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  1. I just had my first encounter with a nutcracker in Lethal Company and I tried to kill it to take its shotgun. It went as well as I expected! \o/



  2. It's a lovely Sunday and it is time for art. So join me on today's Chill Art Sunday and let's get progress done on a commission.

    https://www.picarto.tv/MikeDragonArt (Streaming to Picarto is experimental and may have lag.)


  3. About a month has gone by since my second long series stream and it is about time I start the third one on the Gaming Friday, but before I do that, let's play one more random game on the Gaming Friday. Join me and let's watch me get scared and possibly die a lot once again in Lethal Company.



  4. I've made some tweaks to the Lethal Company solo experience and now I'll try to see how far I can get by myself. Join me and watch me die to a bunch of brackens!



    1. RedNub


      Good luck with stream!


  5. I am not feeling sufficiently disposed today, so though the Chill Art Sunday is my favorite stream and it is harmful for me to not present it, I won't be doing it today. 😞


    But follow me on Twitch anyway to catch all future streams!


  6. Hey now. My friend is flying a chopper on a map I created, check it out!



    1. 'MaRtY


      Lets Goo Hypee⬆️

  7. With 60 thousand I'll fly a chopper.



  8. Join me on tonight's stream and let's play a game from my childhood. One that I haven't played since around the mid 2000's and with all the old car mods that I had at the time but with a difference: This time I'll be using a controller instead of the keyboard for the first time!



  9. Later this evening I'll be playing the first racing game I ever played on PC, one that I haven't played since probably the mid 2000's. I'll be using all the old car mods I had back in the day but this time I'll be playing it with a controller for the first time.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it!


  10. Testing if I can use my Colors! 3D save from my Nintendo 3DS on the Citra emulator on PC to work on my handheld art on livestreams and then send them back to the 3DS. And good news! It works! I can draw on my 3DS, backup the save, transfer to the PC, continue working on the same drawing on the emulator then backup that save and transfer back to the 3DS and continue working on it there! 😄 Colors! 3D art is now an option for my Sunday livestreams, the Chill Art Sunday.



  11. Set up a new behavior for a character in Desktop Ponies takes much longer than I remember.

    https://www.picarto.tv/MikeDragonArt (Streaming to Picarto is experimental and may have lag.)


  12. Join me now and let's race some karts!



    1. 'MaRtY


      Lets GOOO Hypeee⬆️

  13. Quick early stream. I'm copying Miis from my Wii U into the Mii Maker of the Dolphin emulator. Though I'm not talking on this stream and I am not checking chat either.



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