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Found 931 results

  1. What do you think? What's new in 1.34? Will the MAN TGX Euro6 be added? Please leave a comment.
  2. -MehmetCan_64-


  3. Imagine yourself as the CEO of SCS Software. You could add or change anything you want. What would you add to the game? Personally I would add busses, creating your own skins on trucks and trailers and a new racing mode with special racing trucks and with a special race track.

    Multiplayer does not work

    после обновления мультиплеер не работает фатальная ошибка Unsupported game version detected откатываеш до 1.33 в стиме роботает но на следущий день опять обнова и опять ошибка зачем воопще выпускать эту обнову не пойму если игра не работает после обновления мультиплеер не работает неустранимая ошибка Неподдерживаемая версия игры обнаружена откат до 1.33 в стиме но на следующий день снова обновляется и снова ошибка почемуvoopsche выпуск этого обновления не поймет, если игра не работает
  5. lil Gilles03

    Italy DLC

    Hello truckers, I want to buy the Italy map DLC but is it worth it? If you have the DLC, what are you thoughts about it? Please leave it behind in the comments. Have a nice day, Lil Gilles03
  6. Apply here: https://apply.nationalfreightways.co.uk
  7. Hirxchi

    Custom skins online?

    Hey guys! This might be a nooby question but how can I use my own custom made skins in online. I've created my own trailer skin but it wont show in online. Is there a way for them to show online. Thanks
  8. To all the wonderful members of TruckersMP, I am proud to finally present Quality Express to you! We are a fresh VTC, founded in August 2018. Our main focus is to give all our members the true trucker experience, and also give them the community of their life. Our community is caring, serious and dedicated, but we never forget to have fun. Since our launch we have been invited to various events across the TruckersMP community, and we are attending a lot of events in the future. Our drivers are active and friendly, so you will make new friends for life in no-time joining the VTC, you will neither have any trouble finding anyone to drive with. This is some of the things you can expect as a member of Quality Express: -Our skilled Convoy Crew will make sure our weekly convoys goes smoothly. -A dedicated staff team that will be there to assist you in any way. -Custom version of Facebook/Twitter (Drivers Hub). -Driver of the month announcements. -A great friendly community. -Professional colleagues. -Prizes and giveaways. We are now searching new members from all around the globe to join the team. Are you seeking the true trucker experience? Join the team today, you will not regret! Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/e6ZNCeK Website: https://www.qualityexpressvtc.com
  9. dgkn08

