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  1. ^Yes please, by all means close the topic to stop any clutter, I got the answers I needed. I appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. Great to know, thanks for the information, guys. And it may not be too rare to see other drivers, since the holidays the ATS US server has seen around 300 people at peak times....small numbers to ETS 2, but thats pretty busy for just a few States on the map. Hopefully there will be another surge in popularity when and if the MP update drops for ATS to support the new version.
  3. Hey guys, just a quick few questions on the "newer" features of ATS and the truckers MP version. I walked away from MP for awhile and came back recently long after the doubles update for ATS and have been playing online on the US servers for about 3 or 4 days now. I know the ATS version that is supported by MP is a version behind, but even still its been so long that I've fired up ATS I am still discovering some new features/settings. One of those settings is the "Random Events" slider in the gameplay settings tab. Apparently, it adds random events that could pop up along your route. I first noticed the feature with a lot of road construction coming up on places in the map where there was never road construction. Then I began to see traffic cops directing traffic away from plumes of smoke that were jetting up from nowhere...presumably an AI car that the MP mod couldn't display...then the thought occurred to me... If a random road event pops up on my route as I'm driving it, and say, I have to change lanes and slow way down ect, do other players also see this?! Or will some guy behind me think I'm falling asleep or something. Is it synced to the server like the day/night and traffic lights? (Are the traffic lights at the construction sites that merge to one incoming/opposing lane, still out of sync? Sorry for deluge of questions, but I can't really find this information anywhere. Sorry if I missed a discussion on it already.
  4. @DavinaETS And for being so pretentious and full of yourself you will now stub your toe *4* times daily until you realize that just because you have no interest in something doesn't mean others can't as well. See, it's not a very funny joke, is it? I can understand if an update *just* dropped for ATS, but it's been quite awhile and I think some people are justified in requesting information about development NICELY. Feel free to call out the jerks and such as I just did otherwise.
  5. Hey speaking of, do you know when ATS is going to get it's MP update?
  6. I've said it time and time again and 90% of the community and the devs prove it over and over again...no one in TruckersMP cares for ATS. The general attitude is "It's ETS 2 or back to single player". It doesn't help ATS seems to be stuck in a vicious cycle of people not playing it because no one is playing it...failing to realize that if everyone wanted to play ATS and just signed on and kept the server population up, more people would play. The issue seems to be everyone checks the server status and sees like 3,700 people in ETS 2 vs the 56 people in ATS and then they go, well, I guess it's off to ETS 2 so I can actually see other players at some point on the map...
  7. ATS MP died months ago, and there are signs everywhere about it despite the denials of the moderators. This community was built around and founded on ETS 2, 90% of the community only owns or only plays ETS 2, and therefore their focus and priority remains ETS 2. If the ETS 2 servers went down on Thursday like the ATS Server it'd have been fixed in hours. It was damn near 24 hours before a moderator (not even dev staff) mentioned there was a problem being looked into and now we're past 72 hours and the server is still down with no real word as to what is happening. I'll say it a third time. As far as this community is concerned players of ATS can suck on a salty sausage and go to SP or convert to the "better" game ETS 2. Back to SP. At least there I can have mods.
  8. The American servers have been down since I checked YESTERDAY at 10am Pacific time. I have no idea how long they were down before that but we're nearing the 24 hour mark since my checks with only ATS players having even mentioned the server problems. There has been no official word because this community doesn't care about ATS. Plain and simple. They still probably haven't noticed the servers are down. Or they are just finally getting rid of the US ATS server to make another ETS 2 server.
  9. Genius idea for the built in video. Makes reporting Trolls so much less of a hassle. I imagine we'll see the usage of reports and consequently the presence of rammers on the server plummet. Thanks for this update!
