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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      1 year later - Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! ;)

  3. hi , i comment on tmp profile even if i have u on stem. 


    how r u bra

  4. Synplex

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    Hey, this looks fun! What do we win?
  5. Synplex

    błąd zapisu gry

    Moved to the Polish off-topic Przeniesione do Polskiego offtopic
  6. Synplex

    Speed limiter is ever activated

    The statement regarding our developers not caring about x server because of their origin is untrue. Our development team watch and care for all servers within our community, regardless of location. It may be difficult to get a response from European members of the team when they are sound asleep, please bear this in mind. Might I suggest submitting a support ticket? We have a wonderful team waiting to assist you with any problems you may be facing: https://support.truckersmp.com/index.php?a=add
  7. Synplex

    What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    Website: 24 Apr 2015 Forum: May 2, 2015
  8. Synplex

    New Radio Recruiting

    Good luck
  9. Synplex

    Unsupported Game Version

    Best answer selected, moved to solved.
  10. Synplex

    What's your favourite truck and why?

    Topic merged with previous thread
  11. For anyone that likes breaking games, I recommend watching Games Done Quick. AGDQ 2017 is currently live for the week, definitely worth watching your childhood games be destroyed :P



  12. Synplex

    In-Game Reporting of Violators

    As mentioned above by @heyhococo, I wouldn't recommend reporting someone whilst driving if you are not using a wheel as it locks your input. I would pull over where safe, and then report the perpetrator. If you are using a wheel, you will still have control over your vehicle during the process
  13. Synplex


    Moved to French discussion