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  1. Need to sleep but you can't? Like trucks? Then here... take a dose of this:


    Good night. :)

    1. Thurston


      Good Night:wub:

  2. You know, If I find you in game. I will stare at you while you do reports. When you finally are ready to drive. I will be right infront of you to scare dragon XD

  3. Mike Dragon

    How can i use car in TruckersMP?

    You can buy the Scout car from any truck dealership.
  4. Meanwhile...


    1. CAMSHAFT#1


      uh huh, like oh yea!!:love:

  5. For no particular reason that I am willing to tell, I will drop this here for your enjoyment and chance to try and figure out if there really isn't a particular reason as to why I am posting this video again, especially at this moment. Have fun! dummy.gif



    1. K0rnholio


      At least that wasn't my Iveco ^_^

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      So long as it's a Scania, it's fine. :sir: 

    3. CAMSHAFT#1
  6. Due to reasons I will not mention, if I play MP on this Sunday 30th, I will change the paintjob on my truck and my dear Draco Pete will look like this for the day:






    This is what it normally looks like: 


    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo 10+ :wub:

  7. Here. Have a Pete because yes.


  8. D R I N K   M I L K !


    Is good for you!

    1. Fumiko


      lool how do you find these?

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I have my sources. :megusta:

  9. My brain after I play ATS for a few hefty hours:




    My brain after I play ETS2 for a few minutes:



    I definitely prefer the effects ATS produces. :thisisfine:

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    2. Twilight_Sparkle


      Now we need to find one for just driving c-d road all day. 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      That would be something long the lines of:



    4. Twilight_Sparkle
  10. It's Monday and a new week is starting! Get pumped!


    1. Twilight_Sparkle


      I think I saw something like this before, PepeLaugh

    2. Thurston
    3. szykaro23
  11. Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! dragonhug.gif?1


    @Ady Man @ASIR [CZE] @K-Sprint @Skazochnik @Japs_TMP @RazvanRO15 @Thurston @Chris2306 @Averazon @RazvyRazvan15 @Batuhan1086 @Szifter @Fred Flintstone @szykaro23 @TomiikCZ @ElectroHouse20 @FBTC DAF - Raaphael @Callum Johnson @Haulvoc @Knusperschnitzel @S.E.T AssassinGoEasy @Soryn Official @VCouto @dangrexf


    I did not reply directly to every single one of you but I did read all your posts! dragonnod1.gif?1 


    And though I cannot share any cake with any of you, I can share these:





    You all have a great week! dummy.gif

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    2. VCouto


      <3 <3 <3

    3. Thurston


      You're welcome, Have fun every day.:wub:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I'm a bit late, Happy Birthday :)

  12. Feliz Aniversário Amigo! :)

  13. Happy birthday Mike, I wish you all the best. Hugs and success. :wub:

  14. Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy Birthday @Mike Dragon :wub:

  15. Happy Birthday! Buddy! :)