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  1. I'm addicted to both these versions:


  2. My dad started teaching me how to drive in our old Fiat 147, one like this one: (I really miss that car) Then in our Fiat Prêmio: (Which by the way, is still our daily driver) Though actual driving classes to get my license were taken in a white Chevrolet Celta from the driver's school:
  3. Pressing "/" should open chat with "/" already typed in

    I'd rather not. It's no trouble to press Y then / at all and besides, just like me, there certainly are other players who already have a command assigned to /. Myself, I have a different command for each one of the / keys: Differential lock on the main / key and Quick Save on the NumPad / key. It was bad enough when they changed the CB and I had to reassign the hazard lights to another key. Don't need that again now that I have less keys available for assignments. -1.
  4. And this is how you DDoS someone, right? 




  5. Stupid stuff like this is one of the reasons why I love the internet and wonder how on Earth did I manage to make to the year 2001 without it. lol



    Good night to those of you going to bed and good day to those of you who just came out of it! It's Monday, let's all hate it together!

    1. The_Falcon
    2. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      Hope you got your fan fixed. Lol  :<)


    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Since it broke down on a Saturday, I didn't have much choice but to spend R$ 95.90 and buy a new one. Almost 100 bucks. ;-; It was either that or drown in a puddle of sweat.

  6. The house we've been living in since 2006 is rented and the owners decided to sell it. They want R$ 180.000 right away for it and we cannot afford that so we've been given three months to find a new place and leave the house. :( Major issue now is: Find a decent house for an affordable rent price in a good area is very difficult, nowadays. :c

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    2. David Edson

      David Edson

      Nossa Tio... sério, boa sorte e força em sua nova jornada, acredite, coisas boas virão para tí !

    3. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      :<(((  Sorry to here this. Hope you get things worked out.

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you guys. We're looking what we can find. I'm hoping we can find something around this area like we want, otherwise things will get a lot more complicated for us. :(

  7. Weather has been quite hot, lately. I have a small fan next to my bed at my feet that I use to blow fresh wind on me when I'm sleeping so I can remain cool and comfortable. The fan died last night. I woke up uncomfortably sweaty. ;-;

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    2. Jean M. (SP-BR)
    3. DJFrontier


      Lhe entendo perfeitamente, como morador de Belém/PA sei muito bem como é ;-;

    4. V.T-Samuka-BR-Go


      agora imagina aqui no Goias


  8. The world is burning in our land of confusion but meanwhile I'm just here enjoying good music. :D



    Chin up, boys and girls! We're about half-way into the week. Not much longer until the weekend! :D

  9. Staff Convoy 11.03.2018

    So short noticed! I should be there as usual. :3
  10. [PT] Há muita demanda nos reports?

    Hmmhm. Exatamente. Há literalmente milhares de reports. As vezes demora um pouco mesmo. Damos prioridade aos reports mais velhos (os que foram enviados primeiro). Basta ter um pouco de paciência que logo chegamos ao seu. Nenhum report é ignorado. Absolutamente todos são verificados.
  11. Guys, guys! Notice how the trailer is TOO close to the cab and the paintjob decal extends over it.



    Could this be it? Could this FINALLY be the rigid trucks we've been waiting for for years!? :o Whatever it is, SCS thinks its cool enough to start teasing us!



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    2. Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Acho que é um novo chassis para scania, 8x4.. 

      Vamos aguardar e ver o que é, mas realmente estou curioso.




      Essa foi uma das opiniões no twitter da SCS que faz eu acreditar que seja um 8x4, algo que queria muito é que a Mighty Griffin DLC ganhasse suporte para a nova scania, ao invés de ficar usando aqueles mods malucos.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Shame its not rigids/tandems but nice to have an 8x4 on new Scania :)

    4. David Edson

      David Edson

      8x4 na nova Scania, ou mesmo novos tandens, irá ser bem interessante ! 

  12. God! I love this truck! <3






    1. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      Nothing sweeter than a good looking Pete !! And that is a beauty no doubt.  :<)

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you! ^-^

    3. Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Fotos bonitas ainda mais com esse caminhão, seria bom se fosse verdade eu rodar em gráficos assim :( 


      Um dia espero ter aquele computador dos sonhos para jogar nos gráficos ultra e tirar fotos tops como essa ;=; 

  13. I want a Lumia 950. :| I want one quite badly. Love my 640 XL and now I want a 950 or 950 XL.


    Time to start saving money!

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    2. Akoa


      Lol @Mike Dragon Then I understand (about the price) here you only can buy an i5 and a 1060 for the price of an iphone x so the prices are different. Also that is each one opinion. Because for me is not important that thing of itunes. I haven't used it more than 3 times. And also in my experience I have an android with 2 ram and snapdragon 820 and an Iphone with 1 gb of ram and I don't know the processor and for me is much better the iphone even having less specs. That's only personal opinion.

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's a matter of restrictions, freedom and practicality + price. iPhones suck at all these aspects for being overpriced, restrictive and by extension, unpractical. Androids are cheap but unpractical and slightly restrictive, platform-wise. Windows 10 Mobile is cheap, performs well, is practical and gives all the freedom one could wish for in a mobile device. It's not just a matter of opinion but logic. I'm looking at the whole package each platform offers, you know? If iPhones weren't so overpriced and restrictive, I'd have no issues towards them but that thing about them makes them completely worthless in terms of value per price.