    ETS 2 MP Ekran Görüntüleri

    Fotoğraflar @EFLANİLİ tarafından çekilmiştir.
  10. Kulguyz92

    ETS2mp crashes at loading screen

    Hi there, After the release of Beyond the Baltic(also implemented on TMP) was working fine on ETS2MP. However, just last two days the game kept crashing on a loading screen with game music going off and getting me off the game. I have had the current version of promods installed but I'm not exactly sure what is causing the crash. SP works fine with the same number of mods I've installed. just the trouble with multiplayer. please help. Many Thanks
  11. Prime Logistics VTC ---- Prime Logistics was founded on the 12/10/2018 by Joe & Matt. Our aim with the VTC was to have it how the drivers wanted it, so for every decision we make, we try and include as may peoples opinions as possible! ---- Requirements - Must own official version of ETS2 or ATS. - 14+ years old - Minimum 75 hours in ETS2 or ATS (Can Be combined) - Must be willing to log jobs. - If any bans occurred in the previous 3 months, please let us know in your application. ---- Links - Our website: https://primevtc.com - Our discord: https://primevtc.com/discord - Our twitter: https://primevtc.com/twitter APPLY TODAY!
  12. Türkiye Lojistik Yönetim Kadrosu Ali Çelik Liderliği İle 20 Ocak 2015 Tarihinde Kuruldu. Şirketimizin Ve Üyelerimizin Tek Amacı Kurallara Uymak Ve Başarılı Bir Şekilde İlerlemektedir. Oyun Ve Sosyal Baglarımızı Koruyarak Aile Gibi Bir Ortamda İlerlemekteyiz. EKİBİMZE KATILMAK İÇİN GEREKEN KURALLAR; * Şirketimizde herkes makam,rütbe farketmeksizin yaşını bilerek hitap etmelidir * Şirketimizde alım için “En Az Oynama Süresi 300 Saat Olmalıdır * Şirketimize alım için “En Fazla 3 Banınız Olmalıdır. Fazlası Kabul Edilmez * Şirketimizde resmi konvoylarda küfür etmek yasaktır, her birey olgun davranmalıdır. * Sart olan DLC paketleri şunlardır; ” Scania Tuning Pack , Michelin Fan Pack , İtalya Haritası , Scandinavia Haritası , Türkiye Boya Paketi ve (ilerleyen zamanlarda Baltic Sea Dlc zorunlu kılınacaktır. '' * Şirketimizde Euro Truck Simulator 2‘de konvoy günleri şu şekilde olup (Cuma,Cumartesi) konvoya gelemediğiniz veya gelemediğiniz durumlarda mazaret bildirmeniz zorunludur. * Şirketimizde her resmi konvoyun saati 20:00 toplanma olup 20:40 kalkıştır. Kalkış saatinde gelenler mazareti yoksa beklenmeyecektir ŞİRKET KURALLARI EKİBİMİZE KAYIT OLMAK İÇİN KURALLARIMIZI KABUL ETMELİSİNİZ! KONVOYLARIMIZA AİT FOTOĞRAFLAR ! İLETİŞİM BİLGİLERİ Discord: https://discord.gg/wFAKJ6X Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/alicelik33/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiW5pa6TeVTRDveaAhxdmNg?view_as=subscriber S
  13. ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ ! ВЫ НАХОДИТЕСЬ В ГАРАЖЕ ВИРТУАЛЬНОЙ ТРАНСПОРТНОЙ КОМПАНИИ * NORDIC CROWN * Наша компания ПЕРВАЯ в рейтинге компаний в VTC Panel ! Навигатор успеха правильно прокладывает нам путь по изломанным дорогам игры ETS 2. ВЕДЕМ НАБОР СОВЕРШЕННО АДЕКВАТНЫХ ВО ВСЕХ СМЫСЛАХ ВОДИТЕЛЕЙ, НА КОНКУРСНОЙ ОСНОВЕ. ТРЕБОВАНИЯ К ВАМ ТРЕБУЙТЕ ОТ НАС 1.Возраст 20+ 1.Дружный,адекватный,взрослый коллектив 2.Наличие DLC карт 2.Ежедневные конвои 3.Выезд на конвой день:13:30 вечер:20:30 МСК 3.Помощь в поиске контрактов 4.Выполнение контрактов 5.Присутствие чувcтва юмора (по возможности) АДМИНИСТРАЦИЯ КОМПАНИИ * NORDIC CROWN * Генеральный директор Начальник отдела кадров Зам.Генерального директора Администратор Директор конвоев Логист-редактор конвоев Директор конвоев Логист-редактор конвоев Директор конвоев Логист-редактор конвоев Зам.Директора по логистике НАС НАЙТИ На VTC Панель DISCORD
  14. About Us ST VTC was established on 9th February 2013 by StuartD, RyanB and OscarS. From then on it has grown to include over 500 active drivers. ST VTC was originally inspired by the well known Eddie Stobart and the Stobart Group. However in order to put our own spin on the company we became ST VTC. We are a group of trucking enthusiasts who are able to truck whilst making friends, ST is open to people from around the world of all different ages and we encourage diversity in our members. Our History From launch ST VTC grew at a slow rate, averaging around two people joining our team per week, however we have had a substantial growth which allowed us over 20 new recruits each week! These members that join are able to work up through our ranks proving themselves while they keep track of all the loads they truck. Our Systems TruckNet We have a unique VTC CMS known as TruckNet which allows users to completely track every step of their route and log it within our systems, this means friendly competition is never far away. Telemetry We are also working on implementing a live driver tracking system that allows users to simply run a secondary program that will automatically submit jobs upon completion. It'll also show your current position within ETS2 on our website, https://www.stvtc.co.uk/trucklive Stobart Store We have developed a way to make driving more engaging, by allow our users to earn points while they drive. Upon reaching a certain level of points the user would then be able to purchase a specific DLC or Game from our store. More Information can be found here: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/blog_read.php?id=12 Our Staff Team We currently have a small group of specially trained staff who can deal with any of your issues that you have related to both ETS2(MP) and ST VTC itself. We also have a handful of specially chosen driver teachers who can teach you the ropes of how to drive a truck if you are new to the game or enhance your skills as a trucker if you just need a few tips. We are always ready to assist you with anything that you require during your time with ST VTC. Our Media Our Links Discord: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/discord WebURL: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STVirtualTrucking/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/StobartTrucking Final Note Thank you for taking the time to read our company thread advertisement, maybe we will see you with an [ST] Tag and driving in our colours in the future.
  15. [001] Ernesto


