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  1. Merhabalar arkadaşlar , oyunumu 1.36 gelmeden önce oynayabiliyordum ama 1.36 geldikten sonra oyuna girdiğimde (eski sürüme çeksem bile) ''ets2-steam çalışmayı durdurdu hatası'' alıyorum lütfen yardımcı olun. ( sistem özelliklerim ets2'yi kaldıracak kapasiteye sahip,,directx sürümüm ise 11 dir. )
  2. Aggiornato a Novembre 2019 Ciao a tutti ragazzi, sto cercando persone 16+ anni che vogliano giocare insieme su euro truck, american truck, e tanti altri giochi simulativi come spintires, minecraft, farming, ecc. Cerchiamo persone serie che evitino di farsi bannare sul multiplayer o che commettano continue sciocchezze. Giochiamo e ci divertiamo in modo normale, ovviamente dovete rispettare le regole del multiplayer e del Discord. Organiziamo convogli quasi ogni giorno, anche fino a 3 convogli al giorno e minimo 1 ogni 2 giorni. Discord: https://discord.gg/JaXggy2 Gruppo Telegram: https://t.me/italiasimulatorts3 oppure cerca su telegram: @italiasimulatorts3 Gruppo Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsitaly Sito: https://italiasimulator.forumfree.it/ Vi aspetto su Discord Aggiornato a Novembre 2019
  3. TruckStopRadio We are a Radio Station based around the Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator game and now Farming Simulator 19. We play all the best tunes into your truck cab! Playing the best hits 24/7 We have great things coming for the launch of TruckStopRadio with a couple of giveaways to do and our growing team and our discord with 50+ Members, we are always providing the best music as we can without our listeners we would not be here and thank you all for the support we will be growing day by day until we reach 200+ Members in discord. Main Radio Information Website: https://truckstopradio.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/vzRWjTp Twitter: https://twitter.com/TruckStop_Radio Facebook: Coming Soon Kind Regards,
  4. Starting trucker mp gives CRASH.LOG file error. my version is appropriate my file is attached crash.log last_crash.log config.txt game.log.txt
  5. Are you looking to join a great VTC that offers Discord Nitro as a reward? Are you also looking to join a no stress, no requirements VTC? Then RevGaming is the number 1 VTC for YOU. After launching recently, we have many staff opportunities including convoy control and driver manager; do you want to fill this roles? Why not apply today! However, if you’re interested in doing lots of miles, then we also cater for that too! We use Trucksbook, meaning there’s a competitive aspect to being here too. We would love to be within the top ranks in the UK and I’m sure you would be too. So if you’re a serious driver, you’re also welcome here! But we are still a No stress, No Targets VTC so you will never be pressured to do anything. Right now, Applications are open and we can't wait to welcome new Drivers in our Company and on our Discord Server For more information, please visit our Homepage https://revgaming.co.uk/, the new TMP VTC System https://truckersmp.com/vtc/757 or our Trucksbook page https://trucksbook.eu/company/41122 If you have any questions left, please feel free to ask them here or contact us on Discord (Geo#1111 or Linciano#9362)
  6. Welcome to Dylan’s Gallery! Not the 10/10 media person, but love to take photos This gallery will consist of ETS2 and ATS photos, maybe some videos! All photos come from status updates but also include some unseen pictures; in which I took too many for a status update, or they’re just not worthy to post in a status update! GOODYEAR Trailer! Special Transport DLC Courtz&PrimeLogisticPartner Convoy! Caravan Touring Simulator 2
  7. Good community, I need urgent help because I get this: Attached image. I've been like this since the last expansion of Black Sea, I need solutions. Thanks in advance PD: Sorry for translate, i'm really speak spanish.
  8. aok_6052


    arkadaşlar ets2'de çalışma durduruldu hatası alıyorum bu konuda fıkrı olan varmı guncelledım herseyi yaptım sıldım yukedım aynı hata gelıyor ne yapmalıyım
  9. Every time I try to go in the EU1 server and when I click on Drive just before I load into the game I get kicked for unreliable connection. I have even tried running the game as an administrator. It won't let me load into the game at all it puts me in offline mode every time. The game worked fine before this update. Please help me as I can't wait to get back into the game. Thank you.
