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  1. Gaming under my current emotional and psychological state was hard enough last Friday, I dread to find out what it will be like when attempting to do art. Regardless, join me on today's Chill Art Sunday and let's find out.


    https://www.picarto.tv/MikeDragonArt (Streaming to Picarto is experimental and may have lag.)


  2. Given my current state of mind and emotional and psychological situation, livestream again this last Friday was really though and not nearly as enjoyable as it used to be, despite my love for doing it. Despite of that, for the same reasons I gave for streaming again on Friday, I will put in the effort to air the Chill Art Sunday later today, but I apologize in advance if it won't be as good as previous Sundays.


    Follow me on Twitch and Picarto to catch it at 3 PM (eastern time).


  3. Out of want and mostly need in a few ways, and although I feel it's still a bit too early to get back to it, today I am bringing back the Gaming Friday with part 4 of our Briley Witch Chronicles playthrough for the Commodore 64. Join me and let's see if I can handle streaming yet or not.




  4. As considered previously, I will give streaming a shot. I don't feel emotionally ready to do it this soon after my dad's passing, but I miss it, I need it and it might help keep my mind distracted. So Gaming Friday on Friday 19th, at the old time. Or an hour earlier, I might do that.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it.


  5. It hasn't been that long since I had to stop streaming, but it sure does feel like it. Regardless, it's been long enough that my streamdeck is covered is dust and the monitor of my second PC has cobwebs.


  6. Following up this post from a few days ago: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&status=318617&type=status After this next Tuesday I will decide whether or not return to livestreaming, even if in a limited manner.


  7. Following up on my previous post, specifically the part about making money to literally survive... I am light-years away from being ready to do anything, but despite my grieving and extreme emotional fragility, need might make me get back to livestreaming and working on art commissions, or at least trying. Since none of the dozens of CVs I sent out got me a response yet and God knows when or if any of them will, I must try to make at least a couple bucks with Twitch and my art. But I honestly don't know if I am capable of working on those this soon, if at all. I do miss streaming and doing art a lot, but actually having the capacity to do it, well... that's a whole different story.

    1. L-DR@GO


      It's gonna get better bro ..

      Just stay strong 💪


  8. I buried my dad this last Sunday. Needless to say it was awful. I am extremely vulnerable right now and almost anything related to him is enough to trigger a stream of tears. And you know what makes the process of grieving even harder to bear? Having to worry about how I will afford bills and food and rent, having to worry about finding a job and MANAGING to work. And all the while struggling to overcome the negative and limiting programming/conditioning my mother engraved deep in my mind (context: https://www.deviantart.com/mike-dragon/journal/I-Don-t-Want-to-Play-Anymore-1028684784), while still living under the same roof as her and still having that programming refreshed nearly on a daily basis.


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      So sorry to see your going through all that and so sorry for your loss, hope things will get better for you ❤️

  9. The funeral and burial of my dad will be taking place this Sunday 7th. I don't know how I will handle it, but I believe it will be the toughest and most unbearable experience I will probably ever have in my entire life besides that of losing him.


    However this day turns out, I will forever love and miss my dad.

    1. Kaeyabashi


      Rest in peace Mike.

  10. It is with a broken soul that I inform of the passing of my father at the young age of 97. He was a good man, a wonderful man. May God has his soul in a good place and may He give him the promised eternal life. May we hug again some day. He was the best dad I could have asked for.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CrackPrewier


      Rest in peace 😥

    3. poopingcorn


      My condolences.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      So sorry for your loss, My Condolences.

  11. Another long Journal I had to write, so I'll drop a link to it here.


    Decaying Health and Finances by Mike-Dragon on Deviant Art



  12. As mentioned previously, the time for my final livestream has arrived. This stream may be short, almost certainly will have countless long interruptions and will be another item on my list of things I like to do but am forced to give up on because others around me want so. Join me on it this evening for part 3 of Briley Witch Chronicles.



  13. No Gaming Friday today, but do join me tomorrow, Saturday 9th, at... some time... for my part 3 of Briley Witch Chronicles playthrough and final livestream. More details during the stream and this link: https://www.deviantart.com/mike-dragon/journal/I-Don-t-Want-to-Play-Anymore-1028684784


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it.


  14. This is a very long read, but it something that I am long overdue to post. If you can spare the time to read it, thanks; if not, that's fine.


    It's long so I'm simply pasting here the link to it on my Deviant Art.


  15. 3 days left to pay our rent and we're still R$ 618.60 short with no means in sight to get in time. ;-;


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      oh no so sorry to hear that 😢😭 hope things work out ok for ye 🙏

    2. L-DR@GO



      Stay strong 💪 

      Things will get better bro 👍

  16. It's a really hot Friday and my brain and body are melting, but I'm still going live with part 2 of Briley Witch Chronicles on the Gaming Friday. Join me!



  17. Don't forget! Our third long series playthrough is currently underway. Join the next Gaming Friday at 6 PM eastern time for part 2 of Briley Witch Chronicles!


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it!


  18. Magic obscure, out of control and creatures so old. Welcome to Briley Witch Chronicles for the Commodore 64 on today's Gaming Friday in our third long series playthrough!



  19. Unless I am forced to not go live again like last Wednesday, tune in on this next Friday 23rd for the third Long Series Gaming Friday where I'll be playing a charming J-RPG-style new game for the old Commodore 64 computer system!


    Gaming Friday, every Friday at 6 PM eastern time. Follow me on Twitch to catch it!


  20. After not touching ATS and ETS2 since last October, I just updated the Scout mod for singleplayer and did something that was a bit overdue: I just removed the police accessories from my cars and brought them back to their original civilian specs so now I can use them on MP again. I also updated my profile banner and removed the police car I had in it. Now there's only a hole where the police car used to be.


  21. As the days go on, I more and more come to believe that due to how things in my life are, soon I'll be forced to give up livestreaming. I'm so tired of being forced to give up the things I like.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      sorry to hear that, hope things work out ok for you ❤️

  22. I just had my first encounter with a nutcracker in Lethal Company and I tried to kill it to take its shotgun. It went as well as I expected! \o/



  23. It's a lovely Sunday and it is time for art. So join me on today's Chill Art Sunday and let's get progress done on a commission.

    https://www.picarto.tv/MikeDragonArt (Streaming to Picarto is experimental and may have lag.)


  24. About a month has gone by since my second long series stream and it is about time I start the third one on the Gaming Friday, but before I do that, let's play one more random game on the Gaming Friday. Join me and let's watch me get scared and possibly die a lot once again in Lethal Company.



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