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  1. No, when reset economy u still have a short cargo deliver request
  2. is this only for external contracts?
  3. Hello everyone i had a problem, i have this dlc alot time and installed but i dont have a see that cargo's, and what is problem can be?
  4. Hello i have big problem why i cant use crystal dimension paint job [have kick and saying please change paintjob] if its reward from Grand gift delivery 2017 What is problem?
  5. Run Administrator only that can help no ones solved
  6. Hello i installed new update and when i try start a Ets2mp they drop This: Previous this update was work normal...
  7. u dosent loose that money what u have.. just more dont get from drivers or need turn on Drivers Limit like 10-5
  8. u dont get it.. im not for self, this money deal is like cheating so just need block it or something i think no ones care this because all using
  9. i just hate cheats so im not for self post here.
  10. if u use cheat u can get Steam Block
  11. i dont know or bug or no but if u turn off pc they working still, now i have 624Milion my friend have 130Biliard so thats not fear... if people nothing do they only playing others game and getting free money
  12. in euro truck can buy people who work for u so they can work all day all night and when u quit game they still working when come u have 10milion or more if have +50 working people Sorry for english
  13. Next time yes that i mean
  14. Hello im are ETS2MP player and i have one question: maybe you can remove the Drivers Exchange because a player gets a lot and he earned about 100 billiards money and he never insolvency, I think it would be fair if it is remove it, and then the player could play honest. Players please click on comments and vote Yes/No i think this is very very easy get money.. (Sorry for english ) Good Luck
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