  10. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642182917816057867/642208434334203904/SII_Decrypt.exe what will this do? This will simply decrypt your save game, ensure you go to the right area in order to do this successfully. So to do this, you need to do the following: Step 1, - You need to use one of your trailers in single player mode of ETS 2 (Not in TruckersMP) Step 2, - Then you need to go and save your game as something you'll remember I used 'DOUBLE 2' Step 3, when you have saved your game as a familiar name, you'll need to locate this profile save, don't worry about staying in your single player game for now, this is fine. Step 4, go to this folder: profiles In order to get here do the following steps: (PC - Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Profiles) - Once at this point, you'll notice a big number which is a file. This is where all of your ingame profiles are stored. In order to access this, go ahead and click on the folder so it should look like this when opened: http://prntscr.com/puesv8 - Once opened, you'll see a folder in there called 'save' go ahead and click on this, it'll bring you to your actual profiles. Once at your profiles you'll see in some cases a lot of auto saves, maybe none or a few, this makes your life even easier if you don't have many if you do, no problem just find the save you made ingame. So for me, it was: http://prntscr.com/puetj5 you can check this via the Date Modified function. Great! You're doing really well, now once you get to here; http://prntscr.com/puehay go ahead and drag the folder 'SII_Decrypt from the link sent above into the game folder. What will this do? It'll simply enable you to actually understand the contents inside this file. So it should look like a SII notepad file or you'll be able to read the contents. Now follow the next steps: Step 1, Go to 'Edit - Find and search "trailer_defs" when you get here it'll look like this: http://prntscr.com/puew0f - Once here, copy everything in the BLUE Highlight shown like so: http://prntscr.com/puewst and go ahead and search it. Step 2, Now, you'll see this part of the document: http://prntscr.com/puexcs - Once here, you're doing very well and on task - - Next! You'll need to change the following things in order to make the game think it's a Single trailer when in theory it's a double, B double or HCT. - Why is this? It's to ensure you can drive your trailer anywhere in TMP. Step 3, So you'll change the value here under 'chain_type:' to single as I've done here: http://prntscr.com/pueyb0 (Keep in mind if it's already single, scroll down until you find one with 'B double', Double or HCT' - Great! Once you've done that you'll notice some text under 'country_validity between these lines: it'll have different countries names: http://prntscr.com/puez28 - Delete all of it until you're left with everything you can see on my document. Now - the eagle eyed ones out there would of noticed my country validity says '0' - You'll need to change it's current value to 0 this enables you to use it in any countries. Step 4, Find "source_name:" and delete the text including the quotes as seen here: http://prntscr.com/puezoh and replace it with 'NULL' as seen here: http://prntscr.com/puf087 - This will enable the game to work out it's a single trailer. Now, once you've done this all you need to do is the following. Click File - Save and save the document. Step 5, Load into Single player game (unless it's still open on single player) and go ahead and click on 'LOAD' and load in your saved profile. Go to trailer manager and highlight your mouse over one of the trailers that shows as a HCT, B-Double or double - You'll see it says 'Single' Step 6 - Go ahead and SAVE the new profile and go into TMP, load up the profile and it'll let you transfer that trailer to any garage you own in the game - I hope this helps. React as you feel appropriate feel free to private message questions and I'll address them. -ADDED EXTRA: the allowed trailer types by TMP: Keep on TRUCKING! - Credit to my friend.
