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  1. There were questions and discussion regarding compatibility and support of the winter mod for TMP this year due to the increased player base. I think there was another topic earlier this week or last week, where staff pointed out that it might not be supported this year. Hopefully it will be!
  2. Does anyone happen to have the link to the old TMP forum/website? (if it's still up)

  3. Gratulerer med dagen alle nordmenn! Ha en fin 17. Mai! :) 

    1. Leff12345



  4. Thanks! Good luck to everyone who got this dlc! Chaos will come..
  5. Looks nice! Can't wait for the next gen Scanias to get implemented into the game!
  6. Broken leg. Know everything(past, present & future) OR have unlimited amounts of money?
  7. This website: 12th November 2014 First website: Same day as the mod was released
  8. Just felt like sharing mine <image expired>
  9. Thanks as always! Guess the "Cavemen can come out of their caves now"
  10. Another free DLC, yay! :D

  11. Is anyone else having problems with steam? Mine seems to go offline even though i can access youtuber, truckersmp and such just fine. :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KaizerNO


      ^It's back online now anyways ;)

    3. Trucking Gekco

      Trucking Gekco

      Yea, the steam client. Since the Web API is down I can't get the free ATS DLC :/ 

    4. [S.PLH]Warrior


      are the 30k players who wanna receive there key, and then steam is on heavy loads lel xd

  12. Admin help?! There are people overtaking, ramming and driving in opposite lanes at EP. An admin is needed pls :(

    1. Penguin


      Please record them / screenshot them, and then make a report here:



    2. KaizerNO


      I'm not in EP anymore, but i drove through EP to take the ferry, but my friend say there are people still causing chaos.

    3. Shovali


      The same 24/7 all time there is player are do this things <_<

  13. The TrackIR Is quite good actually now since games have optimized themselfs better for it (in my case), But if i were to get it again i'd go with the "TrackClip Pro" Instead of the standard "TrackClip" that comes with when you buy it, since the standard one sometimes flips out and break-dances on my screen which can be annoying when you are driving, lol My rate of the TrackIR: 7/10
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