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  1. Mike Dragon's post in Feedback ignored since weeks was marked as the answer   
    Well, first of all, post about this sort of stuff here on the forums doesn't get anything solved. Secondly, I can assure you that your feedback ticket has not been ignored. It will be answered by one of the folks in charge of that sometime soon. However, you do need to bear in mind that feedback tickets do sometimes take a while to get answered. This is a community that has over 2 million users and a large portion of those users send feedback tickets almost on a daily basis so it is only normal that sometimes it may take some time for upper staff to manage to go through it all. Besides, they work on a "first in-first out" manner. That is: Older tickets are answered first. So really, it's not that yours have been ignored. Not at all. There's just other tickets ahead of yours. To illustrate it, it's like being in a traffic jam to get onto a ferry at the port. Only those at the front of the jam, which are the ones who arrived there first, will manage to get into the ferry first. Those who just arrived there will be at the end of the jam and thus, will need to wait sometime until it is their turn in line to board the ferry. I understand your frustration, but just be patient, my friend. Your turn will come, soon.  
  2. Mike Dragon's post in Overtaking on the hard shoulder? was marked as the answer   
    Not really. Though overtaking on the shoulder is reckless, that's a kickable offense on the most. It will only become bannable and thus, worthy of a report if the player who's using the shoulder to pass another player causes an accident. For example, let's say Player B overtakes you by driving through the shoulder and he rams you as he passes. That's a bannable offense to which I would give 5 days of ban for reckless driving/inappropriate overtaking+ramming. Otherwise, if no collision would have happened in this example and/or no other accident was caused due to Player B's actions, I'd just kick said player.
  3. Mike Dragon's post in Is it a "must" to slow down and let other player cut me off? was marked as the answer   
    Not necessarily. What you shouldn't do is speed up. It's that that could get you banned. It all boils down to common sense, in the end. If someone is overtaking you and your speed is decent (not too fast), then it is fine to keep that speed steady and keep your lane, in most cases. But it is also important that you evaluate the traffic ahead of you so you can have an idea of whether or not the player who's passing you will be able to complete the overtake safely or not. You need to know to evaluate that so you can tell whether or not you should slow down (if you are going too fast you should slow down anyway) to facilitate his/her maneuver or not. Either way, slow down will always be helpful to someone who's overtaking you, especially in more crowded areas. Though overtake in such locations is usually forbidden, your chances of contributing to causing an accident are reduced if you slow down and keep your lane.
    Technically speaking, you can't really be banned for not slowing down for someone to pass you. When they choose to overtake, the responsibility of that maneuver is mostly on their shoulders, not yours. What lies on your shoulders is just whether or not you want to make life easier for that player. However, if you speed up when someone is trying to pass you and as a result, that person causes an accident because he/she could not pass you in time before meeting traffic in the opposite direction or something else similar resulting from you increasing your speed, then yes, you would be in big risk of receiving a ban for reckless driving. Though it would depend on the situation. Assuming that would happen, the Game Moderator would watch the evidence a couple times to evaluate the chances of success of the player overtaking you, how far away oncoming traffic was, what speed said player was traveling at and how fast you were going in relation to that player. If the GM concludes that the reported player (in this case, the one who tried to overtake but failed and caused an accident) caused the incident in part because you wouldn't let him pass, there is a chance that you could be penalized for either contributing or causing the problem. This may vary from GM to GM and from situation to situation, though. You could be banned for reckless driving or just receive a warning, or nothing at all. But it's better not to risk it, you know.
    Best thing is to always be on the safe side and facilitate for others to pass you. If you are doing 120 KM/h or more, I recommend you slow down to 100 or 90 if someone tries to pass you and you can tell there is no traffic coming the other way or that it is far enough for that person to pass you safely. If they cut in too close to you, then slow down even more so you can gain a safe distance from the person. If you are doing 90 or 80 KM/h, then you probably won't have to worry about slowing down to let them pass. Just keep your speed and lane steady. Slow down to gain distance if they cut in too close in front of you, though. You don't want to risk accidentally ramming them. Not that you would be punished for that, though, but let's face it... no one wants to have a crash. Especially in busy roads.
    You might want to take a look at this little guide on how to overtake and be overtaken properly:
  4. Mike Dragon's post in Can this be used in multiplayer? Can you report? was marked as the answer   
    No, it cannot be used on MP anymore. To achieve that effect you have to pile up the lights in the same slots but under the current rules set, there can be only one single item per slot, which automatically makes tinted headlights illegal.