  11. Merhabalar arkadaşlar , oyunumu 1.36 gelmeden önce oynayabiliyordum ama 1.36 geldikten sonra oyuna girdiğimde (eski sürüme çeksem bile) ''ets2-steam çalışmayı durdurdu hatası'' alıyorum lütfen yardımcı olun. ( sistem özelliklerim ets2'yi kaldıracak kapasiteye sahip,,directx sürümüm ise 11 dir. )
  12. ADRIATICA LOGISTICS VTC Salve a tutti camionisti abbiamo tentato con un paio di amici di creare una VTC, dove il tempo nei viaggi è fatto per ridere e scherzare, ma consegnare le merci in massima serietà, sicurezza e nel rispetto di tutti gli altri utenti. Chi siamo: Fondata nel 21/08/2019 praticamente solo per vedere cosa ne uscisse fuori, una piccola fiammella l'accesero Riccardo e Mirko, con il loro arrivo dettero vita e spirito a questa Azienda, poi si è unito Matteo, la sua voglia di crescere, aiutare e migliorarsi oltre che mettersi in gioco, ha spronato tutti noi nuovamente a dare di più e meglio, abbiamo chiuso un mese (quello di Settembre) con 285.839 KM, non certo primi, ma non certo pochi essendo in 3 e con una new entry solo negli ultimi giorni del mese. Chi cerchiamo: Per quanto piccoli siamo ambiziosi, infatti non smettiamo di cercare gente che voglia unirsi all' Azienda per migliorarla, per suggerire e dare idee, non vogliamo avere un numero infinito di persone che poi alla fine nemmeno si conoscono tra loro, la compattezza è fondamentale per noi, forse saremo retorici e banali, ma vige la frase "pochi, ma buoni". La nostra aspirazione: Non è essere primi al mondo o in Italia, ma creare un gruppo di autisti, che si divertono a rispettare i contratti, che si divertono a viaggiare, che tramite il gioco riescono a creare una amicizia vera, per realizzare tutto questo usiamo Discord sia per darci una piccola organizzazione testualmente, sia per dialogare durante i tragitti. Cosa tentiamo di offrire: Pochi utenti, ma con la vera passione o della guida, dei codici stradali o dei camion, non a caso siamo (per nostra grande sorpresa) la prima Azienda in Italia che ha più Km medi di tutti, tanto da doppiare in questa classifica la seconda Azienda classificata in Italia. Continuiamo a crescere: La strada è lunga, gli impegni tanti, ma la passione è unica, per questo non accettiamo tutti in Azienda, ma solo gli appassionati veri, solo chi ha voglia di stare in gruppo e nell'online, sopratutto adesso in vista della Promod, siamo molto attivi anche nei social, insomma vi aspettiamo per crescere, per divertirci, per viaggiare e per consegnare merci nel miglior stato possibile nel minor tempo possibile Progetti futuri: Sono state buttate giù le basi per avviare streaming su Twitch per poi portare le dirette sul canale Youtube, siamo in una sana e bella crescita, i convogli avvengono quasi quotidianamente, ma un mega convoglio ogni 15 giorni o mese è in programma, c'è molto da fare, molto da studiare, molto da imparare, tanto ascoltiamo e tanto ci diciamo, ma solo per migliorare l'esperienza di gioco ed il tempo, Adriatica Logistics VTC. - WEB - FACEBOOK - TRUCKERSMP - TRUCKSBOOK - YOUTUBE - TWITCH - INSTAGRAM
  13. ETS2MP nie wykrywa kierownicy ani żadnego innego kontrolera a ETS2 na singlu tak. ma ktos jakis pomysl bo ja juz wymiekam
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to see who in this forum that can help me. I'm looking a new volvo for my vtc please. Thanks.
  15. Trailer Mod Web Generator v2 by Mayday This tool allows easy create a trailer mod. Link: https://mods-generator.com/ Main features: Supports latest ETS2 and ATS versions Include all DLC trailers Supports double and triple trailers Paintable skins Multilanguage Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV How to generate mod? 1. Choose a name for future mod (not required, otherwise generated from the chassis name). 2. Pick a chassis from dropdown list (required). You can use search. 3. Depending on the chosen chassis, you will be asked to additionally choose the cargo or the skin for the trailer. 4. Also, if you selected a colored skin, you can specify the color you want. 5. Click the "Next" button. The mod will be generated and you will see a button for its download. Translations needed! You may contribute to tranlations for this app by this link: https://mods-generator.oneskyapp.com P.S. If you have an issue, please contact me directly or write it in comment section below
  16. ¡Viaje a través de 3 países completamente nuevos con muchas ciudades importantes, pueblos, aldeas, lugares de interés, industrias y más! Compruébalo en la página de Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1056760/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Road_to_the_Black_Sea/ +info: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/12/road-to-black-sea-release.html
  17. Hello! What are your favorite map expansions and why? Mine is the Scandinavia expansion because of all the twisty mountain roads and long tunnels.
