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  1. DannLock

    Renault T - International Truck of the Year 2015

    Looks very nice, but according to SCS, they're still making that MB Actross MP4 that they started 1-2 years ago... So I'd say this will only reach our garages with mods...
  2. I'm loving to be a part of this company. Still waiting for the "Wallet" feature to be released!
  3. DannLock

    A Bad Situation Made Worse

    Where is Bern at?
  4. DannLock

    0.1.1 R2 Alpha

    I think you quoted the wrong post, lel.
  5. DannLock

    0.1.1 R2 Alpha

    Have traffic lights been fixed? I hope so, it was a chaos today at Rotterdam...
  6. 0-60 is very easy... In kilometers. Are you talking about miles?
  7. Nice! Now we can finally work and this thread will be more useful!
  8. DannLock

    Need your ideas

    I like good map mods with logic. Please don't put terrains above other terrains and don't put buildings like houses or apartments on the grass without a road connecting. A good simulation is the one closest to reality! Bridges. Please don't put ports everywhere if there's a bridge connecting to a place in real life. I like driving on bridges... Oh, and try making it compatible with TSM, please!
  9. DannLock

    Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

    Still waiting for my Motorola Moto E...
  10. Wow, do you play with TSM or Going East? It's like impossible to reach that in default map...
  11. DannLock

    Apresente-se! :D

    Você aqui? Ainda joga Convoy Trucking? Lembra do Pimm? Sou eu! O Motoristas Brasileiros ainda existe? Nome: Daniel Idade: 16 País: Brasil Linguas faladas: Português e inglês Nick na Steam: DannLock Camião preferido: Volvo FH 2012 Desde quando jogo ETS2 MP: Desde julho de 2013 Interesses: Carros, jogos, comida, armas, dormir, etc. Outra informação: Também sou conhecido como Pimm (Convoy Trucking) e TheGameAddicted (Kongregate). Jogos que jogo: ETS 2, DayZ Standalone, ArmA 2, Payday 2, Planetside 2, Battlefield 4, Burnout: Paradise, Left4Dead 2, Metro 2033.
  12. DannLock

    Company advertisements

    That's where you should look how they(we) drive, just wait for 0.1.1! You can look at Stobart's website and see it's community, tho'.
  13. DannLock

    FREE METRO 2033

    Thanks! I've redeemed one of them, don't know which one exactly because I clicked all 4 links left and redeemed one... Will download it right away!
  14. DannLock

    Ultimate GIF Thread

    Took this from the ETS2MP Facebook page... It's based on my singleplayer life!
  15. DannLock

    Company advertisements

    I wouldn't join a company for it's advertisement, actually. I'd join it by seeing how they work, the frequency of convoys, their website, the way the members speak and drive... IMO don't just join a company by the big "JOIN! JOIN! JOIN!" sign.