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  1. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Promods Bug was marked as the answer   
    Bug on Promods must be report on there forum.
    also be sure you use latest version of promods 
  2. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in ets2 crashing was marked as the answer   
    looks to me is still there  loading 'LogIt_x64' 'C:/ProgramData/LogIt/LogIt_x64.dll
    search that location on your pc then delete that map too.
  3. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Joining after a game crash was marked as the answer   
    @HigH_HawK  the quickest and safest way after a game crash is going into singleplayer and drive or F7 to the service area save the game and now you can safely join multiplayer again. 
    hopes that helps a bit
  4. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Trying to join MP was marked as the answer   
    @Calgarian be sure you launched steam with admin rights, then start ATSMP with admin rights also.
  5. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in My ETS2 MULTIPLAYER crash during the load of multi-players was marked as the answer   
    @miko67100 a try new profile which is located here:
    you don't own a truck, you have to buy a volvo truck, then you should be able to play.
  6. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Cannot Connecting To Server was marked as the answer   
    @DiegoLBC1 did you try too connect too #EU1 or EU2 server also?
    i can play on #EU2 server without having issues.
  7. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in After-ban problem was marked as the answer   
    moved too solved since the ban has expired.
    @HUN _Anonymus_ you can play again 
  8. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Incompatible Version was marked as the answer   
    @oofr0styoo be sure you downloaded the right version in steam, if you need to select the 1st option out of beta 
    ETS2 is 900 MB and ATS is 200 MB so it takes awhile to complete also depending on your internet connection 
  9. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in dlc was marked as the answer   
    no i mean this, then the last option 

  10. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in American truck simulator installing path was marked as the answer   
    then you probably clicked to fast
    disable ATS multiplayer and it won't be asked for it in the next window 

  11. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Multiplayer doesn't launch... was marked as the answer   
    did you try to launch the multiplayer icons with admin rights ? 
  12. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Banned for no reason... was marked as the answer   
    let me explain this, when we teleport to the area the situation has already happend, we have no view in what happen before so we can't see the ramming part of that player, so the reason why you have a ban is that a admin just saw you insult someone, it's just inconvenient how it goes is not like ohh lets ignore that and ban the player who is insulting, if you wanna see how we work i would advice you to watch a admin stream, then you understand the struggle that we have sometimes 
    for now just create a ban appeal and ask cooper the admin who banned you for proof.
    last and not least you can always send a personal message to clarkinator if the procedure of the ban appeal is not being handled correctly in your opinion   
  13. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Keyboard/Controller Issue was marked as the answer   
    it's a problem with a windows update SCS knows this, so uninstall update KB3140743
    Retweeted SCS Software (@SCSsoftware):
    We are aware of problems with controller support in Windows 10 after installing update KB3140743. Thanks for your reports!
  14. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in ATSMP Mod was marked as the answer   
    you don't need to check mod manager, just select the profile and load the save game, it works 100%
  15. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in TruckersMP installation problem: ATS install directory was marked as the answer   
    when you installing the mod you will see this screen, (if you are not clicking on next to fast :P)
    Disable ATS multiplayer which i have creatively marked 

  16. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Problem with the freight market was marked as the answer   
    did you save the config file ? perhaps the console command is better this way you can do it while being in-game.
    if you have console enabled press ~ key left side of number 1
    copy paste this into the console uset g_force_economy_reset "1" and hit the enter, then you close the console and click on the profile icon you go back to profile selection and select the same profile you used before.
    now you get this message again game change detected truck is moved to garage, open console again and copy paste command uset g_force_economy_reset "0" and hit the enter 
    it must be working correct now, you can test it when you exit the game and restart it completely 
  17. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Hired Drivers "Resting" was marked as the answer   
    a easy fix for that is this
    moved to solved
  18. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Version problem was marked as the answer   
    view this guide my fellow dutchy 
    hope this can help you otherwise send me a personal message so that we can discus in our own language 
  19. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Wintermod funktioniert nicht ! was marked as the answer   
    send us a ticket  http://ets2mp.com/support/

    Senden Sie uns ein Ticket http://ets2mp.com/support/
  20. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in ,,You were kicked from game. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected.'' was marked as the answer   
    yeah you need 1.21 as we don't support 1.22 yet 
  21. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in 'Invalid email or password' was marked as the answer   
    it could be that you are signed in with the wrong steam account therefor i would suggest you to login into your other account 
    and then try to login again 
  22. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Trouble with Container Port was marked as the answer   
    just test it out and yeah you can only deliver i guess 
    here are my test results


  23. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in are there double trailers coming to MP was marked as the answer   
    not soon i'm afraid since the physics are broken , SCS might be faster with their tandem trailers
  24. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in How to install DLC's was marked as the answer   
    it's solved through personal message 
    moved to solved 
  25. [S.PLH]Warrior's post in Multiplayer horn was marked as the answer   
    after pressed tab key right mouse button will overlay a yellow cursor then you can go to settings 
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