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  1. Nah let's change the message to: If you wish to continue with said command in MP please hit Alt+F4 to execute your command. jokes aside yea not urgent not really needed, but for new people it would be a good idea, as I don't want to see a topic like this: error message says I'm driving a truck, but I'm not.
  2. I wouldn't mind being mugged by these guys :D

  3. @Blazie @MrCreeper


    Bought this Saturday along with others worth 240 cad total :D ($16 a shirt cad)


    The issue with woot is their insane shipping fees... They are based on either both price and shipping timeframe or just shipping timeframe... For Canada shipping starts at $20 and with 3 shirts can get to $30/40 with different shipping dates...

    You guys might like this one lol


    And for @Tuxy Fluffyclaws



    Also bought 3 tees from Qwertee

    :D new tees ftw plus this one from humble bundle :D


  4. ^nah, i've not touched my brake settings and I've yet to hit another vehicle due to my driving...
  5. You went from a psychotic exploding creeper to something that's got a "look at me I'm cute and cuddly" look...


    With a warning label of: caution: May explode of hugged too hard.

  6. 5 still not done (one not claimed yet others Idk) 9 declined (I think 3 the admin saw no offence, rest where kickable) Rest banned, one perm a few 1/3 month. #nosummerfun
  7. So i guess im a ghost now...




    Because no one saw me even a noob who swore in game (yes i recorded that, text only tho, not in pic below)



    Because you think this would give me away...




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    2. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      parallel, i have a video of it, im too tired to edit and upload (i didnt use OBS game replay function) i kept bumping into the cars because of the fast acceleration + bad brakes lol... Plus i did it in a weird dev angle too lol kinda helped but not really...

    3. jukeboxknox


      well congrats, its even better that you had to actually park. Thats so weird though, cant they see your blue dot and even your name? some special people out there

    4. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      well they never asked how i got there or even acknowledged me till i made my self known (typing or honking), plus im not red in game so i'm not that noticeable esp if they are not looking that way or their map ;)

  8. I'm sorry, do your fingers hurt from all that clicking?


    Here's a cookie for a good job ^_^



    1. Philip1212


      Thanks for your cookie :D


  9. 112+- with all truck stuff 121 with one truck item. I need to work on that a bit too lol
  10. Yea it's the one, my max up is 100 kbps... That's why 17 gb is not a logical upload let alone 2 GB... I've been planning on upping my speed but works as unpredictable as rollercoaster tycoon where you can have the ride still running (after the train leaves the station) and making a coaster bug... Else I'd have a faster speed...
  11. Yea, if I'm behind a truck it's because I'm bored or don't feel like passing, but I'll never annoy like what's described in the op... If I was following out of boredom and anyone told me to leave them alone I'd take the next junction out regardless where it goes.
  12. OBS for recording Adobe Premiere CS6 for editing Handbrake for secondary/compression encoding for uploading. If I had the accessible upload speeds I would of uploaded the full 17gb file. But had to compress it to 8.5% of the file size, which is why it's at times hard to see names esp in the user list.
  13. Lol that it would, tho driving 200+ in a scout with a w900 engine sound would be funny hearing all the confusion But yea bad day if you don't switch the sounds...
  14. ^ just to put it out there, you won't know they have a car engine in a truck based by the sound 2 different files You can have a w900 sound for the weakest engine in the game in a car
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