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  1. But u think that would help, even a little bit? That's the point of the suggestion.
  2. That's why I set Patreon Members to be released before 6 months of membership. If anyone has any doubts about how much this would help, add the TMP ID in the TAG and realize that most of them are IDs starting with 5XXXXXX+, meaning new IDs, people with recent registrations.
  3. But don't you think the proportion of trolls would be lower? Think about it with me, you rarely see troll players with trucks (usually without a trailer) passing between two trucks at the Calais traffic signal, for example, or a truck throwing itself in front of you going from truck to truck in a traffic jam. The issue is that the truck is wider and handles differently than when it is without a trailer. As I said, it's not a definitive solution, but, in my opinion, it would help even in a small way with the chaos that troll cars cause. Exactly. However, I think that the fact that the truck is a less agile vehicle would reduce the number of trolls in the game, more precisely on the Calais - Duisburg road.
  4. I understand your point, but don't you think that people with this intention are not even close to 1%~2% of new players? That's why I added Patreon members to also allow them before the 6-month period, after all, most would think twice about doing something stupid, since there is money involved in the process. Also remembering that it is not a definitive or exaggerated solution for those who like the cars in the game, but, in my opinion, it would help a lot.
  5. Suggestion Name: Cars only available after 6 months of registration with TMP or Patreon Members Suggestion Description: Self explanatory. Any example images: Self explanatory. Why it should be added: Car drivers are a problem in the TMP and everyone knows it. If you notice, most of the cars that obstruct traffic are those of recently registered players, so a solution (not definitive, but very corrective) would be for only players with registrations of more than 6 months to drive cars, or Patreon members.
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