  18. Hello everyone, today as you know today was the Real Operations V8, what did you like about the event? To me buses, blocked roads and accidents. MY VIDEO:
  19. Road to the Black Sea se acerca rápidamente, así que es hora de cerrar la Beta y pasar a la siguiente mejor opción. ¡Ya está disponible la actualización 1.36 de Euro Truck Simulator 2 ! Como siempre, nos gustaría agradecer a todos ustedes por toda su ayuda con sus informes de errores, opiniones y comentarios generales durante la Beta pública . Esta vez, la actualización trae probablemente el mayor cambio de sistema que hemos implementado, junto con algunas características interesantes. La característica principal es la actualización a DirectX 11, que permitió eliminar por completo la compatibilidad con DirectX 9 y todas sus limitaciones. Si bien puede necesitar un pequeño ajuste aquí y allá, la retroalimentación general es muy positiva (aumento de FPS, juego más suave, mejores comportamientos de LOD de largo alcance) como esperábamos, ya que los requisitos mínimos enumerados para Windows ya son compatibles con DX11. Y para animar un poco las cosas (ya que los cambios "invisibles" no son tan apreciados como deberían ser), ¡Córcega, una hermosa isla en el Mediterráneo, ahora está disponible para todos los propietarios existentes y futuros de Vive la France! expansión de mapas como una adición gratuita. Los desvíos también llegan a Euro Truck Simulator 2 después de un largo período de prueba en su gemelo estadounidense . No nos dice si está bien como está, o qué ajustes que nos gustaría hacer todavía. Además de eso, obtendrá una serie de otras características interesantes, como una característica solicitada durante mucho tiempo para que los conductores, camiones y remolques sean visibles en el mapa del administrador, pasadores de evitación para su GPS y más. Para aquellos que deseen ver un registro de cambios más detallado, ¡lean el artículo Beta público o miren nuestro video de registro de cambios! Para disfrutar de la actualización 1.36 , asegúrate de APAGAR las ramas beta y tu juego se actualizará automáticamente en Steam. Para la versión heredada no Steam de ETS2, la actualización debería estar lista en unos días. Sin embargo, algunos mods pueden no haberse puesto al día todavía; esta actualización puede romperlos de manera efectiva. Así que recuerda que siempre puedes quedarte en 1.35 o en una rama aún más antigua. La forma de acceder y seleccionarlos es: Cliente Steam → BIBLIOTECA → haga clic derecho en Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Propiedades → pestaña Betas → seleccione la versión que desee. Además, consulte nuestra wiki de modding para obtener detalles relacionados con las modificaciones del juego. Registro de cambios: MAPA Córcega ( Vive la France! DLC) CARACTERISTICAS Desvíos Pasadores de navegación de evitación Nuevos vehículos de IA Conductores / Camiones / Tráiler visibles en los mapas del administrador Soporte completo DX11 (DX9 eliminado) Entrada de caracteres chinos y otros caracteres no latinos (IME) Mejoras anti-aliasing (SMAA, cables eléctricos) MOD Cambios en el perfil del sol (HDR) Cambios de LP para AI (tipos basados en datos, datos de textura de fondo) Elementos de la interfaz de usuario de la pantalla del tablero (indicadores digitales, barra de consumo de combustible) Historial del editor de mapas (deshacer / rehacer) Selección continua de nodos +info: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/12/euro-truck-simulator-2-update-136.html
  20. Suggestion Name: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Suggestion Description: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Any example images: I Image Credit: Vader Why should it be added?: You cannot see what channel you are on because the button to change channel is blocking the number
  21. Para tu información: somos conscientes de las preocupaciones y preguntas relacionadas con el apoyo del mod de invierno este año. Te escuchamos, y queremos actualización en cuanto a la situación y abordar las preguntas. Con el fin de apoyar la modificación del invierno, necesitamos SCS Software para liberar la versión 1.36 de ETS2. Después de eso, el creador de mod de invierno y los desarrolladores de TruckersMP necesitan obtener sus modificaciones compatibles con la versión 1.36 de ETS2. Una vez que todo esto pasó, podemos buscar el apoyo al mod de invierno en TruckersMP. Solo somos demasiado conscientes de la atracción y el atractivo que trae el mod de invierno, y como tú, nosotros también estamos queriendo esto. Más actualizaciones van a seguir. Gracias por su paciencia, El equipo de TruckersMP +info: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/96572-aestrial/&status=148754&type=status
  22. After my account being punished about 4 days, i can't connect to promod 1 sever, but my account had been unlocked then and simulater 1 is ok to connect. Hope to solve my problem, or give me a explain at least, thanks.
