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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, As a decently experienced player, I tend to seek more challenging and realistic environments. One thing that has always bugged me down is the width of roads. You can almost fit two trucks in one lane! Quite unrealistic for European road standards. I know what you are going to answer to my question: 'It would be unplayable for some players.' (Notably newer players who struggle to stay in their lane). But that is simply an assumption. So, in order to obtain a clearer answer for my question, I have made a survey with a couple of questions which won't take more than 3 minutes to complete. I promise! The data gathered from your answers will not only allow me to get a better answer to my question, but also understand the needs of the community around the width of the roads. If the knowledge extracted from this survey happens to highlight a need for tighter roads, I will make more research in order to make a well structured and documented suggestion on the official SCS forum using the data of the survey. You will be able to view the result after answering the survey. It is anonymous, yes, despite the fact it asks about your e-mail address, it is just to make sure you don't answer multiple times. The link to the survey: https://forms.gle/PQjRFNKjV8wgqUqw7 Thank you for your precious time, have a nice day. Edit: Time is up! The results are here and were indeed in favour of tighter roads. You can click on the link above to see the raw data. I have also spent the week working on the suggestion for tighter roads that uses the data from the survey. On this thread, you will be able to see the entire case on tight roads in ETS2. From the arguments, to an actual maquette of a DLC that could contain tighter roads along with all its benefits for SCS and the community.. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=287159 Thanks again for the support from each of you!
  2. I've personally been playing On and off since 2015, but only arrived here on the forums this year. What about you? What are your highlights of playing too?
  3. As some people might already know, there has been some changes in the save editing rules. Things like mixed trailer types on doubles (eg: gooseneck in front with box in rear), and having more than one duplicated accessory aren't allowed anymore. I know the official way of giving your opinion would be through feedback, which I already did. But I want to know who on the forum disagree (even if it's just partially) with these changes for save editing. The vote is anonymous. It also doesn't reflect the entire TruckersMP community as not everyone browse the forum.
  4. Hey there, I've heard from from many users that some of the rules in-game have been over reacted and when the situation was explained to my dad he felt the rule was far, but not used as it intended purpose. The question to the thread was to find out if the rule when playing ATS and ets2, are clear to players and admins. §2 - Game only rules Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a punishment.
  5. Hey guys, I saw a lot of topics with questions about the best truck in your opinion and your current truck, but I've never seen one asking the driven distance of your truck... So, I'm starting: My truck is a new red MAN TGX XLX and it has only 5,899kms currently driven and I'm loving every kilometer I drive with it! What's yours?
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