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  1. This Friday's Gaming Stream livestream now beginning! On tonight's stream, a game that was previously thought to be lost forever, the one that originated Star Fox Adventures. On tonight's stream: Dinosaur Planet!




  2. Tonight's Gaming Friday stream is going to start half to one hour late, but it will still happen! Stay tuned and follow me on Twitch to catch it.




  3. PT-BR: Mais um Quarta BR está agora ao vivo. No stream desta noite: Os Caça Fantasmas: O Video Game!

    ENG: Another BR Wednesday is now live. On tonight's stream: Ghostbusters: The Video Game!





  4. Time to color some stuff. Time for art!




  5. Fancy synthwave? Fancy those cool 80's-style wallpapers with lots of neon colors and cool 80's sports cars driving into the sunset? Then join me on tonight's stream as I play a game that is full of it! On tonight's stream: Neon Drive.




  6. Hey guys, don't forget! Today's Friday and in about half an hour my Friday stream will begin! It's gonna be a pretty game, tonight.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it!



  7. Apesar de ligeiramente atrasado, o Quarta BR está agora ao vivo! Junte-se à nós enquanto atiramos em zumbis enquanto jogo Left 4 Dead 2 com alguns amigos!

    (Os streams de quarta são exclusivamente em português)


    Though slightly late, BR Wednesday is now live! Join us for some zombie shooting as I play Left 4 Dead 2 with some friends!


    (Wednesdays streams are exclusively in Portuguese)




  8. I am a bit late because I had to go to the supermarket, but today's Gaming Friday is now live! On today's stream: Angels with Scaly Wings.




  9. Quick reminder that today's Friday and as such, there's another livestream coming up in under two hours! \o/


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it.



    1. RICKY9618


      Passing by, to give a like. Let's go.

  10. Brand new Wednesday livestream is now live! Wednesdays streams will be just like the Friday streams (a different game every week), though these will be hosted in Portuguese, only. In other words: Wednesday streams will be in Portuguese only (Friday and Sunday streams will remain unchanged). Tonight's game: DOOM.


    Welcome, to BR Wednesday!



  11. Now that I am a little more awoken, it is time to art.




  12. I overslept so today's Chill Art Sunday is going to start a little later than it should. Expect it to go live in about 45 minutes. Sorry about that.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it!



  13. It's Friday, Friday! Time to play Shelter 2 on tonight's Gaming Friday stream!




  14. Português:

    Que tal mais um livestream experimental em português, hm? No stream de hoje, um pouco de um clássico: Need for Speed II Special Edition.



    How about another experimental livestream in Portuguese, hm? On today's stream, a bit of a classic: Need for Speed II Special Edition.




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