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  1. Moved to the Polish off-topic Przeniesione do Polskiego offtopic
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  3. For anyone that likes breaking games, I recommend watching Games Done Quick. AGDQ 2017 is currently live for the week, definitely worth watching your childhood games be destroyed :P



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  5. Streaming some Euro Truck over on the partners Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/slavqueeen

  6. Hey @Mr_Pingu I have added your log to a spoiler to reduce post size, your were right, it was very large In future, I recommend using our upload system instead (found at the bottom whilst creating a post/topic):
  7. I'm taking my holiday leave (unpaid, bad union ;)), I wish you all a very happy holiday! ^_^

    1. Forraz


      Leaving me here alone I see

    2. katethegreat


      Have fun and Happy Holidays. :D 

  8. Hi @YungWellz Please use the suggested format
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  11. Happy birthday you old grump! Got you a little something ;)



    1. Glanshon


      Mate xD


      Love you too lol


      Ty for the Birthday Messages

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  13. I shall give it a shot! Sounds like it has a lot more to offer than MCV, did use Lano for a while but eh xD Also, took the advice with a darker background, much prefer it tbh <3
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  16. Not when Windows isn't activated need to get me a new key.
  17. And with that, I am off to the land of snooze. Play nicely, I'm certain @1nYX will be watching :P

    1. Forraz


      U wot... You leaving me for sleep? Baaah you need to stay awake man ;) Keep me company!




      jk jk, sleep well.

    2. Cestrian


      Reminds me of working nights, sleeping all morning then having the afternoon for games then work.

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