    Hola a todos! Somos una empresa virtual creada en el año 2009, la cual en sus origenes empezo con ETS 1 y seguimos dando guerra despues de tanto tiempo. Fuimos los pioneros en muchas de las cosas que hoy en dia podeis encontrar en casi todas las VTC,S. Nos gustaria reclutar personal de habla Hispana para nuestra VTC que ya pertenece a la historia de las empresas virtuales en España. Tenemos: Comunicación via DISCORD Que pedimos: Gente mayor de 16 años Gente responsable y participativa Como pertenecer a TNT: Registrate en www.vtctnt.com y sigue los pasos tal y como se piden, no sin antes leer y entender nuestras normas. Recuerda, que una vez te registres, tendras 24 Horas para completar tu registro tal y como se pide. si no tu cuenta sera borrada. Os esperamos a todos! Para dudas: [email protected]
  16. With the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC coming up very soon (This year), I am very curious what you guys think what the next map DLC will be. I think of all the rumours and Q&A's SCS had they will expand torwards eastern Europe. That will be very fun, but I also would love to see Spain aswell. So what do you think and why?
  17. Galactic Warrior Enterprise was founded by Stevenaramos on November 16th, 2016, we serve North America & Europe & International. We currently have 10 Drivers and counting. The current Co-Owner of this company is CaptainSmoke. We are always Hiring and our parent of our company is Galactic Warrior Empire, they have provided us a logo! We use both Virtual Truck Logs and Trucksbook for electronic load logging. We haul all loads both local and long distance that are up to and over 30,000+lbs (13,607+kg) [15+T] Divisions Human Resources - Responsible for Applications, Interviews, Convoys Planning , Events Planning and dealing with complaints that are on drivers. Pilot - Responsible for helping out the Heavy Haul and Specialized Freight Divisions and Helping out with planning and unplanned Convoys. Driving Examiner - Responsible for Examining the Student Truck Drivers and Letting Human Resources know if they are ready to be promoted to Driver I. Dispatch - Uses a CAD system to keep track of drivers up to exact location. Freight Divisions General Freight - Responsible for doing various freight that don't require experience, automatically granted at Driver I. Bulk Freight - Responsible for delivering freight in bulk quantities. Specialized Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires experience. Heavy Haul - Responsible for Delivering both Overweight and Over Dimensional Freight, may require assistance from a pilot. Dry Van Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a dry van. Flatbed Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a flatbed. Tanker Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a tanker. Refrigerated Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a reefer. Hazmat Freight - Responsible for delivering Hazardous Materials, requires experience. Programs Owner/Operator Contact: [email protected] Apply at https://gwevtc.wordpress.com/ Past Events Start Your Engines - May 2018 Grand Gift Giving Event - December 2017 Heavy Haul Division at work shortly after Special Transport was released. - December 2017
  18. xXBlazieXx

