😍🥰:wub:

  22. been long time ago, welcome back.

    1. Istanbullue


      Thank you so much mate ❤️

  23. looking forward to 2021. Also thanks for the video link. amazing video well done.
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