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  1. KaizerNO

    When will the winter mod be added ?

    There were questions and discussion regarding compatibility and support of the winter mod for TMP this year due to the increased player base. I think there was another topic earlier this week or last week, where staff pointed out that it might not be supported this year. Hopefully it will be!
  2. ^ Yes that "should" be just as "easy" to change. Look at this picture: In theory you would have to change "scania.streamline" to whatever truck has the interior you're after, and then change the "topline_v8.sii" (in this instance) to the interior name of the interior you want. Im not 100% sure you would need to change the scania.streamline, but since the Iveco or DAF (e.g) doesn't have the topline_v8 as an interior option previously without any mods or similar, i think trying only to change the interior name and not the truck it "belongs" to, would mean that it would not load the interior at all. Edit: Afaik; Downgrading to 1.28 would make the scania 2016 parts disappear as they were not in the game back then.
  3. I know a way that could solve that, but it's not in the mod afaik. This would mean you would need to save edit (it's easy), but if you're new to it, you would want to get a ".sii" decrypter and read the guides i posted above. When you got your game.sii file decrypted, you want to enter the file (game.sii) and search for the truck you want to change the "name" of. It's easier to search for the license plate if you know it and possibly have it connected to world of trucks. I used the previous mod that Forerunner made, and made this truck; which is actually a Scania streamline, but "covered" with the volvo name (as seen in the picture above). So what you want to do is to locate the license plate of your truck which is listed at the top of the picture. The way to know if you reach a new or the truck you want, you simply look for a lot of this; "accessories[35]: _nameless.2e1.eb9e.7310" which will be listed before the section of a new truck appears. Where it says volvo.fh16_2012 or whatever it says on you, you want to change to the truck you want. So in this case, i have a Scania with a volvo name, and i want to change that, i would have to change volvo.fh16_2012 to scania.streamline. So the whole line would say: data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/data.sii" - Do not change anything else in that line, and once you've changed that, some accessories that you have on your truck might be gone. Just save the file and enter the game to see the difference.
  4. You have to save edit it yourself via the "game.sii" file. If you've never done that before it can be a bit hard and i would suggest that you read these guides i posted below first, before attempting to do it if you're unexperienced. The answer you're after seems to be in the second guide, but if you have problems you can send me a message on steam and i will help you out!
  5. It's pretty obvious what happened. A new update came and the mod got incompatible with 1.30. He's currently working on making it compatible.
  6. KaizerNO

    Three word story making...

    a massive thunderstorm
  7. Does anyone happen to have the link to the old TMP forum/website? (if it's still up)

  8. Gratulerer med dagen alle nordmenn! Ha en fin 17. Mai! :) 

    1. Leff12345



  9. KaizerNO Released

    Thanks! Good luck to everyone who got this dlc! Chaos will come..
  10. Looks nice! Can't wait for the next gen Scanias to get implemented into the game!
  11. KaizerNO

    Would You Rather

    Broken leg. Know everything(past, present & future) OR have unlimited amounts of money?
  12. KaizerNO

    What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    This website: 12th November 2014 First website: Same day as the mod was released
  13. KaizerNO

    Share Your Desktop

    Just felt like sharing mine <image expired>
  14. KaizerNO has been released.

    Thanks as always! Guess the "Cavemen can come out of their caves now"