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  1. I like that, but as someone wrote before, the cooldown should NOT be added for auto kicks, but only for moderator kicks. If I get kicked for high ping or wrong accessory there's no need for a cooldown
  2. That discussion about this intersection is very old. Interestingly nothing happened till now. To the topic: Well we don't actually need a full cloverleaf. You can take the current intersection and just mirror copy it. Doesn't matter what and how TMP staff will do, as long as the crossing from inbound and leaving drivers stops. Meaning the red arrow in the second picture would be already enough to fix the traffic congestion
  3. you know, TMP staff already added the Truckersmp logo as an accessory to place on the sides of your trailer. So I'd say they could add arrows and the text the same way as the logo as an accessory aswell, so you can choose anytime you want to put them on or not
  4. I like the idea of a toll-booth Duca road. Would be funny for an aprils fool. pay everytime when entering and leaving a totally crazy big amount of money :D. Enter the road? pay for it leave the road? pay for it enter gas station? pay for it leave the gas station? pay for it drive over the level crossing? pay for it You can make that bigger: the road has various speed limits. put a flash for every new speed limit on the side. you're too fast? pay for it. you're too fast again? pay for it but moooore. But back to the topic. I don't really care what solution it will gonna be as long as traffic doesn't get too stuck and players can't rush through the gas station and rest stop. The french version like @Low Horsepower Truck and @blabberbeak suggested the most.
  5. I agree with that. While th idea is good, I think rtoaundabouts slow the traffic down too much. I can already say aswell that palyers try to leave and enter the gas station the wrong way. That needs to be pevented also. How about something like this (see the attached image). A loop at the beginning at at the end and the gas station in the middle (while remodeling more paarking lots would be cool, especially for longer trucks)?
  6. Hey guys, the new changed rest stop on the DU CA road is quite good, but I noticed that many drivers overtake, while others drive in the middle road, fast through the gas station and get back on the main road. See pic: https://imgur.com/a/5RNDwET My suggestion would be to add a S-curve with a wall behind (for reasons) at the beginning of both directions when entering the rest stop so players are forced to brake and enter slowly instead of rushing through. Is just bad when you park, get rammed and then reported for blocking the way but it's not you fault. Why it should be added? Well to avoid accidents and reporting of the wrong players Cheers
  7. For the next aprils fools I'd like to have a max speed limit at 30 kph for trucks and 20 kph for cars. Would be so funny so see the rage in chat of all these racing drivers. But as you said, the minimum requirement of 6 months membership sound quite good, but there are players who already have many hours in SP, can drive very good, stick to the traffic rules and then have to wait 6 months aswell to play. They'll loose interest quite fast in joining. Sounds like we need something like a trest track to see how drivers behave
  8. Suggestion Name: As the title says Suggestion Description: I know TMP staff might already be working on how to rebuild Calais like Duisburg to increase traffic flow. There have been even topic and suggestions on how to do that. My suggestion would be to only replace the repair shop like in the following pic: https://imgur.com/a/Tp41mCY It is basically the most congested place in the city. So if we replace it and make it like adrive through I would say you can increase traffic flow quite good. You could also try first to close the exit from Calais intersection heading down to Calaiss, so players have to enter form the harbor but can exit straight from the city to the intersection. Why is it needed? Well as written before to increase traffic flow becaue almost everyone needs to go over one single crossing. Cheers, Flo
  9. Instead of requiring 6 moths of membership to drive a car I think it would be better to incerease the minimum driving hours for the game itself. Right now you only need 2 hours of driving to enter TMP. How about increasing this to 50 or 100?
  10. Hello, as the title says, I'd like to make the suggestion to increase the amount of parking lots on the new DU-CA rest stop. In the following pic you can see, that even with not many players on the server the rest stop gets already a bit crowded: https://imgur.com/a/LnInMgQ I would even place two spots toghether to have the length for HCT trailer if possible. Cheers Flo
  11. I'm also looking forward for the NL and BE rework. but I odon't think players will switch the road from Duisburg to Calais to another. Have a look at the added alpine road in Austria over the big mountain. It was popular for two weeks fter it cam out. Now you're happy to find at least 5 other players on it. My guess would be that Duisburg - Calais will remain (because other roads are either too short or in a DLC), only the road between it will change.
  12. I like the lowbeds too and long trailer combos. Sadly the 10 axle is not allowed. Would be cool to use it at least on promods becasue exept Kirkenes the Map is almost empty. But it's funny that in the Rules it still says that Special Transport Trailers are not allowed, but on the other hand, 2 out of 3 are allowed to be used (the 6 axle lowloaders like the one in your last picture) in the game.
  13. Hello together, as you know, ETS 2 allows long trailer combos up to 3 parts. Therefore the 3 following trailer combos are the most common ones: https://imgur.com/a/gBaDypB (They can vary in style and type like dryvan, container, flatbed, logs, etc.). We've got the B-double with an additional load carrier B-Triple classic HCT So my question to you would be: If you drive/or wanted to drive one of those (for whatever reason), which combo would you choose/are you driving and why (maybe why not the other ones)?
  14. My idea for the Calais Intersection would be a "normal" 4 way highway cross like the ones which got redesigned by SCS in the latest game updates. The remodeling of Duisburg went very good. The traffic thers is now much better than it was before. So it would be cool (if TMP staff isn't alreday working on it) to remodel the city of Calais aswell like Duisburg with one way entry and exit and bigger roads in the city itself
  15. Does this mean, Calais intersection, where trucks coming from east like Duisburg and the trucks coming from Calais, will be rebuild, so they don't cross each other any longer, meaning they get of the highway and can turn right to Calais instead of going over the bridge first like it is still today?
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