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  1. 22. H H R1-C=C-R2 H H 23. don't remember. it should use easy reaction of double bound obv. 24. false - vice versa: shortes hydrocarbones are easiest and go to top 25. don't remember ( 26. they have less intermolecular bounds 27. to make alkanes with less C atoms in molecula from alkanes with more C atoms. 28. high temperature (need high energy to dissociate C-C bound), idk the second (maybe absenсe of oxidizer to prevent combustion) 29. hmm, maybe 1. fossil fuels - cheapest fuel 2. amount of objects that need fuel increases 30. omg. obv such country uses a lot of machines that need fuel/gas (cars, at home, industry etc). obv they will stop without fuel. no trucks anymore too 31. they envelop birds feathers and birds become unable to fly 32. hmm. don't know all 4, but main is benefit (that contains pollution, efficiency, cost etc) 33. well, 1 less pollution, 2 more efficiency 34. well not sure in reaction, but something like C2H6 + 3O2 -> CO + CO2 + 3H2O 35. mm, result of combustion in volcanoes? 36. O2 produced by plants and bacteria in photosynthesis. No clue about N2. maybe bacteria too when rotting? 37. ehh, don't want to remember and scetch:P 38. hmm no clue 39. mmm should be carbon monoxide PS. yep I'm far from Heisenberg (i mean known serial )
  2. chemistry. let me see what I remember after years) 1. C6 H14 2. H H H | | | H-C-C-C-H | | | H H H 3. t Mg + O2 -> MgO2 (oops, after googling I see MgO) 4. 2Na + H2O -> 2NaOH + H2 5. hydrofobic - substance that isn't wetted with water 6. emulsifier - substance that helps to mix subctances that aren't mixed each other normally 7. hmm not sure. maybe cuz it contains starch that is digested only being dissociated after heat treatment. 8. not sure again. caustic soda? 9. mm.. alcohols 10. well, let it be volatile, good smell, soluble 11. liquid or gas. not so strong (more in liquid and less in gas obv) 12. it evaporates well at normal temperatures 13. salt - solute, water - solution 14. hmm.. water is polar solvent, its moleculas need polar charge of solute to be able to dissolve, but moleculas of nail varnish don't have it 15. solution of protein in water 16. no clue 17. it must be a substance that change its color according to temperature. dunno examples tho) 18. some substance that has photoluminescence. but idk what kind of photoluminescence actually is using in watches 19. ethylene obv. it is easy in russian, cuz polyhtene called in russian "polyethylene" 20. actually I don't understand extactly what does "weak" or "strong" mean here (as well as in 11 point), but it should be weak I guess 21. -burning: toxic gas is produced -buryng: it decomposes for a hundrets years to be continued...
  3. same here, I've seen it only at nights (medium-low graphics).
  4. Ну, на выезде из базы в час пик хрен кто пропустит, а на перекрестках, после турникетов и на трассе на сужениях - только в путь.
  5. Таки реагируют. Если захочешь перестроиться влево, едущий сзади по левой полосе тебя пропустит, если включишь поворотник. Встречка пропустит (не каждый правда), если захочешь повернуть налево. Если включишь аварийку, трафик будет притормаживать.
  6. Что тут за курсы компьютерной грамотности? Установил винду, но пейнта нет, купил Going East, но его нет. Купил - установи. Не знаешь как? Позови специалиста.
  7. Singlych


    В игре радар-детектор нафиг не нужен. Везде таблички стоят.
  8. You can also find some famous european names (Paris, Berlin, Leipzig) in Russia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parizh,_Chelyabinsk_Oblast
  9. well, seems this one is really hard will try to get some more info)) let me see what I know about Yorkshire)) Is it at the shore of Aire? (remember, only "yes" or "no" )
  10. Это в конфиге и там и там
  11. Что-то мне подсказывает, что ТС имел ввиду, что появляются новые DLC , тогда их конечно нужно будет докупать (при желании, естественно). Непонятно, что непонятного, по вашим же ссылкам четко перечислено, что входит в комплект.
  12. закон Мерфи в действии
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