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  1. Quite close to 4000!




    4:40 AM. I should sleep. dragonyawn.gif?1

  2. Last week I bought a hard drive docking station. The online tracking system says it has been sent to my local distribution center on the last 15th of this month. Tomorrow's gonna be exactly seven days (a week) since that date was presented in the system and the system still doesn't show the package has been sent for delivery and I obviously haven't received it yet. What the hay are they waiting for to deliver it!? D: 


  3. The Ivecos are not exactly one of my favorite trucks to drive, even though I have one that I have made it my tradition to drive every December until January, but somehow, for some reason, I always feel some desire to drive a Iveco around more frequently. I might drive this one for a bit:




    1. NotSoFancyFox


      I dont really mind Ivecos, but the only reason I dont drive them is because the slow indicator drives me insane...

  4. Oiiii!!! I am suddenly in the mood for Barbecue Dragons Tail XD 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      That's not how it works when you have the words "barbecue" and "dragon" in the same sentence, though, you know.

    2. RainbowBlazie [Canadian]
  5. Mike Dragon

    Heavy Haul Convoy 23rd September 2018

    I'll definitely be there and bring my Draco Pete along. I just hope I won't be at the tail again as I usually end up in ATS public convoys. lol
  6. I really like how this trailer for my Draco Pete turned out. :3 Too bad I can't keep it yet. :'c



    1. ScaniaFan89


      i really hope they add paint dlc support for trailers, people are gonna save edit them for a fact & im expecting many crashes from people putting michiln wheels, scania dlc etc on trailers!


      i mean if i can think of it they are gonna try it 

    2. stilldre1976


      looks good bro I love the old 70s colors on the trailer looks great B)

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thanks. :D The colors choice is simply to match the truck's paintjob, though. Except for the yellow lines. Those are there for contrast.

  7. Mike Dragon

    TruckersMP Events - Sunday or Saturday?

    For me, personally, Sunday still works best, given that Saturday still may sparkle work for me to do (sometimes it does, especially if the server of some client breaks down near the end of the week, which that's exactly when they most do when they do break down) or some other activity/situation that requires my attention. Sundays are usually always 100% free for me.
  8. Such a pretty place! :3



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    2. DJFrontier


      "The day is so hot ... I need a shower." :troll:

    3. FBTC Raphael-BR

      FBTC Raphael-BR

      drinking water straight from the source.:lol:

    4. Velcta The Wolf
  9. Oh boy! 1.32 is out! :D
    * has to be able to go in-game to do GM work so downgrade to 1.31 is necessary *



    1. PUSHROD


      Painful ! :( Word bro...


    2. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      Gotta do what you gotta do :3

  10. We used to be friends and I always thought you viewing my page was like oh Mike was here. Now because you're admin all I think of is "God... what did I do this time." 


    Also with your forum rank "might bite your face off" I bursted out laughing but then got terrified XD

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    2. RainbowBlazie [Canadian]

      RainbowBlazie [Canadian]

      Never xDD, used a past tens to be dramatic asf

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Aah. :P Good. I won't have to bite you, then. :kappa: 

    4. RainbowBlazie [Canadian]
  11. Let me tell you about little Cocoa Bean's big adventure!


    I met Cocoa Bean in a jungle forest, reaaaaallly far away from home. He had a little brother, though the poor thing fell in a pond and I couldn't save him. ;-;




    Their mother was nowhere to be seen, unfortunately. With his brother's passing, Cocoa Bean was alone! So I took the little fella and boarded him on my boat. He looked so tiny in that small boat!




    With little Cocoa Bean safely tucked in on the boat, we set sail, off to home!




    It was a very long journey. We had to stop and take a few breaks along the way. With a surplus of fresh fish I had brought along with me, Cocoa grew strong!




    And little Cocoa was pretty courageous! Little Cocoa fearlessly faced the waves with me in our small boat.




    It was a really long journey to home, but eventually we made it. After over 50 days (over 3 hours of real world time), little Cocoa Bean was finally home, safely enjoying the company of his new birb friends, and all the fish he can eat.




    Long live little Cocoa Bean! The fearless adventurer kitty! <3

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    2. [RG] v1nnic
    3. DJFrontier


      Wow! this was thrilling! :love:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      This is Great  :wub: RIP Cocoa bean's brother tho :RIP:

  12. I just installed the two new case coolers I had ordered for my computer. They are SO much QUIETER!! I will need to get used to my PC being silent, now. XD Thank you, DeepCool!

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    2. Rev.


      Was reading it and waiting for you to say you installed them the wrong way. :kappa:

    3. Mircea97


      can you send me link in private or here??i m looking for coolers 120 size

    4. Rob1james
  13. Little reminder for anyone who has been banned for whatever reason: Do NOT message staff members about your ban. Especially Game Moderators and upper staff. This will not solve your issue as we do not deal with this kind of thing outside of the bans/appeals system. Not to mention that only the Game Moderator who banned you can do something about your situation. Don't send staff any PMs on the forums, don't tag them, don't make threads about your ban, don't send messages to them on Discord, etc. If you want your ban to be reviewed and possibly removed, then what you must do instead is make a ban appeal. Only that can do anything for you and only through that (ban appeal) a Game Moderator will be able to talk to you about your ban and only through that you may have your ban removed.


    If you don't know how to make an appeal, then please read the following guide:



    And remember: Be patient! Appeals are normally answered in up to three days. Don't expect evidence to be available right away or for the Game Moderator to respond to your appeal immediately. We have many appeals to answer to and many evidence videos to upload so we can provide them to you and we have to do it all in our spare time. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and as a result, there might be some waiting so please, be patient. If you appeal, we will see it. There is no need to "poke" us or other staff member outside of the appeals system, alright? ;) If you have been banned, make a ban appeal and the Game Moderator who banned you will respond as soon as possible.

    1. MrHarv98


      yes admin

    2. PUSHROD


      Now this friends is why I like Mike. Simple down to earth & decent human being. Willing to help others in a polite & understanding way. Say hello when you meet him on the roads, he DESERVES respect. ;)

    3. Mike Dragon
  14. Welcome aboard, @DJFrontier! :D

    1. DJFrontier


      Thanks, Mike! :wub:

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      You're welcome! :)

  15. Mike Dragon

    Who has priority in this situation? Watch the video

    Technically, the truck coming down from the ramp had the right of way. Pause at 00:01 and you'll see that you had a give way/yield sign, meaning that you should have stopped and given way to that truck. Bear in mind that when playing MP you have to abide to the traffic rules of the country in which you are driving at in the game. As such, under European law (and law from all countries that use the same sign), there being a give way sign facing you means that you were the one in the wrong. And that is why your report was declined and you have been told by the GM that you were wrong. I'd do the same, if I'm honest. Would be unfair to ban the other player in this situation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yield_sign I hope this answers your question. P.S: I highly recommend you don't drive faster than 90 KM/h on country/narrow roads such as that one. Also reduce your speed as you approach intersections.