  23. Wer wir sind: Wir sind eine der erfolgreichsten Speditionen in SpedV (aktuell unter den Top 3), dass seit überzwei Jahren täglich die Straßen des American Truck Simulators als auch die des Euro Truck Simulators unsicher macht. Unser Hauptsitz ist und Köln und sind mit weiteren Niederlassungen über ganz Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz verteilt. Zudem beschäftigen wir aktuell über 100 Fahrer, mit denen wir stets einen respektvollen und familären Umgang pflegen. Spaß und Privatleben eines jeden Fahrers stehen bei uns an erster Stelle, weshalb wir niemanden zur Teilnahme an Konvois oder dem Multiplayer zwingen. Individualität, insbesondere auch bei den LKWs ist uns ebenfalls wichtig. Was wir dir bieten: Konvois: Neben spontanen, eher kleineren Konvois für Zwischendurch bis hin zu groß geplanten ist alles dabei. Dazu besteht aber keine Teilnahmepflicht!Konvois: Neben spontanen, eher kleineren Konvois für Zwischendurch bis hin zu groß geplanten ist alles dabei. Dazu besteht aber keine Teilnahmepflicht! Unsere breite Aufstellung: Abgesehen von der guten Bezahlung (also natürlich in SpedV) bieten wir dir gute Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten. Vom Probefahrer bis hin zu Positionen im Team mit entsprechender Verantwortung. Das alles kannst du dir bei uns erarbeiten und unser Team verstärken! Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt? Dann bewirb dich einfach gerne jeder Zeit auf unserer Homepage! Für Gesprächsbedarf, Fragen & Anregungen sowie Support und Kritik stehen wir dir natürlich auch gerne jeder Zeit zur Verfügung. Für Bewerber: Unsere Forderungen an dich: Mindestens 16 Jahre alt Erfahrungen mit ETS2 und/oder ATS Spaß am Fahren Geistige Reife Defensive Fahrweise Nutzung von SpedV Unsere Gegebenheiten: Eine liebevoll gestaltete Website Ein Forum und eine Steamgruppe Regelmäßige Konvois Aufstiegschancen sowie gute Einstiegsmöglichkeiten Freie LKW-Wahl inkl. individueller Lackierung Eine faire Bezahlung inkl. Prämien Ein freundliches und kompetentes Team Ständige Erreichbarkeit Ein Teamspeak Server Eine Telegram Gruppe Wir haben dein Interesse geweckt? Dann bewirb dich jetzt auf unserer Homepage unter www.transnet-group.de oder besuch uns auf unserem Teamspeak: ts.transnet-group.de Wir pflegen eine gute Partnerschaft mit Saschas Fanforum und der Fahrnünftig Community.
  24. | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS | - | GÜVENLE TAŞIR | - İletişim: [email protected] HAKKIMIZDA: Kendini kanıtlamış 3.Yılını tamamlamış sağlam bir ekibiz. Ekibe alımlarımız başladı. | Türk Logistics | - | GÜVENLE TAŞIR | Ekibimiz 24.07.2016 tarihinde kurulmuştur. Yeni arkadaşlar ekibimize katılmaya devam ediyor. Ekibimizde büyüklere ve küçüklerimize karşı saygı ve sevgi ortamı vardır. Ekibimizde sizleri de görmek isteriz ... YENİ ÜYELİK İÇİN YAPILMASI GEREKENLER - Ekibimize katılacak üyemizin elektronik posta ile başvuru yapması zorunludur. Elektronik Posta: [email protected] - Üyeliği kabul edilen üyelerimize üyelikleri elektronik posta ile bildireceğiz. - Vtc şirketimiz üzerinden kayıt gerçekleştirmeniz gerekmektedir. Truckers Mp VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/1156 Bu linkteki Vtc sayfamızda sol üstte bulunan "Social" kısmının üstünde henüz üye olmayan kişilerde yeşil renkte bir kutucukta "Apply Now!" yazmaktadır. O butona tıklayarak kısa bir başvuru metni yazmanız gerekmektedir. - Steam grubumuza katılım zorunludur. Steam Grubumuz: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/turk-logistics - TruckersMP oyun içi etiketinin ekibimizin tagı ile değiştirilmesi gerekmektedir. Örnek: [Türk Logistics] l İsim - Yaş - Discord Sunucumuz: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt - Instagram Hesabımız: https://www.instagram.com/turk.logistics/ İlk günkü ruhla yeniden yapılanıyoruz. Sizi de aramızda görmek isteriz. | Türk Logistics - since 2016 | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS ALIM ŞARTLARI - Türk Logistics Ekibine Katılmak için +17 yaşında olmanız. