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  1. Does anyone happen to have the link to the old TMP forum/website? (if it's still up)

  2. Gratulerer med dagen alle nordmenn! Ha en fin 17. Mai! :) 

    1. Leff12345



  3. Thanks! Good luck to everyone who got this dlc! Chaos will come..
  4. Just felt like sharing mine <image expired>
  5. Thanks as always! Guess the "Cavemen can come out of their caves now"
  6. +1 But imo you could just get a "writing blocker" that takes away your ability to write for a certain amount of time if the same text gets detected within 20/30sec and then the "blocker" comes on and you can't write for 1-3min. And if you keep going after that and the same happens, then you could get kicked.
  7. Another free DLC, yay! :D

  8. Is anyone else having problems with steam? Mine seems to go offline even though i can access youtuber, truckersmp and such just fine. :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KaizerNO


      ^It's back online now anyways ;)

    3. Trucking Gekco

      Trucking Gekco

      Yea, the steam client. Since the Web API is down I can't get the free ATS DLC :/ 

    4. [S.PLH]Warrior


      are the 30k players who wanna receive there key, and then steam is on heavy loads lel xd

  9. Admin help?! There are people overtaking, ramming and driving in opposite lanes at EP. An admin is needed pls :(

    1. Penguin


      Please record them / screenshot them, and then make a report here:



    2. KaizerNO


      I'm not in EP anymore, but i drove through EP to take the ferry, but my friend say there are people still causing chaos.

    3. Shovali


      The same 24/7 all time there is player are do this things <_<

  10. Hi truckers! I really want to start uploading trips i've been recording in ets2 on youtube, but i'm not sure it will be worth it, so i'm asking you guys on your recommendations on wheter or not i should start or i should stay away from that? :) Thanks!

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    2. Penguin


      You now have a new subscriber :D

    3. KaizerNO


      Thanks! Appreciate it a lot! :D

    4. Penguin


      No worries :D

  11. Hey truckers! :) I was wondering if anyone have a good game they could recommend, i'm a bit bored of the ones i have know and the game(s) i am after atm is a genre-mix of: colony/town/city- manager (like banished, Cities-skylines etc), if you have a good game in that type of genre to suggest please let me know :P





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    2. aaaMArtin


      The Emergency games are quite fun. Haven't tried the newest ones, but Emergency 4 is great fun. You are managing police, ambulance, and fire brigade in different scenarioes. It's moddable as well, so you can change up the units when you want to refresh the game. :)

    3. KaizerNO


      Like Emergency 4? I have seen some of "The Northern Alex"'s videos, seems quite fun :) Thanks! :)

    4. aaaMArtin


      Yes, as mentioned :P It is quite fun, and can be stressful as well!

  12. Hi! sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section, but i wanted to state an issue regarding a ban mistake done by "Vaiarek". If you look at my history you will se this: on 11th Sep 2015 16:14 i was apparently banned for blocking and ramming towards another guy. What's strange is that from 9-15th september 2015 i was doing a longhaul down to Spain so i was not playing the game then or even 1-2months afterwards either, so this has to be a mistake done by Vaiarek. The evidence he leaves shows a couple of trucks which seems to have Turkish origin, not Norwegian (as i am) so why would i get a Turkish name and picture and go block and ram another guy? Anyway, is it possible to remove this from my history since it only leaves a bad picture off me for something i have not been a part off? - Kermit
  13. ^ Maybe you have mods that have been updated?
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