    4. Akoa


      Yeah I understand I know that, but for the things I do, I don't need to have less restrictions. For me works fine and work perfecly, and none of the other phones that I've had gave me that experience, that why I choose it.

  14. *Rant mode ON*

    Why is it so difficult to find a good keyboard, these days?


    I've had this keyboard I am using for quite some years now. It's a great keyboard. REALLY comfortable to type with, it looks nice, it has a very practical multimedia panel and the command keys are very easy to reach without having to teach yourself to hit a specific spot if you are not looking at the keyboard while typing. The right Shift key has just the right length and the Enter key is only as wide as it should be. The Arrow keys are centered under the Insert/Delete/Home/Page Up/Page Down keys as they should instead of being cluttered together with other keys and the Num Pad has a space of its own. Oh, and my favorite: The keys are slim. It's a simple, but really great keyboard that I love to use and it has served me really well for almost ten years, now. It is great for work and great for games AND it is water resistant! In fact, I slipped milk on it once a long time ago and absolutely no damage was caused to it.



    Everything in this keyboard is just perfect and it has never let me down. However, like everything in this world, some day it will malfunction or stop working completely and I will need a replacement. I've had it for almost a whole decade (man, time goes by so quickly!) and the more time passes, the more I worry about the arrival of that day so I have been trying to prepare myself and find a worthy replacement but holy balls! It's been impossible to find something decent that can live up to the standard my current keyboard has got me used to!


    Let's begin by the basics and main thing: Key layouts. 8 out of 10 keyboard models I ever looked at so far have crappy layouts. Tiny right Shift key, an Enter key that's as tall as any letter key, arrow keys and others that are completely offset and crammed underneath the letters, tiny Backspace and/or CapsLock, etc. Like the one below (look at my keyboard above to compare and see what I mean):



    Then there's the multimedia panel. Those buttons that are usually at the top of the keyboard and offer practical shortcuts to things such as your internet homepage, Back, Next, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down, Play, Pause, Stop, etc. My keyboard has a button for Play and Pause and one for Stop so I can have full control of the music or movie I em enjoying, whether or not it is playing in the background or not. I can pause it if I want or completely stop it to start again from the beginning if I so desire. All other keyboard I find only have Play/Pause. No Stop button! Is it so hard to put those buttons on the same keyboard? Not to mention those who do have all these multimedia buttons, but they are attached to the F keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) as Function keys, so you have to press the Fn key to use them. Or the other way around, have the F keys as Functions, which is just as bad.


    And then there's the key themselves. I love slim keys (those that are short in height, like on my keyboard) and I want them on my next keyboard but it's so difficult to find one that has them! It's all about the traditional height with all keyboards these days, it seems. And don't even get me started on those "gamer" type keyboards. The keys on most I've seen are huge and 8 out of 10 of them don't even have a multimedia panel. Also I find them ugly. I honestly fail to see their appeal.


    All of those points are separate things by themselves and of course, there are keyboards that have some of the good features my keyboard has combined, like a decently practical multimedia panel, decent keys layout, etc. Though the keyword on most cases is "some". All few models I could find so far that are the least sucky in comparison to my keyboard either have one or two of the features I like in a keyboard. Never all of them (or at least most of them). It's either a good layout with a bad or completely absent multimedia panel or if it does have that, the layout is bad and in most cases, no slim keys. Look at this one, for example... the keys are not as slim as I like but the keyboard looks nice and it has a multimedia panel and decent layout, but the panel doesn't have Stop and the Enter key is just a slab, which makes it easy to hit the key above it by accident, instead:



    And then there's also the comfort aspect. A couple years ago I did find a keyboard that seemed to have all the good attributes I like in my keyboard so I bought it. I bought it online so I could not check how the keys feel and what a deception it is! The multimedia panel has all the stuff I wanted, the keys are slim and the layout is good, but the keys are really hard to press! Type on that thing is absurdly uncomfortable!


    Today I found what seems to be a good option, though. The multimedia panel has all the buttons I wanted plus a couple more, the keys, although not as low as on my keyboard, are said to be slim (they are definitely not the regular height), the layout is good, the size of Enter, Backspace, etc. is just right and it looks alright. But why must the keyboard itself be so large!? And why must the Volume Up and Down be so massive!? D:< :




    I am actually considering to buy this one to keep as a replacement but because it's an online purchase, I have no way of knowing how comfortable and soft those keys are, so despite all other attributes appear to be promising, it's still a shot in the dark. And I have been there! Don't want to repeat that experience once more.


    Back in the day, find keyboards with all of the good attributes I listed throughout this text was not difficult. I actually could find many different options even at the local stores so... what the heck happened?! Why and when did it become so difficult to find such good keyboards that are capable of suiting all your needs?

    1. DJFrontier


      Por um simples fato, Mike, hoje em dias eles olham mais para a economia de peças e para LEDs nos teclados. :truestory:

    2. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      They make them cheap now. :<(