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  1. Yes. Virtual Speditor 2.06 still works on 1.36 as well as on custom maps/modules (like Promods) and custom companies/cargos as it just uses the ets2 files itself.
  2. It stopped working for 1.36. I tried updating ReShade directly from the download on the scsforums post but it just crashed the game on launch. When using the DX9 files, it doesnt get detected at all.
  3. Images have been taken down by Tinypic for some reason and I was unable to directly upload the images to this forum due to file size restrictions. I'll try to edit and update this soon when I get the time to. In the meantime, you can view @Angel_Arrow's video as mentioned above. Happy Trucking!
  4. Paying money to have your VTC's custom paintjob in-game seems a bit eh.. Would be okay I guess if they had to pay. That shows that they are serious in playing TruckersMP and in their VTC to be paying real money for those perks (e.g. people paying premium monthly on TrucksBook.) but not being able to or not having the means of paying for it (not everyone has paypal/debit cards/credit cards to use in situations like this) doesn't mean that they aren't serious about playing TruckersMP or to their VTC. I have been here since 2014 and I would love to support TruckersMP by donating but b
  5. Happy Birthday Kap! Happy Trucking! :tmp:

    1. Kap.


      Thank you! :D 

  6. Привет @Vanos_s! Вы, кажется, используете русский язык, и, поскольку я не знаю об этом, я использую Google Translate. Во-первых, вы попали не в ту часть форумов, так как это раздел руководств для начинающих и игроков. Возможно, вам лучше написать сообщение об этой проблеме в разделе справки форумов (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/). Вы можете задать вопрос там, и ваш вопрос, скорее всего, будет перенесен на русскую часть форумов, где другие россияне или люди, владеющие этим языком, могут вам помочь. Ваш друг по имени St4bs Diraal может та
  7. Hello @KneelArmstrong! Does this problem only occur when you play (A) American Truck Simulator in Multiplayer? Or (B) also when you play it in offline/singleplayer mode? (A) Try the settings on TruckersMP itself via pressing tab and right clicking during in game or in the settings tab on the login screen. (B) Try checking your game audio settings in game. You could also try checking your computer itself. It may be because your ATS/ATSMP/TMP Sounds have been turned down or muted. You could also try verifying the game files via Steam itself.
  8. It appears to be that your game was updated to 1.35 and then downgraded back to 1.34, therefore, having your save file to be also updated to work on the 1.35 but not work on 1.34 anymore. You could do to your ets2 documents folder and use the 1.34 save backup and replace your current save with that.
  9. If you've been through CD Road, that's not the case since probably more than half of the people driving there have their trucks filled with lights that are turned on all the time as well as really loud air horns. Oh well, can't do anything about them hahah but I do keep my horn and light horn light beside each other so if I need to flash someone or use the high beams for a few seconds or so, I could just use that button instead of actually turning on my high beams and aux lights. I might make a post soon about my control settings since it may help others especially beginners.
  10. So I saw in the recent updates tab that people have been greeting you for your birthday and everyone deserves to be greeted at their own birthdate so..


    Happy Birthday! :D :tmp:

  11. Thanks for the replies! I'll be looking forward to testing this out and when things go well, I'll try to make a tutorial about it so more people would use it. I also made a detailed Virtual Speditor tutorial couples hours ago but the post hasn't been approved yet.
  12. Just made a Speditor guide. Hopefully, this one works out and then I'll try to make a Telemetry guide soon.

  13. NOTE: This post is based off of xyzan's post on the SCS Forums. I have re-posted this here and made a tutorial for people, especially beginners, wanting to do custom jobs and be able to join convoys. I do not take credit of the Virtual Speditor tool itself. It is made my xyzan and you could go see his post on the SCS Forums as stated in the hyperlink above. Virtual Speditor v2.06 for ETS2 & ATS This tool is used to create custom jobs for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. This is very useful when you want to go to a specific location fr
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