    Funny Old Video ETS2/ATS

    Oh, Hi there! My name is Blazie. I came up with this idea while sourcing through a back log of old videos of funny moments in ETS2 and ATS. I am willing to share them with you today in hopes you can share some back and we can all have a great laugh. However there are rules. 1. The video has to be over 6 -12 months old or older. 2. Only post so much as we can not flood the forums. 3. Do not post videos that will get someone banned, or A video about someone getting banned. 4. The video can NOT be about ramming. 5. Have fun!!!
  19. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    This VTC is a laid back group that's now been going for almost 2 years that play just for fun, Both ATS and ETS2 players are welcome of any age and from anywhere in the world. We have no forced convoys or job amount this is a VTC where Family and Life come first, somewhere you can relax and not worry if you're doing too little or even too nuch... Some Pointer thing's as to why you should pick LazyT Weekly Convoys (totally voluntary you will never be forced to join a Convoy) Friendly and Helpful Staff and Drivers Drivers of all ages welcome (we have drivers from 14-50+) Custom Company Truck and Trailer Skins Use VTLOG for auto tracking jobs and are official Beta testers of Logit No min play time or load amounts enforcement Home Website and social groups Don't have to jump through hoops to join Company Discord Free Coffee and Cookies But as it seems with all VTC's we do have a must list for joining... You MUST Respect all members in game on site and Discord You MUST Follow TMP rules if you play MP You MUST Play for for Fun You MUST Only do as meany or little jobs a week as life lets you You MUST Only join Convoys that you want to join And your done just remember...
  20. November 29th, DLC beyond the Baltic Sea. . What is your opinion about this map? The last and final DLC for ets2 is being released. How many players have been waiting for this time? Please leave a comment.
  21. I wrote an app to help players sync their job lists. UPDATE: ETS2 1.25 changed some aspects of the binary save, which made the app stop working. I was already working on a rewrite of the app from scratch to fix bugs and make it faster and smaller. I just posted that as version 4.0.0 beta. Unfortunately, it's not able to sync binary saves. When you open the app it will tell you if you need to change the save format. If that's the case, be sure to close the game before clicking the ‘Change to “Text”’ link. Then, be sure to create a new save before syncing. UPDATE: Version 5.0.0 supports Vive la France! and ATS. Since ets2sync.com is still offline, I'm using my own job lists for ETS2 and ATS. How to Sync Save the game (“Save & Load → Save Game”). Use Alt+Tab to minimize the game. In ETS2Sync Helper, make sure that the profile you are using and the save you just created are selected. If everyone you are going to drive with have either or all of the DLCs in the app, select them accordingly. Click “Sync Jobs” and wait for the “Sync complete” message. Go back to the game, and load the save that was synced (“Save & Load → Load Game”). Save Format The app won't be able to sync if the save you are syncing is binary. You can keep the save format as Text, but that might introduce a small lag whenever the game creates an autosave (i.e. every 5~10 minutes). If you know how to enable and use the Developer Console in the game, you can keep the save format as Binary and ignore the message in yellow in the app saying that the recommended format is Text. Just, before saving the game to sync, open the console and issue the command “g_save_format 2”. Save the game, open the console again, and issue “g_save_format 0”. Then proceed with the sync process as usual. Unfortunately I haven't been playing ETS2 all that much lately, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to dedicate the time to figure out the changes in the Binary save format that were introduced in ETS2 1.25. If I ever do, though, I'll release a new version that syncs with a Binary save format once again. Clearing Jobs After you are done playing using the synced job list, if you want to get rid of the synced list and have the game generate a new, random job list, you just need to do the same procedure as you do for syncing, but use the “Clear Jobs” button instead of the “Sync Jobs”. When you load the save, the Freight Market will be empty. Just call Assistance (i.e. F7) and the game will generate new jobs for you. Download link: http://sync.dsantosdev.com/ Source code and license: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4
  22. VTG Logistics are now looking to hire staff to continue to develop the company. Feel free to apply at: https://www.virtualtransportgroup.com/Staff/
  23. Hey All, Here's another chance to win more prizes. This time, you'll be entering into a draw for a copy of the upcoming DLC 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Competition Entry Requirements: - A forum account for TruckersMP - A reply to this thread stating any or all of the following (any marked with an asterisk are required): - Your Steam Profile URL (e.g. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166868892) * - How did you find out about TruckersMP? - What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP? - What features would you love to see implemented in the future? Competition Details - You are only allowed to enter the giveaway once. - The giveaway will automatically end on 29/11/2018 (29th November 2018). - Please refrain from using embedded content like images and videos (if necessary to your reply, please use a spoiler) What happens if I win? Should you win the giveaway once it is drawn randomly using http://www.randomresult.com/ you will be added on Steam. The DLC will then be sent as a gift soon after it is released. Find out more about 'Beyond the Baltic Sea': https://store.steampowered.com/app/925580/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Beyond_the_Baltic_Sea/ Thanks for being apart of TruckersMP, Rev.
  24. -AOD-

    Christmas DLC

    Do you think since trailer ownership, SCS will release Christmas trailer paint jobs?