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  1. Suggestion Name: Smart autokick AFK Suggestion Description: A smarter autokick for when you're away from keyboard. When the servers are not that busy you should be allowed to be longer AFK than 10 minutes. There is no real reason to kick people if the servers are not that busy. So if a server is not that busy extend the kick time to for instance 20 minutes. Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: To allow people to stay away a bit longer for instance to make lunch or when your toilet visit takes a bit longer than expected at quieter times of the servers. Also this adds (in my opinion) value to the game as more trucks will remain parked at gas stations or parking area's as they would in real life.
  2. I love promods for SP. Easy to install and it adds a whole lot more cities and countries and is really beautiful (just like the more recent DLCs) and was not hard to install at all.
  3. I think you missed the irony there. Being a veteran says nothing about your driving skills nor do I believe a difference should be made in speed between veterans and non veterans.
  4. Like being a veteran truly says something about your driving skills (LOL), so sounds like a great plan to allow veterans to drive faster than the general speed limit.
  5. The main question would be why? I enjoy trucking if I would want to drive a car I would probably play something like test drive unlimited.
  6. Yesterday I tried the C-D road again. Ugh. Just picked up a load in Duisburg, I am only a few km on the D-C road and got driven off the road by a truck passing. Okay no biggie just use /fix and carry on. Just a few km further I got rammed again. So F7 and cancel job. And this was on a monday morning so it was not that busy at all
  7. I guess usually because they are rammed by a car and not by a truck.... But as you say there are also many trolls that drive a truck. The scout car does not really have to be removed as far as I am concerned. I always wonder why would you want to drive a car in a truck simulation game if you're not a pilot for a convoy.
  8. Spain & Portugal, but I would also love an expansion to the north of Scandinavia (like in promods), colorado would be nice too. I don't think I would play another trucking game though, just maybe oceanic although i've choosen for latin as I think there are a lot of latin drivers around here.
  9. I feel like that there are more and more drivers keeping within the speed of 85-95km/h while before you would be passed left and right by 120+km/h drivers. But that could be just me
  10. Ah didn't notice it myself. If you do a World Of Trucks delivery (external delivery) you cannot go faster than 90km on your entire route (except for those parts where 60km is enforced). I try to keep a speed limit of max 90km/h myself as well (only downhill is sometimes faster) even when not doing external jobs.
  11. I really love Oslo - Bergen but also Bergen - Stavanger. And Scandinavia in general
  12. I wasn't there but sometimes an accident can happen so it's not always on purpose, might be a novice driver, or a temp distracted drived. It's no fun but it happens. And then there are always those who ram you on purpose. And for that I can only say record record record. I use nvidia experience myself and when a key combination I record the last 3 minutes. If I truly feel it was on purpose and not a (stupid) accident I trim the video and upload it to the website reporting system. The video often gives me enough info to find the id of the person, otherwise I will check the logs.
  13. I just found the game many many years ago. I also played 18 wheels of steel etc so that was already back in like 2002 or something like that. I like simulation games. I've played ETS2 since the beginning, in the earlier years I would quit playing from time to time but the last couple of years it's my favorite game. It's very relaxing and the scenery is just suburb.
  14. I know I saw the thread. Just too lazy to practice I guess
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