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 ve Amerikan Truck Simulator oyununlarına sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dlc haritalarından olan; Scandinavia, Going East , Vive la France, İtalia harita DLC'lerine, American Truck Simulator de; New Mexico, Oregon harita DLC'lerine sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dlclerinden Turkish Paint Job, Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack, Heavy Cargo Pack dlc'lerine sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Euro Truck Simulator 2 için steam üzerinde toplam 100 saat oynama süreniz bulunması gerekiyor. - Ekibimizde üyelerin birbirinden bağımsız olacağı bilgisi ve konvoylarda rahat iletişim kuracağından mikrofonunuzun olması gerekiyor. TÜRK LOGİSTİCS KONVOY KURALLARI - Konvoy günü konvoya katılamayacaksanız sunucumuza nedeniniz ile beraber konvoya katılamayacağınızı belirtin. Discord Sunucumuz: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt - Eğer üst üste 3 konvoya açıklama yapmaksızın katılmazsanız ekibimiz ile ilişiğiniz kesilecektir. - Konvoy günleri belirtilen konvoy saatinden en az 30 dk önce hazırlığınızı tamamlayıp sunucuda olmaya gayret edin. - Konvoy esnasında kesinlikle sollama yapmak yasaktır. -Konvoy esnasında pinginiz veya lagınız var ise size konvoyun en arkasına geçin talimatı verilecektir,talimat dışına çıkmayınız. -Konvoy esnasında kaza yapmanız durumunda direkt olarak emniyet şeridine çekiniz ve konvoya konvoyun en arkasından dahil olunuz. - Konvoy esnasında konvoyun akışını bozan, dikkatsizce ve tehlikeli süren, kurallara uymayan arkadaşlarımız ilk olarak cezalandırılır aynı tutumun tekrarı halinde ise ekibimiz ile ilişiği kesilir. - Konvoy save dosyamızı sunucumuzda bulabilirsiniz. Her konvoyda saveler güncellenecektir. En güncel olanı indiriniz. - Konvoy esnasında önünüzdeki araçta ping - lag vs. durum varsa lütfen belirtiniz. - Konvoy esnasında ani fren yapmadan hemen önce dörtlülerinizi yakınız. Gereksiz dörtlü kullanmayınız.
  25. Galactic Warrior Enterprise was founded by Stevenaramos on November 16th, 2016, we serve North America & Europe & International. We currently have 10 Drivers and counting. The current Co-Owner of this company is CaptainSmoke. We are always Hiring and our parent of our company is Galactic Warrior Empire Nexus, they have provided us an logo! We use both Virtual Truck Logs and Trucksbook for electronic load logging. We haul all loads both local and long distance that are up to and over 30,000+lbs (13,607+kg) [15+T]. The Company Manager is TBA. Our Subsidiary is Galactic Warrior Convoys and all convoys that we host will be there plus here is the site: https://galacticwarriorconvoys.wordpress.com/ Divisions Human Resources - Responsible for Applications, Interviews, Convoys Planning , Events Planning and dealing with complaints that are on drivers. Pilot - Responsible for helping out the Heavy Haul and Specialized Freight Divisions and Helping out with planning and unplanned Convoys. Driving Examiner - Responsible for Examining the Student Truck Drivers and Letting Human Resources know if they are ready to be promoted to Driver I. Dispatch - Uses a CAD system to keep track of drivers up to exact location. Convoy Control - Works closely with HR and mainly is available on planned convoys and also is automatically lent out to our subsidiary. Media Team - Responsible for Photos and Videos of the VTC. Freight Divisions General Freight - Responsible for doing various freight that don't require experience, automatically granted at Driver I. Bulk Freight - Responsible for delivering freight in bulk quantities. Specialized Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires experience. Heavy Haul - Responsible for Delivering both Overweight and Over Dimensional Freight, may require assistance from a pilot. Dry Van Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a dry van. Flatbed Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a flatbed. Tanker Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a tanker. Refrigerated Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a reefer. Hazmat Freight - Responsible for delivering Hazardous Materials, requires experience. Programs Owner/Operator Translator What We offer We offer an toxic player free environment keeping toxicity down to a absolute minimal to none Contact: [email protected] Application Requirements Must Have No Bans/Punishments Older than 3-6 Months Must Not Be Currently Present in another VTC Apply at https://gwevtc.wordpress.com/ Past Events Gift Giving Event - December 2017 Operation Big Sur - May 2018 Heavy Haul Division at work after Special Transport was released. ©2016 Galactic Warrior Enterprise®™ 2019 Galactic Warrior Empire Nexus
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