  10. @oolala11 The Skoda car and Winter assets in the MP mod are definitely not vanilla assets for ETS 2 or ATS and they seem to run just fine. That kind of renders any of the "everyone would need it" argument moot, since, I'm suggesting they are packaged WITH the installer, just like aforementioned Car and Winter Mod. I highly doubt that a few trucks that the community all agree upon (or at least the most highly voted for) would really add that much more than all the wintermod textures. We're talking about megabytes here. Surely there'd be some limitations. I'm not asking to include every truck mod ever produced ever. That'd be impossible due to the fact that some are paid mods and for common sense reasons. No, I'm suggesting the devs and admins should look at the most popular freely available truck mods, see which ones are lightest on performance, and compile a list. The community gets maybe one, or at most 2 different models but they have to vote for it. Most popular is included with the Truckers MP mod Again...cough Just like the Skoda and Winter Mod. However, this is just an idea I had for increasing the amount of players and overall community interest in dying ATS....there's a reason or two I haven't tried to pursue this further in official suggestions, I can't remember if I already did, and no matter what, I figured it would get the same standard sweep under the rug of "Mods and everyone needs them, ignore the fact we package mods already" argument, and the fact that this community really doesn't care about ATS in the slightest.
  11. ^ Definitely! There's not much else we can do except wait patiently. If course I understand how budget can affect one's ability to game for sure...i'd be lying if I said it never influenced my decisions. ATS's player count always leaps up whenever SCS adds new stuff, but I think if there were more trucks to choose from people would be more inclined to play. Two brands of truck with a modern and a "classic" throwback model each isn't really enough to satisfy players. I wish ATS MP would support certain truck mods. There's tons of great truck mods that are relatively light on performance. I think if they can add the Skoda or have the winter mod supported for everyone, having them hold a community vote on say 2 additional mod trucks to include with MP would be the best thing ever to happen to ATS MP and draw tons of players.
  12. Based on the player counts even at peak times when there are no launcher or server issues, American Truck Simulator is so obviously uncared for by the community. ETS 2 gets larger updates and is a bigger game and the MP client will always work before ATS is even considered. And that's just because this community is 98% based around ETS 2. Even those who bought ATS leave it for ETS 2 again, so it's no surprise to me the devs focused on the more popular sim. At this rate, I'll be happy if ATS doesn't lose any more servers due to inactivity, let alone get a client update.
  13. @Casketman I do appreciate you at least having enough decency and class to PM me, even if your PM had no class or decency whatsoever.
  14. I'm going to post here, at risk of getting myself in trouble just because I cannot believe the audacity of some people. Mainly.... OK. This is obvious. It's been about 4 days since the Arizona update and you're on here whinging. Out for a week in BETA. A lot changes within a program's code from Beta to public release versions. Also, yes, you're technically correct in your statement that not everyone here regards the MP Devs with the amount of respect they deserve for dedicating their freetime to a bunch of thankless internet slobs. We generally call these people "Impatient Douchebags" but this is more for the older sort. The nicer terms are "Childish" or "Kids" because most are of the under 16 variety and are still learning that shoving your open hand into someone's gut and shouting "NOW!" doesn't get you very far. ME TOO! That's why I'm quiet, drive, and enjoy whatever version of Truckers' MP that works, even if I have to not use the MP mod for a few days or weeks, or downgrade my game. Why? Because I don't know how to code either so I would look really really stupid if I began to make baseless arguments in a public forum....oh....wait... @God said about useless posts or arguments, so I'm willing to accept the consequences of posting this, even if it gets hidden...I just can't sit here quietly while people complain like this. Learn to have some patience! Seriously, it's an old argument the saying "Soon" and "The devs are developing this for free" but it's because it's the truth. And the complaints and demands of "Update Nao!!!!1!!!1111" "When?! Q.Q" and such is also getting quite old. No one owes anyone anything. No money was ever exchanged for this. Donations are donations and your argument is invalid if you bring that up. I shouldn't even have to explain why. You said it yourself. You're just a truck driver. So please, shut up and drive.
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