    Please refer to rule 3.1 for more information: 
    §3.1 Truck modding
    Your vehicle must be functional. The truck must have the chassis, cabin, wheels and headlights. Some players might not see some players' headlights and tail lights if they don't own tuning DLCs. It's also permitted to save edit truck specific paint jobs into other trucks (e.g. Premium Racing paint job into another truck).
    It is allowed to save edit default engines and transmissions for trucks (e.g. 750Hp Volvo Engine with Scania Gearbox on a DAF truck). It is allowed to mix chassis and cabins of different trucks as long as they don't extend their hitbox significantly. Attempts to mix parts of cars and trucks are not allowed and will result in a kick from the server.
    Adding an excessive amount of items on your truck or placing items where they are not meant to stay is not allowed, any item that is not mentioned in these rules can only be placed where allowed by default by the game.
    - It's not allowed to place more items than allowed by default by the game (beacons, lights, horns or any other item).
    - It's not allowed to place beacons and large horns on bullbars/bumpers/sun visors. Normal beacons are allowed only on the roof and on the roof bars. LED beacons are permitted where allowed by default, while normal LED lights can also be placed on bullbars and roof bars.
    - Small horns and other items not mentioned before are allowed only where permitted by default.
    - Items meant for trucks' interiors cannot be placed outside the truck and vice-versa: as an example, it's not allowed to place beacons inside the cabin or place wheel knobs on bullbars, this is valid for every other item.
    - It's not permitted to place more than one item in one single slot. It is permitted to use at most 3 bars and place them on different slots meant for grills or lower bars. It is also possible to put all bars on the same slots and combine them. Items limit for these bars is what the game allows by default.
  5. Mike Dragon's post in play with some dlc you have not purchased was marked as the answer   
    Steam Family Share cannot be used with MP. It simply doesn't work. Also, I'd like to recommend you don't post multiple times at once, like that. Write everything you need to post in a single post. If you have already posted something and want to add more text, simply edit the latest post to add more stuff instead of creating a new post. Additionally, there is nothing keeping you from using your same save file without DLCs. If your issue are garages purchased in DLC territory that would otherwise not exist without said DLC, then all you gotta do is sell away these garages and trucks they may contain.
  6. Mike Dragon's post in Should I report someone who is NOT TMP staff with the tag "TruckersMP" for impersonation? was marked as the answer   
    No, you shouldn't. "Truckers MP" is not impersonation and thus, is allowed. It is just the community, not the staff.
    §1.5 Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind.
    - Using insults of any sort to put another user down. This can include but isn't limited to racism, discrimination and or discussing/expressing (extreme) political, illegal or inappropriate situations/views.
    - Linking or providing access to unsafe websites or content.
    - Light insults such as "idiot" and "noob" aren't normally punished, however, if abused they will be.
    - Impersonating other users, political figures, Moderators or acting like someone who is more superior to another. This can be through the way you speak, your avatar, your license/interior plates, username and/or your game tag.
    - Depending on the situation, this can also apply to other services that we use to aid us within TruckersMP.
  7. Mike Dragon's post in ATSMP Triples " bug " was marked as the answer   
    This problem is already known and is being addressed. A fix for it should be out, soon.
  8. Mike Dragon's post in Teleport freezing my game was marked as the answer   
    This is a known problem that affects some players, usually the ones with many AI drivers and/or low computer specs. This happens when your client attempts to sync with the server. Low computer specs and/or a big amount of AI drivers can cause the game to take much longer than it should to process all the information about the drivers and how much money they have made in the time that is passing when you sleep, take a ferry/train, teleport, etc. 

    Unfortunately, the currently best known solution to this issue is patience. The game may seem frozen and not responding but in truth, it is still working. It may take a while (usually 10 to 15 minutes or so in some cases) but the best thing to do is to be patient and wait until it is done loading everything. Preferably without the computer being given any new commands. Just let it sit there and do its thing without being touched. Once the game manages to finish its task of processing the drivers's information and loading, this problem should not happen again too soon.

    Alternatively, you can either fire most/all of your drivers so the amount of information that needs to be processed is lower or create a new, fresh profile for testing purposes.
  9. Mike Dragon's post in Update. was marked as the answer   
    That's because ETS2 and ATS just received an update by SCS, though it will be a little while until MP can support these new updates. Since your games updated, the only way you can play MP again until it is updated to support the new versions is by downgrading your games to the latest version MP supports. To do that, you can follow this tutorial: 
    Follow the instructions and you'll be back online in no time. ;)
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