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  1. Just like most recent DLC's it looks amazing and there are some very nice roads available. I mostly play on Promods myself but RTTBS is a great addition for the basemap.
  2. my least used is Iveco, Renault & MAN. Favorites are Scania, Mercedes & DAF
  3. I assume you overtake the people who drive 80/90 for realism. And even then the "nobody overtakes you" argument is nonsense as when all who drive 110 now drive 150 you're not overtaken either.
  4. purrie

    kirkenes quarry

    Thanks, just driven the road on PM2. Other drivers are very well behaved by giving room. Can't make it at 12PM myself though
  5. London is very nice, Stockholm and Oslo too. Rotterdam is a lot better than the vanilla map. I really love the Scandinavian part as well with all the added cities.
  6. Main reason I like Iceland is for the stunning scenery, 2nd some of the roads are a bit more challenging.
  7. purrie

    kirkenes quarry

    It's a challenging road that's for sure. I am not sure why one would use a double or HCT to drive that road but everyone their choice. I drove on the road twice, first time there was a heavy traffic jam and I wouldn't move for a couple of minutes so I just pressed F7. Second time it was early in the morning and there were not that many players on the road and even then I would have to wait a couple of minutes at some points to wait for other trucks to pass or make a turn.
  8. I bought a second hand G29 last year and I haven't regretted it since. I enjoy the game much more. I had to adjust to it as driving is a bit different from the keyboard, definitely backing up took me some time to get used to. But really ads to the experience (G29, but do not have the shifter myself)
  9. I don't report when I feel it was not reckless behavior but a mistake. So that really depends on the situation. I am not free of making mistakes either so I hope when I make a mistake nobody reports me Also if they apologize when obviously it was intentional I report them either way.
  10. I apologize when I did something wrong but it was not on purpose. Same for reports I enter if I feel it was just an accident I do not report. If it was intentional or really reckless I report. So far I did not have the experience people ramming me and saying sorry just to get out of a report.
  11. Probably Rotterdam just like in the base game. Or perhaps Eindhoven
  12. Hej, My nickname is Purrie and my real name is Pascal. 45 years old (I feel pretty old reading this topic *ahum* :-)) and enjoy driving ETS2 and ATS for many years and also it's predecessors like 18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal. For man years I've done so without mods but 2 years ago I discovered TruckersMP. It took me a while to really love the multiplayer game as there were many trolls around and I usually like to haul large distances so some troll causing an accident and damage to my trucks load I did not enjoy it that much at first. But later on I knew which roads to avoid and to drive a bit more defensively and of course also because the amount of people playing for fun is way larger than those who want to troll. This year I discovered ProMods for SP and really loved that as well so I am very excited that ProMods and TruckersMP will be working together. Hurray
  13. Definitely on the left. When I started a new profile and didn't own a truck yet I did a job in the UK with the steer on the right and it felt so weird.
  14. Still 3 more to go. I hope to finish them today
  15. Let's not blame all of the trolling on the kids shall we Lots of adults do this as well. Just as a lot of adults say "I do not have much time to play this game so I want to drive fast". I do not get the why people are trolling on this game, if you are not into Truck simulation why buy this game at all And for the people who want to drive fast, bend the rules or what not please go to an arcade server
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